April 03, 2017

Trump wiretapping unmasked: An up-to-date timeline

Rebel Staff

The political world was set ablaze with Trump's tweets on March 4 that he was wiretapped by Obama before the election.

The mainstream media and the left spent weeks claiming it was false, but new evidence and revelations confirm that the FBI began spying on Trump in July 2016, and that Obama officials leaked information to the press to undermine the incoming Trump administration.

I'll lay out the timeline of these complex events in six minutes, introduce all the players, and break down what it means for President Trump.

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commented 2017-04-05 12:06:57 -0400

I’m not sure how philandering on the Democrat side somehow makes Republican nonsense acceptable. Wrong is wrong.
commented 2017-04-04 20:37:13 -0400
Andrew Stephenson many dems were meeting with Russians as well, but lets not bring reality into this. Now please tell us why Hillary sold Uranium to them and Bill took a nice bunch of cash from them? And why was it OK for Obama to meddle in our election and in Israel’s?
commented 2017-04-04 19:48:17 -0400
Canadians don’t like Trump partly because we actually trust our state subsidized media – and Americans, rightly don’t.
commented 2017-04-04 15:09:21 -0400
It’s becoming more apparent, that EL Trumpo is correct (again) in his claims re the dirty dealings of the Obama administration, the Democrats and the purveyors of fake news. Rice trying to cover up her initial lie with a string of more lies is such a treat to watch. All the while the MSM pathetically attempting to paint her as the victim. I can hardly wait for the upcoming 8 hours of Rice pleading the 5th.
commented 2017-04-04 14:47:30 -0400
Its all so very obvious! The real question is will there be prosecution?
commented 2017-04-04 13:45:00 -0400
It really rubs me the wrong way when people like Jan Kozlowski get on here and imply that the only information Rebel readers have is what they get on this site.

I would hazard to guess that Jack Posobiec has a bit more Washington knowledge than you do Jan Kowlazy, having worked for several candidates for Senate, Congress, and Governor, as well as on four presidential campaigns.
Go ahead and think Trump did anything untoward with the Russians, other than a gesture as president elect to show that he is open to discussion with Russia, as opposed to the aggression Killary and Obama were gunning for.

There were meetings too numerous to mention between the Dem.s and Russia so save the bullsht. Obama and Killary are both busy ‘attempting’ to take down Trump still, and it will be ongoing for his entire stay. Busy buggers those sore loser globalist types.

Where is your proof that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia? You have none.
commented 2017-04-04 13:28:11 -0400
Somehow its easy to envision Susan Rice in an orange jump suit. She just has that look.
commented 2017-04-04 12:37:08 -0400
Great job Jack. Good to have some honest media reporting from Washington…finally. Keep up the good hires Rebel.
commented 2017-04-04 12:37:08 -0400
Great job Jack. Good to have some honest media reporting from Washington…finally. Keep up the good hires Rebel.
commented 2017-04-04 12:29:46 -0400
I was wondering how well JACK POSOBIEC would do on THEREBEL after seeing this bit…until I read the comments – and all the troll activity, which is quite telling.
I think you guys just scared the shit out of a whole whack ’o lefties! Hah!

Now watch yer backs…
commented 2017-04-04 11:15:41 -0400
I would give the wiretapping claims have some credence, given the amount of apparent sedition in his campaign staff. When you’re in that close a relationship with the Russians… of course they are going to be watching you, and justifiably so.
commented 2017-04-04 06:27:56 -0400
Reading the comments, it is obvious who has been brainwashed and by whom. What ever happened to free and hopefully logical thinking? Little proof…loads of speculation. Nothing has changed.
commented 2017-04-04 02:24:43 -0400
Unfortunately, Jack, your debut does not start with you speaking out of this part of you where your reason is located. As a result, your explanation takes The Rebel into the same law quality level reporting where the biased mainstream leftist media have been dwelling for some years now.

First, keep in mind that Trump had publicly lied countless times, and saying that Obama tapped Trump’s phone without any evidence to support that claim can not be anything other than yet another lie. For practical reasons, you don’t need more proof, Jack. If Trump did not lie, he would have provided the evidence in support of his claim. He has not yet, neither has his administration. Your report sounds like a conversion of disbelievers into some understanding for which the underlying facts supposed to have been publicly available, but no one, including Trump himself nor his administration, was able to discover.

You say Evelyn Farkas is “bragging how much Obama staff spied on Trump”, but your clip does not implies it. She said “I’ve been telling my former colleges (…) get as much information/intelligence as you can before Obama leaves administration because I have a fear that somehow that information will disappear” is not an admission of spying. It says nothing about spying! This is before we get to the Trump’s claim that the spying was done by Obama. In other words, even if Farkas explicitly acknowledged that her associates did spy on Trump (which she does not), we would still have not even tackle the Trump’s accusation that Obama supposed to have tapped Trump’s phone.

