April 11, 2017

Trump’s Syria Strategy Explained

Rebel Staff

Trump’s Syria strategy and the rift that it has created within the Trump base. The base has separated into two camps, the #TrumpTrumpers and the #AmericaFirsters.

One supports Trump through and through. The other is concerned with Trump moving away from his America First rhetoric of the campaign and into Middle Eastern wars.

I then break down the three leading theories for Trump's Syria strategy.

One, that it's just a limited strike designed to send a message. But Tillerson and Haley have been talking about regime change.

Cernovich Media has a scoop that there are plans in the works for a massive US ground invasion of Syria. There is also the possibility that Trump is working on a coalition force of troops from Jordan, Saudi, Egypt, and the Kurds to move in and stabilize Syria.

Finally, my own theory:

That Trump and Putin have established back-channel communications similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis, but cannot explain them publicly due to the "Russiagate" scandal.

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commented 2017-04-12 16:39:45 -0400
The message is confusing but Trump just came out and said, although he sees Assad in a dim light, there will be military attempt to unseat Assad.
commented 2017-04-12 14:58:39 -0400
Trump has pranked us again. The bombing of Syria accomplishes many objectives:
1. Changes the narrative that Trump is favoring the Russians and they can pretend to have a kitten fight in the media. The GOP is only too happy to change the subject and sing Trump’s praises.
2. Bolsters his image as being presidential and elevates his image internationally.
3. Unites the country behind him: even the Dems think the bombing of Syria was great.
Trump and Putin are having a good laugh right now on how easy it is to make manipulate public opinion and how we are all a bunch of stupid idiots.
commented 2017-04-12 11:14:45 -0400
The fate of western civilization is in the hands of Donald Trump and America’s allies and they had better have more than a strategy for dealing with Syria. They must have a plan for dealing with the axis of evil that has been formed by an alliance of Russia, Iran and the Chinese communists.

If the preamble to the second world war teaches us anything, we are clearly on the path to a point where we will either have to fight to save our way of life , or cower and be subjected to the will of the Chinese communists, the thugs and gangsters of Moscow and the religious fanatics of Iran. No deal negotiated by Trump will prevent us reaching this crossroad. Appeasement will not work. War is inevitable. Delaying this war will only make our enemies stronger.

There would not have been a second world war if France and not allowed Hitler’s newly formed and diminutive army to re-occupy the industrial Rhineland in violation of he Treaty of Versailles. France, chose the “do nothing” option when Hitler could have been easily stopped. Instead Hitler acquired the industrial capability to rebuild a massive military. And the rest Is a lesson of history.

Will Trump and America’s allies allow history to repeat by choosing the do nothing option as France did?
commented 2017-04-12 01:13:52 -0400
Trump has said he will not be going into Syria, this was just a demonstration.
commented 2017-04-11 18:33:26 -0400
I understand the optics of busting the domestic (Russia boot licking) theory once and for all, sending a message to China and Russia to control their “clients”, (North Korea, Assad and Iran), but if the whole chess game is predicated on a lie…… what good can really come of it? Lets see proof. So far this move looks exactly what we could have expected from Hillary. Of course Trump is still a better choice, but only because of his domestic moves. We’ll see if he has been strong armed or not eventually I suppose.
commented 2017-04-11 18:22:18 -0400
No body wants that Peter. I just want the truth. I want proof, and I think people are owed some, before any more troops are sent in. Has Trump been compromised or is this a mad plan which will all work out in the end? I really like logic, and I just cannot see any in this recent move.
commented 2017-04-11 15:54:09 -0400
It is really difficult to understand why some of the regulars here who once supported Trump now want to see his execution for bombing the Syrian Air Base.

Would you rather have Hillary as President?
commented 2017-04-11 15:24:24 -0400
Hey, Yo, Jock: you don’t need 100 million dollars worth of Tomahawk missiles fired unto your ally’s back yard to “test the waters”. Frick, it’s getting hard to see over the foam from all the soft soap you’re spreading out.
commented 2017-04-11 15:06:43 -0400
Jack, you are giving too much credit to the intelligence of those politicians. Trump has listened to his daughter Ivanka and Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, who have no foreign policy experience at all. To think that there may be a machiavellian scheme behind all of this by Trump is far too fetched for me. In 48 hours, he totally changed his stance on Syria and Assad because of a fake video done by extremists. He needs to get a better team around him that share his policies or he will lose the next election.
commented 2017-04-11 14:33:21 -0400
It was a knee jerk reaction and he bought it. Russia gate had no legs and worse (for the globalists) the spying allegations, far worse than Water Gate, were starting to gain steam. This nicely (again, for the globalists) took those stories off the front pages. Trump got suckered. Putin, as usual, is trying to make lemons into lemonade. But I sense Russia is starting to lose patience. Regardless, it is all a giant Barry/Hillary created mess.
commented 2017-04-11 13:21:41 -0400
At the time that Trump hit Syria with his Cruise Missiles, he was Hosting the Leader of the Chinese Republic, who has just assembled 350,000 Troops along the N Korean Boarder.
Now the Americans have sent an Aircraft Carrier and all it’s Protective Fleet, to South Korean Waters, with the agreement of the Chinese.

View this video and see what ‘You’ think.

commented 2017-04-11 13:14:10 -0400
In the end it does not matter.

Us little people are ignored.

The big people toss cruise missiles around.

And we all watch islam grow in power.
commented 2017-04-11 13:12:45 -0400
Jack, that makes things clearer, thank you.