May 27, 2017

Trump vs. Trudeau on the World Stage

Faith GoldyArchive

It was a great week for President Donald J. Trump! While many Americans expected his domestic policies to put him on the map, Trump is quickly becoming a foreign policy president.

Watch as I take a look at the events of this week -- from Trump's meeting with the Saudis, to his visits in Israel and the Vatican, and Trudeau's legacy at the NATO Summit -- to show why many Canadians cringe when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exits the Great White North and enters the international limelight. 

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commented 2017-05-29 03:56:18 -0400
I think that it was awesome that Trump did not cave on the climate change crap.

Britain has a conservative government. Why the hell is May on the climate change band wagon?
commented 2017-05-29 01:23:32 -0400
Macron is the perfect effeminate emasculated Euro-Eunuch partner for our islamified cuckold elite privileged silver spoon boy king " Justin bin Zoolander Trudeau "
commented 2017-05-28 13:23:02 -0400
Hey JT, no NATO leader gives a shit about what you have to say….so, STICK A SOCK IN IT!!!!
commented 2017-05-28 12:19:22 -0400
PM Selfie moments at NATO meet in Brussels:

JT: “everybody wave!!!” Leaders grimace in awed disbelief at this manlet’s naifishness

Trump confronts JT on his broken promise to allocate 2% GDP to NATO spending
JT: “NATO is about more than spending” Trump: Grimaces in disbelief at this inane gaffe.

Having no one else as inept as himself to hang with, JT either stand alone by himself looking fora camera to have sex with or he buddies up with the EU’s new manlet Macron – probably swapping stories about cruising old women.

The bottom line here is that world leaders reject our PM as a serious equal in global political statecraft – we really did make a mistake believing a ski board instructor could lead our nation – time to ’fess up and move on.
commented 2017-05-28 11:20:29 -0400
I think what the Tin Pot Tater Tot means to say is that “we will grow the military from the heart outward and Isis will take of itself.”
commented 2017-05-28 10:51:12 -0400
There is an Amazon commercial that came out last year, it reminded me of Trudeau at the summit and how Macron gave “little man” the attention he wanted.

When President Trump referred to Trudeau as, “Justin from Canada” I laughed and cheered!
commented 2017-05-28 04:37:57 -0400
I watched FOX News coverage of the NATO Summit, it was like Jr. didn’t even exist. I caught the occasional glimpse of group photos. He was buried in the back row. Yup, Canada is back in the back of the pack. He needed to wear his little boy pink socks to just to get someone to pay attention to him. The poor little tyke.
commented 2017-05-28 02:02:44 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt commented …
There was a photo on Twitter yesterday showing the leaders at the summit standing around in a circle, while Trudeau was off to the side by himself! Hilarious! The adults were having a conversation and king of the selfie was excluded.

Yes I noticed that one too. Cringefest.

Standing outside the circle, gazing in wonder like Little Boy Blue.
commented 2017-05-27 22:37:48 -0400
Faith illegal immigration isn’t down after Trump elected oh sorry you mean going into USA . Thought you were talking about Canadastan
We can not wait for 2019 we need change now
Was not long ago politician got raises to attract better qualified people . I think we got the short end of the stick on that one .
commented 2017-05-27 22:35:18 -0400
Mara Lowe commented …
“Still waiting for one grey hair on Skippy’s head. Just one!”

JT dyes his hair. He dyes it jet black just like Elvis did.

And that is what he is, Elvis: all hair, all looks, all swagger and charmer, all celebrity, all gobbledygook talk, all about me….. and dumb as a rock.
commented 2017-05-27 22:34:33 -0400
At Krispy Larue..Which polls?…cbc?..dictatorship payed polls? by trudeau..C’mon.. Remember the fake news had hillary ahead all night long..but then BAMM!! the President Trump Hammer hit the table.If the polls are true in Canada.. then Canadian’s are not Canadian’s anymore.
commented 2017-05-27 22:22:53 -0400
Justin —

“He’s just not ready.”

Nor will he ever be.

And yet polls show that if an election were held today Judas Trudeau would again win a majority.

I truly despair.
commented 2017-05-27 22:10:14 -0400
At Drew Wakariuk….lol…
commented 2017-05-27 21:49:00 -0400
Gee who will the world respect? An intelligent experienced strong willed man like Trump, or an unqualified stammering buffoon like Justin?
commented 2017-05-27 20:51:30 -0400
trudeau is pretending to be stupid..he thinks that will save him when he’s up for charges. Remember.. he thought the fix was in with his pals hillary and obama…The American People and President Trump threw a monkey wrench into plan A..Plan B is in motion..
commented 2017-05-27 19:51:23 -0400
The other day when Trudeau was asked about Canada’s (lack of) contribution to NATO he gave one of his typical non-answers saying that Canada has always done it’s part. I’m so sick of how he patronizes us as if we’re all as stupid as he is.
commented 2017-05-27 19:27:39 -0400
Carole Massé commented -. “Until the population wakes up to the abject puppets they elected, the world will be covered in blood.”

A wise Rebel once said: " Everyone complains about blood suckers and spilled blood but no one wants to move out of Dracula’s castle."