Think about it: A person who would be as stupid as to “brag”, as you say, on national TV about doing illegal spying on presidency would certainly be not smart enough to convince others to follow her stupidity and commit such illegal acts. If you really think that you have found something others have not been able to find, why don’t you call CIA or NSA and share with them your “discovery”? You see, Trump took his idea of Obama spying on him directly from the Breitbart news whose explanation you are just trying to mimic here.

Then you show the ex deputy director of CIA Mike Morrell saying “this in no way validates the president’s claim that he or his associates at Trump Tower were the target of surveillance by the Obama administration”.

Now, your clip cuts off the previous context and we don’t know what exactly Morrell’s “this” refers to, so I am assuming that it refers to Trump claim that Obama tapped Trump phones. Are you claiming that CIA was unaware of the alleged Obama spying on Trump which you have now so cleverly shown to all the disbelievers to exist? Or maybe Morrell is hiding that he knows what you (and now all Rebel followers) have just discovered? Or maybe you, and now the Rebel followers, know more than does CIA? Which one is it?

Then you show the headline of The New Your Times article “Wiretapped data used in inquiry of trump aids”. Again, it is not an admission that Obama tapped Trump. Get it?

I don’t want to spend more time on pointing out the numerous discrepancies between your claims and the facts you cite in support of your claims , but I suggest that you get a philosophy 100-level textbook on critical reasoning and become acquainted with some basic argument structures. Good luck.
commented 2017-04-04 01:35:14 -0400
Rince good to see ignorant bigoted twerps like you are name calling , it means we are right and you are butt hurt. LMAO!
commented 2017-04-04 00:17:18 -0400
Jan G. I hope you are right.

I never doubted that Obama was in this up to his elbows. He is a busy boy. His Hawaii photo ops don’t fool anybody.

Great addition Rebel.
commented 2017-04-04 00:10:38 -0400
Trump was right again. The Democrats will try anything to be in power.
commented 2017-04-03 23:41:47 -0400
Wikileaks released vault 7 a few weeks ago in which it was clearly confirmed that the US governement spies on every citizen. The problem with Trump is that it was used to gather info on his campaign strategy and so on, but more importantly to destroy his presidency with calomnies, lies, bogus investigations, and to make sure that he will fight with Russia. Hey NATO is preparing his army in countries along Russia, RIGHT NOW. Why? Because Russia is not part of the global agenda to destroy the countries and their borders and they are not working with Al-Qaeda and ISIS against Iran and Syria. We no longer live in democracies but in soft dictatorships, but it is hidden to the population for the moment, while they are bringing in hundreds of thousands of migrants. Our governments are corrupt to the bone and they keep bypassing our laws without ever being held accountable. This is not gonna end well for all citizens, even if the lefties have no clue that they too will be living in 3rd world countries in a couple of dozens of years.
commented 2017-04-03 23:09:58 -0400

