October 04, 2016

Trump’s tax returns: Clintons, NYT write off huge losses, too

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The New York Times (illegally) published Donald Trump's 20 year old tax returns, showing a massive write off. But as I asked on my show last night: What does that really prove? Especially since the Clintons, and the Times itself, do the same thing.

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commented 2016-10-05 17:04:25 -0400
Bob that is my hope but my concern is Assange keeps building up the expectations and makes himself look too partisan about it.
commented 2016-10-04 20:05:24 -0400
Appears that Trump is up against two-thirds of North America. One of his few hopes is WikiLeaks coming through with terrible items on Hillary.
commented 2016-10-04 17:11:32 -0400
Looks to me like Trump did absolutely nothing wrong with his tax return. If he had done something wrong, the government would have been after him. Clinton’s just looking for any excuse to make Trump look bad. She reminds me of a loud mouthed school yard bully. If she didn’t have all the media and the current government on her side she would never have made it this far. Everything is rigged in her favour, but I still think she is going to lose.
commented 2016-10-04 16:32:57 -0400
Consider but a few of the disasters that the political-media establishment does not want discussed or debated, or the north American people thinking about, when they head for the polls.

There is the great betrayal of our working class, the deindustrialization of the northern nations, and the loss of economic independence it took us 2 wars and a century to achieve.

This disaster was produced by the trade deals enacted by federal politicians of all stripes for the corporate contributors of their campaigns whose highest loyalty is to their own bottom line.

On behalf of the corporate doner class our politicians have made China an industrial and economic powerhouse and has killed any real raise in the wages of our working class. Now they open the gates to third worls invaders in numbers that surpass reason which further depresses the remaining job markets.

There has been a building rage against these failures of the status quo ruling class that will not be denied or cowed by rigged elections or media propagandizing – the truth is far to obvious and painful to those who want what we’ve lost – it will not end well to ignore or repress this justified natural resentment of ruling class corruption.
commented 2016-10-04 15:05:43 -0400
Trump had done nothing illegal ! He obviously has good tax accountants looking after his tax filings. The problem is not with Trump ; it’s with the US tax system.
A few years ago Warren Buffet commented " there’s something wrong when my secretary pays more in taxes than I do ".
The leftards are grasping at straws.
commented 2016-10-04 13:14:58 -0400
Both The Times and the Clintons will find themselves on the wrong side of history because reaction to this corrupt media-political cabal is reaching critical mass. A Clinton win will ensure a second American civil war.
commented 2016-10-04 11:38:51 -0400
The Republic is finished. Put a fork in it if Hillary wins. The US will be run, like Venezuela, as a one party state. The GOP will still laughably exist, but only as a protest organization.
commented 2016-10-04 10:52:18 -0400
What the Clinton gang do is not applicable to the left and the entitled – it is only what Trump does that matters.

If it were not this way, the media would be telling both sides of the story.

Instead it is a “stop Trump” story – much as it was a “stop Harper” story.

What Canada has – a white Obama – will simply turn into a female Obama in the US of A if killary wins

And if you think it is bad now, you wait – killary will destroy what is left of the US of A – that is the goal of her and her husband (who cannot wait to get back in the White House I might add)
commented 2016-10-04 09:26:03 -0400
Moving Capital Gains and losses forward is not a friggin’ loop hole or some financial trick. I learned about it in my first year in college in the 80’s. The loony left is so ridiculously stupid and people who fall for their BS even dumber.