IOW _ we accept the sleaze, war and corruption the system produces because of the little chunk of affluence it throws our way We all benefit economically from the system… If we stay blind to the monsters who run it. True revolutions are fought and won by people with nothing left to lose – the “monsters” ensure that we always have just enough to pad our little nests with that jeopardizing it on an uprising is unappealing to us…..but if they ever deprive us and oppress us to that tipping point ( and it is getting there now with energy poverty, politically correct tyranny and Open Islamic invasion) many will feel there is nothing to lose by deposing the scum running the system.

Thus it has been from Babylon to Egypt to Rome and the Euro dynasties and modern socialist imperialism.
commented 2017-05-27 18:19:41 -0400
Faith, I think you were far too kind to Justin. I don’t want to say what I really think of him in print, because I hate using that kind of vulgar language. Besides, if I focus on him for too long, the rest of my day will be completely depressing.
commented 2017-05-27 17:36:18 -0400
@ Carole Massé commented 12 mins ago
-Sure do hope you (we) are wrong!! – I see the same developments.
Climatards are going to be revealed for what they are – a Treasonous Fraud!
President Trump is currently gathering irrefutable evidence that all this Climate change nonsense is all LIES & bullshit!! …that is why the Libtards are all screaming like a bunch of demonic lunatics – their credibility is about to be completely blown to shit. The Marxists are about to be spanked.
commented 2017-05-27 16:35:24 -0400
The bunch of G7 marionettes, directed by financial interests, discussed climate change (how to screw up more the westerners with taxes that will be paid to crony capitalists), terrorism (not in the West, but the one in Syria with the secular Assad that must be replaced by sharia islamists, and Iran the next war to come), and migration (how to increase it and hide it). TruDope is 2 ahead of Trump on the climate scam and the migration of terrorists. Those leaders are warmongerers, low-level criminals. All of them. Until the population wakes up to the abject puppets they elected, the world will be covered in blood.
commented 2017-05-27 16:04:58 -0400
Bill Elder commented in part, “he gravitated to Macron the Euro boy blunder who also is a horny granny magnet. Two beta cucks in a pod.”
Good one Bill!
Trudeau had to find a bromance replacement for Obama….he found one in Macron.
commented 2017-05-27 15:26:56 -0400
Enjoyed your commentary Faith. I think you are too kind to the boy blunder – he embarrasses Canada every time he appears beside G8 leaders – like a beta cuck he gravitated to Macron the Euro boy blunder who also is a horny granny magnet. Two beta cucks in a pod.

I agree with you that any time paparazzi and cameras are around PM (show us your man boobs Justin) Zoolander gets a little wood and goes off like a high school linebacker at a cheerleader’s pajama party. Pretty sickening to watch.

But that’s why he was installed as PM – he does face time for all the beta cuck gens and horny grannies while a vile cabal of globalist kakistocrats pillage the country.
commented 2017-05-27 15:20:00 -0400
Still waiting for one grey hair on Skippy’s head. Just one!
commented 2017-05-27 14:49:31 -0400
A little more maple syrup on your pancakes FG or we will soon be calling you “Wraith” Goldy. Valid points though, Justin is a bimbo.
commented 2017-05-27 14:45:20 -0400
The reason TruDope is so blatant about showing off his SOCKS is that is the whole number of his IQ!!

Charles Moulton – the lefty Libtards who back this POS PM because they have the same low-info twisted mentality.

TruDope has become topic of most of the hosts on the Patriot channel of Sirius radio – and their concern is one of sympathy for us real Canadians.
Comparing President Trump to Trudope is like a Roman gladiator compared to a little girl. It will be interesting to see what kind of “trade” deals this dumb c**t will make with our largest trading partner, USA. – seeing as our economy is “from the heart”

I wonder if TruDope told the G7 conference that “if we kill our enemies – they win”? – I’m sure all the leaders there see the incompetence of this POS!

Time for western Canada to secede from the commonwealth and be our own – maybe President Trump would take us in?
commented 2017-05-27 14:29:09 -0400
Yes, Trudeau is a true embarrassment to Canada. The saddest part is, though, the main stream media lead by the CBC is so deeply and lustfully in love with Trudeau that they cannot see how shameful Trudeau acts.

Do I ever miss Harper. He was a mature statesman and leader.

When will we be rid of this child PM?
commented 2017-05-27 14:14:27 -0400
No offense against women, but maybe next time Trudope can show off his silk panties.
commented 2017-05-27 13:57:14 -0400
There was a photo on Twitter yesterday showing the leaders at the summit standing around in a circle, while Trudeau was off to the side by himself! Hilarious! The adults were having a conversation and king of the selfie was excluded.
commented 2017-05-27 13:21:32 -0400
Philip Tessier commented
“Poor little pathetic Justin. What a fucking embarrassment to Canada he is!”

Spot on!!!
Canada is back alright, back to being the laughing stock of the globe. Like father like [adopted] son.
commented 2017-05-27 13:20:01 -0400
Billy Howard, I think you accurately summed up what Trudeau’s plans are for Canadians.