Maybe you should Rince the crap out of your ears so’s you could’ve heard Jack’s report. Absolutely amazing. He just gave irrefutable evidence, and yet you forge ahead like you didn’t hear a single word he said. You have to have some pretty serious psychiatric problems to do that. BTW – can you please tell us precisely what or how they affected the election? Which voting machine did they hack into, and how many votes did they switch? What msm suddenly started promoting Trump because the Russians put the squeeze on them, and show us the evidence to back it. Please – we’re all waiting with baited breath!
commented 2017-04-03 22:59:21 -0400
Hey, it’s one of Trump’s ball washers!
But CONservatards are all OK with Trump and his Russian mob dealings.
commented 2017-04-03 21:46:45 -0400
With every opposition made by the Democrats, President Trump has a comeback. He knows how to play the game and he is keeping one step ahead of them. They are trying to bully him and he’s winning. I guess he’s holding the ‘trump’ card.
Great coverage. Giddyup…this should be good.
commented 2017-04-03 20:56:50 -0400
This is a scandal equal in size and identical in nature as the Watergate break in where Republican spooks were spying on the Dems – but in this case it was 24/7 electronic surveillance of a POTUS candidate – partisan spying and dirty tricks which would have made Nixon and Liddy blush.
commented 2017-04-03 20:50:23 -0400
Government, it’s agencies,the Military Industrial Complex, Corporations like Monsanto, NASA, and lobbyists have been the most corrupted professional organizations in the world bar none. It starts in the highest positions, the positions of power over others, and spreads out from there. The cover-up’s the agenda’s the illegal action fat exceed the best organized crime syndicates in the world. What we have been seeing more frequently is the corruption being brought to our attention due to Alternative News Reports from Real Investigative Journalists.. The Information Highway is like a traffic Jam at rush hour with reports coming in from all Nations about Government corruption. The United Nations is largely if not entirely responsible for this having wind in its sails. We don’t have to even think about when the last illegal actions of Government were, because its every single day… Lets go back a short time to Nixon and Watergate. If that were today, YAWN, it would be nothing out of the ordinary. Clinton and Lewinsky YAWN, big flippin deal, hardly news worthy, 9/11 SHOW STOPPER, It peaked and ever since then its been out of control… Its scandalous now, conspiracies, agenda’s, corruption from the highest Law Enforcement Agencies, the FBI, CIA, RCMP, INTERPOL, everywhere and its all linked. The British Politicians and Government Officials are always under some Pedophile scandal, but think back a short time to BOYS TOWN, This is not one Government, This Is Every Government Including Royalty, Queens, and Princess. Luciferian worshipping child sacrificing pedophiles world wide network of human trafficking by those who make the laws, and enforce them. The Only way out of this mess is More Don Trump’s to Take Centre Stage and Drain the swamp. We need an army of Don Trumps to straighten this mess out.
commented 2017-04-03 20:48:08 -0400
This just keeps getting better everyday. I have hope that We will kick these theocrats to the curb. “War Pigs” comes to mind.
“Day of judgment now is calling
On their knees the war pigs crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan laughing spreads his wings "
The time has come
commented 2017-04-03 20:37:25 -0400
Any truth to the rumour that the house oversight committee chairman Trey Gowdy, will oversee FBI operations and Jim Comey will resign? Or does Jim think he’s JEHoover and control the world until his demise?
commented 2017-04-03 20:14:51 -0400
Thanks Jack, good report.
The msm in Canada can’t help but take daily pot shots at President Trump, and, when additional information surfaces which support the President’s assessment of the situation; well, we rarely hear about it. The news readers are biased and I don’t see balanced journalism. Basic fact checking seems too much to ask of msm; or corrections when they jump to the wrong conclusion about him.
Jack, a weird story that did make the news & seemed to be celebrated: The Canadian Girl Guides weighed in and cancelled the trip to California due to the travel ban. The adults imposed their political will and decided to protest against the US President, the girls and youth will not be participating this year.
commented 2017-04-03 19:50:34 -0400
All right Rebel Media!..Keep on reporting..Another great hire!..You are growing because of your Teams integrity!… Cheers!! to you Rebel Media!..
commented 2017-04-03 19:27:00 -0400
The MSM doesn’t even cover these stories…the part about Evelyn Farkas was entirely missed by the leftist media…My conclusion is either they are daft and even brain dead, and didn’t realize what she said… OR they deliberately refuse to cover ANYTHING positive about Trump or negative about the Democrats. The public knows this, especially those who are on to Obama and Hillary’s radical and dangerous beliefs.

Clapper actually said there was no FISA court order…but he doesn’t say this wasn’t done illegally either. The NSA has been out of control for decades (apparently since WWII…check out Bill Binney…not to mention Snowden…et al…these whistleblowers have said that the NSA has been spying on citizens for a long time, even checking up on their romantic interests to see of they were cheating on them…so you see there isn’t any real NEED for a FISA court or any masking rules because these people just do whatever they want…and when Obama made the NEW order to spread the lies around all the security agencies that made even more chaos out of a chaotic system…
(This article is very revealing and actually terrifying if you consider the power these people have over everyone in the world, if they choose to use it)

“The NSA’s surveillance programme as it exists today, Binney insists, is unconstitutional in the US….Binney and his fellow whistleblowers … made an open appeal to President Obama, with a list of 21 recommendations to bring the NSA’s work in line with US law.” He said “They were [more] concerned about how to cover up their activity from Congress and the courts here in the US because we have laws against them doing this kind of activity…Binney suggests that NSA data is already being used as a tool of political interference. “They’ve been using it against the Tea Party, the Occupy groups, even religious organisations trying to get politically active.”He says the NSA has specifically been working through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). “That’s being used to stop organisations that want to become politically active, as well as socially active, from getting 501©(3) status – which means tax-exempt status over here.” (Interesting that Obama just made transmission even more universal and less constitutional…isn’t it? Says a lot about him…hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.)
commented 2017-04-03 18:59:30 -0400
I’m one Canadian who LIKES President Trump and I sincerely hope that he does make America great again. He could be the best president America has ever had.

I hope Obama and Hillary and all the rest of the naysayers are exposed as the criminals that they are.
commented 2017-04-03 18:46:49 -0400
President Trump, do not forget, as you go into the fine details of this scandal. There are 13 steps, bottom to top, on a Gallows.