February 20, 2017

Get Ezra Levant’s new book “Trumping Trudeau” now!

Rebel Staff

In his new book, Ezra Levant, the best-selling author of Ethical Oil and other trouble-making books, is here to say what no-one in the liberal media will: Trudeau vs. Trump is shaping up to be Bambi vs. Godzilla.

The Justin Trudeau era came crashing to an end on November 8, 2016 when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. TRUMPING_TRUDEAU_3D_COVER.png

On everything from carbon taxes to Cuba, Canadian policy is suddenly obsolete.

Will Trudeau and his advisors realign themselves with our largest trading partner and ally?

Or will Trudeau do what his father did — play the role of anti-American gadfly, to the delight of the Third World but the detriment of Canadians?

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Find out how the Trump administration will impact Canada in Ezra Levant's new book Trumping Trudeau: How Donald Trump will change Canada even if Justin Trudeau doesn't know it yet.

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