November 15, 2016

Trump counsel Steve Bannon “must be a good guy if liberals hate him so much”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Is Steve Bannon, just appointed as Donald Trump’s White House special counsel — is he some sort of racist or anti-Semite?

The Anti-Defamation League says Bannon is an unabashed anti-Semite. says he’s a white supremacist. Glenn Beck condemns him, too.

So who is this Steve Bannon? And what is this anti-Semitic racist website that he ran?

Well, that’s the thing. The website is called Which sounds pretty Jewy.

That's because Breitbart was a Jew. Andrew Breitbart started the website named after himself, with another Jew named Larry Solov.

Joel Pollak gave me a tour of their head office; he wears a Jewish yarmulke, but he’s obviously an anti-Semite who is deep undercover. I’m not going to name every Jew who works for the place —let’s just say the office is pretty empty on Yom Kippur.

So why would the Anti-Defamation League lie?

Well, their new CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, was Barack Obama’s assistant. He’s still smearing Republicans he hates, but now he’s doing it in the name of Jews.

When the liberal media calls someone a racist now, 60 million Americans who voted for Trump don’t even hear it anymore —because it’s just shorthand for, “I don’t like Republicans, and I’ll hijack words for partisan purposes”. 



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commented 2016-11-24 10:11:45 -0500
I kind of lost all respect for Glen Beck after he thanked Obama for making him a better person. That might however explain his sand blasting his face orange while he was bobbing for Cheetos in his apparent homage to Donald Trump.
commented 2016-11-24 00:24:04 -0500
I had to laugh at Ezra’s use of the word Trans phobic as I only heard it for the first time a day before I heard him say it and then today I was in the unique position of going to use a public washroom and found 3 doors all with a picture of a man and woman on them and I was afraid whatever door I opened might be met with a protest. So I waited a moment as a woman approached and she had the same look of confusion on her face that I did but then her sense of urgency overtook her need to unwittingly surprise someone.
commented 2016-11-23 23:57:30 -0500
Unfortunately many people viewing the campaign and only getting their information from one side of the media are oblivious to the fact that these kinds of smears are becoming more common because they are effective in triggering a response in their target audience. None of us wants to be a racist right? We also have gotten to the place where we give to much credit to the media for telling us the truth but anyone with a little recollection and a bit of digging can quickly find out that these smears are also used on their own people during elections. Wikileaks revealed the plans to use Bernie Sanders Jewish faith against him i a Christian area and then also discussing that he might be an atheist. When that was revealed heads rolled but then later we also found they wanted to smear the same Bernie sanders as a misogynist and his supporters as sexually harassing Hillary Clinton’s supporters. Then I saw an old video on yoututbe where Bill was defending himself against racist claims which he attributed to Obama and said that memos showed they had planned to do this all along. It should be obvious after the elections how insincere most of these smears are by the fact that many of those who make them end up supporting or working for the people they denounced as incapable or lacking experience or temperament. The most disturbing element to me is while the left is denouncing Trump a Hitler their own actions of the end justifies the means and repeat a lie often enough with the desire to tell us which news stations we should be listening to is more reminiscent of a communist dictatorship.
commented 2016-11-16 17:36:35 -0500
Liberals know he is not a racist. They are using the strategy of repetition. Ann Coulter talks a lot about this. If you repeat a false hood enough times it becomes true.

As for Beck, he has left the reservation. Seems to becoming a liberal now.
commented 2016-11-16 16:29:59 -0500
To Marxist and Trotski Jews if you are in any way right wing you may as well have regrown your foreskin.

I would be extremely disappointed if Trump caved in and dismissed Bannon.
commented 2016-11-16 15:39:12 -0500
Strange, TV evangelist Jack Van Impe uses quotes from Breitbart when defending jews and Christians.
commented 2016-11-16 14:56:44 -0500
Jews, got to admire them….they sure know how to play the long game.
commented 2016-11-16 12:07:08 -0500
Imagine if the media has been that “Curious” about the loons Obama appointed to his cabinet?
Van Jones self admitted Communist . . . Anita Dunn follower of Mao . . . and the gaggle of 60s radicals, and certifiable kooks . . . but not a peep from the insane LSM.
commented 2016-11-16 11:16:03 -0500
I’ve read a number of articles on Breitbart and can’t say I recall any racist or anti-Jewish articles. Sure on the comments board you will get some racist or sexist comments but you either have free speech or you don’t and if it comes to deciding who gets to decide what is or isn’t racist I’m not willing to abdicate that responsibility to the MSM or a liberal government.
commented 2016-11-16 02:41:45 -0500
It is a real shame if Jews are all that worried. I don’t know why you are. Is the game not enough .
commented 2016-11-16 02:27:42 -0500
I guess that I am lost. I don’t smoke no cigarettes. I really miss my friend.
commented 2016-11-16 01:42:11 -0500
More junk journalism.
commented 2016-11-16 01:16:50 -0500
They are counting on the masses to not dig into Bannon for themselves, they are doing anything they can think of to slow Trump down and put the screws to him. They are calling for Trump to drop Bannon. Michael Moore is pushing that line. It would be nice if it died down, but I think it will escalate before it subsides.
commented 2016-11-15 23:46:37 -0500
I’m not seeing any examples of Bannon being hateful. If they had evidence, wouldn’t they be more than happy to show it? Like Trump’s locker talk tape? I’ll dig into Bannon for myself, but I think I already know what I’m going to find, it won’t be an anti-semetic!
commented 2016-11-15 23:31:56 -0500
Only hate filled bigots do what the MSM says anyways.
commented 2016-11-15 20:05:58 -0500
It never ceases to amaze me how the media attempts character assassination of every blessed person who doesn’t play nice with the status quo. Do a little google of Bannon, unbelievable slander. There is absolutely nothing racist about him. Listen to some youtube interviews. He is a major threat to the Washington elites and they are terrified, but boy the media wastes no time before they start attacking and trying to mold the narrative. Nasty.

As far as Glenn Beck is concerned, didn’t Breitbart turn their back on him ? I think maybe Beck has an axe to grind.
commented 2016-11-15 18:53:42 -0500
Ron Voss – I agree!
commented 2016-11-15 15:56:20 -0500
A good rule of thumb, whatever the leftwing media disparages or hates, conservatives should embrace.
commented 2016-11-15 15:27:36 -0500
Godwin’s law writ large…
commented 2016-11-15 14:45:12 -0500
So were running false claims while the election was in progress claiming that Trump was losing badly. They based it on the crowds lining up at the polls and who they claimed they voted for. It was obviously meant to discourage and demoralize Trump supporters.

As for the ADL, I contend that they would have done the same thing in the Polish ghettos, accommodating with the Nazis to save their own political asses.
commented 2016-11-15 14:42:53 -0500
Leftists hate Jews, themselves; why would they care if someone else does, too? Really, leftists hate any member of any successful group, like whites and Asians, too.
commented 2016-11-15 14:33:06 -0500
After the election campaigns in both Canada and the U.S., I can’t stand to listen to the mainstream media anymore. All of their reporting is simple propaganda filled with biases and lies. It is like listening to ads commercials non stop. For example, they spit their hatred at least once a day with their constant use of accusation of racism, islamosphobia, bigotry, and on and on and on. The people should simply stop listening to them in order to elevate oneself over this junk and put them out of business. What I know for sure is that true journalism on those medias is dead, really dead. We, the people, simply need to bury it for good.
commented 2016-11-15 14:32:05 -0500
Someone on the MSM will have to say something that is truthful.
I wonder who it will be?