March 14, 2019

Miles McInnes: #FireTuckerCarlson

Miles McInnesSocial Justice Warrior

Media Matters dropped yet another bombshell on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

This time he was caught saying an 18-year-old beauty queen was hot AND THAT SHE’S NOT EVEN SMART!

What a loser. Fire his ass, Fox.

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commented 2019-03-15 00:26:20 -0400
Your a disgusting pig Miles. You made me vomit so hard on my cornflakes I almost couldn’t eat them. Go back to your leftist social hole!
Go suck on Venezuela’s cucumbers.
commented 2019-03-14 17:45:58 -0400
What planet are you from, or did I get this all wrong?
From the outset, I thought you were building up to a real crescendo but you were only dissing the only real voice on Fox that has the gut to speak out against Liberal BS. Laura Ingraham would be next but then you would likely have some talking point for 2003 when she was working for Reagan…
What is wrong with a good looking woman? What is wrong with "barnyard talk also; I am sure you have done it (the middle finger you so aptly displayed is no less) …
Is all of this against your beliefs?
Please let me know, I am certain there is a misconnect. Does Ezra agree with your perspective?