May 17, 2016

Tuesday's Top Five for the Counter-Jihad: Judge FREES Muslim sex offender to spite German citizens

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Here are some of the most egregious examples of the direction civilization is in, going thanks to Islam and far left wing extremism.

1. Judge mocks German populace by freeing Muslim sex offender

Dusseldorf. Just how arrogant individual German criminal judges have become, was revealed on Wednesday at the District Court.

That is where an illegal asylum seeker, accused of groping, was given a judgment of probation, so that the judgment "won’t serve to please the expectations of an angry mob.”

Yes that's right. A judge in Germany freed a gang of sex offenders who groped a 15 year old girl on public transport and mocked her, to spite a crowd of Germans who were upset by this act.

2. Al-Qaeda calls for killing of US business men

An online al Qaeda magazine is calling for jihadis to damage the US economy by killing business leaders and entrepreneurs, according to analysts.

An article in Inspire, which was published on Saturday, calls for "Professional Assassinations" and features the image of a hooded man watching a home from the outside.

It also includes a photo montage showing Microsoft founder Bill Gates, a gun and a blood spatter, the Washington Times reported.

At some point, a proper military response to what is a military tactic would put an end to this overnight. 

3. Saudi Arabia seems to want to move to a "Plan B" meaning going military, to remove Al Assad in Syria.

4. Some of the groups the US pressed the UN to exclude from the Russian proposed list of terrorist groups, have been behaving rather badly.

5. Remember the Boehmermann poem mocking Erdogan that seems to be the current lynch pin determining the legal limits to freedom of speech in Germany?

Well, the German government has now banned parts of it.

BERLIN (Reuters) - A Hamburg court issued a preliminary injunction on Tuesday banning re-publication of sections of a satirical poem by a German comedian mocking Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, saying they amounted to abuse and libel

This seems like a good time to point out that ultimately, the only point in freedom of speech is to mock, ridicule, and otherwise reduce the power of political and religious authority.

When you make an exception to freedom of speech to protect either the sanctity of religion or the feelings of the powerful, then you have absolutely destroyed it. not modified it.

On May 13 here at the Rebel, we posted a video of Merkel's own party reading the entire poem verbatim, and without a trace of irony, in order to demonstrate why this poem should never be read.

Because one cannot know how bad it is till one hears it ,right?

Here is the poem again in case anyone forgot how it goes:

Democracy requires freedom of speech and information, and equality before the law.

Once you start manipulating who can say what and who can know what, you have totalitarianism and tyranny based on control via what you are allowed to know.

No gulags needed. You will make the choices made for you because you are unaware of any others.





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commented 2016-05-18 09:29:45 -0400
1. The citizens should take the German judge Behind the woodshed and horse whip some sense into him.
2. What is holding back the western allies from going in to extricate and eradicate these vile muslim terrorists? Are they actually waiting for them to carry out their terrorist acts? Don’t they believe in preemptive strikes?
3. So, what’s holding them up? Probably waiting to make sure they can maximize their profits, waiting for Uncle Sam to say “go”!
4. If the Russians propose groups as being terrorists, these groups must be evil indeed! I wonder how much influence Obama has on the decision to who is and is not a terrorist. Still, the Russians aren’t that good at identifying terrorist groups since they failed to identify the Canadian terrorist group commonly known as the LPC (Liberal Party of Canada)
5. The western allies should print 100 million copies of the poem/joke about Erdogan and using a fleet of bombers drop them over Tukey so that every Turk can see them.

commented 2016-05-18 08:51:50 -0400
It seems a new Nazi Germany is rising fueled by Islam!
commented 2016-05-18 08:50:14 -0400
I’m putting that poem in my library. It really rings true!
commented 2016-05-18 02:17:22 -0400
Hopefully that judge gets a taste of rape one day.
At this point i am sure the Germans would be better off with Urckel rather than Merckel.
commented 2016-05-18 02:15:49 -0400
Jay you seriously make this stuff up as you go along i see. Have you ever been out of your moms basement?
commented 2016-05-18 01:57:11 -0400
kelly what the fuck are you babbling about Barnes never said one word about Christians ,there is something wrong with you, i can never understand a word you say but you just lied about Keith Barne’s post and by the way muslims are sub humans and should not be in this country
commented 2016-05-18 00:46:21 -0400
A poor choice of langauge, Keith Barnes. You call Christians and Muslims “Sub-humans”

What do you mean by that term “sub-human”?

Are we less than you, because we profess Christ?

Seriously. Are we less than human because we profess Christ?
commented 2016-05-17 23:21:24 -0400
Merkel, your day of reckoning is near. Recently removed Dictators only destroyed Muslim Hell holes; You took democracy away from a Prosperous Country and flooded it with demanding 3rd World rejects. You won’t be able to run away.
commented 2016-05-17 22:38:04 -0400
It is time to sharpen up our Nukes, these sub human Muslims have gone far enough. Nuking would be humane, compared to the methods used by these inbred psychopaths, who dream of ruling the world.

First things first and our most important chore, is to rid ourselves of Justin Trudeau and his band of Merry Idiots.
commented 2016-05-17 22:13:37 -0400
Germany IS a gulag for Germans