June 08, 2016

Tuesday's Counter-Jihad Top 5: Nearly 200 cases of FGM reported every WEEK in England

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Today's top 5 list of Islamic horror as it sweeps across the Western world. 

1. Migrants linked to 69,000 would-be or actual crimes in Germany in first three months of 2016: police

BERLIN (Reuters) - Migrants in Germany committed or tried to commit some 69,000 crimes in the first quarter of 2016, according to a police report that could raise unease, especially among anti-immigrant groups, about Chancellor Angela Merkel's liberal migrant policy.

There was a record influx of more than a million migrants into Germany last year and concerns are now widespread about how Europe's largest economy will manage to integrate them and ensure security.

The report from the BKA federal police showed that migrants from northern Africa, Georgia and Serbia were disproportionately represented among the suspects. [...] In Cologne at New Year, hundreds of women said they were groped, assaulted and robbed, with police saying the suspects were mainly of North African and Arab appearance. Prosecutors said last week three Pakistani men seeking asylum in Germany were under investigation after dozens of women said they were sexually harassed at a music festival. 

2. South Africa: Huge fire engulfs Jesus Dome church in Durban

Two days ago, the UK and the USA warned of imminent terror attacks in South Africa. The Jesus Dome fire has not been declared to be one, but it would be a prime target for Islamic terrorists. It bears watching.

3. Almost 200 cases of FGM reported every WEEK in England, with London home to more than half of victims

Well, what did people think "multiculturalism" meant?

Nearly 200 cases of female genital mutilation are being reported every week in England,new figures have revealed.

More than 1,200 patients were treated between January and March - the equivalent of almost 14 women a day.

Figures released today reveal there were 1,242 newly-reported cases of FGM in England - a slight decrease from 1,316 between October and December last year.

And at least seven of the women and girls reported the procedure had been carried out illegally in the UK. 

FGM is a harmful traditional practice that involves the partial or total removal of the female genitalia.

The practise is illegal in the UK and it is also illegal to take a female abroad for the purposes of FGM with a maximum jail term for carrying out or enabling FGM of 14 years. 

4. Time to make India Muslim-free: Sadhvi Prachi

Anyone who may find this horrifying may want to study the history of Islamic genocide in India, especially under General Tamerlane, the celebrated Muslim general who murdered millions upon millions of Hindus in India in his drive to conquer for Islam. One of the two Boston Marathon bombers had in fact, been named after this genocidal Islamic general.

Touching off a controversy, VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi on Tuesday said it is time to make India free of Muslims. Known for courting controversies, the Sadhvi claimed the mission of a Congress-free India has already been "accomplished" and it is now time to rid the country of Muslims. 

"Now that we have achieved the mission of making a Congress-free India, it is time to make India Muslim-free. We are working on that," she said in Roorkee where at least 32 people were injured last week in a clash between two communities over forcible evacuation of a scrap dealer's shop.

5. An elderly Hindu priest has been hacked to death in Bangladesh, in the most recent atrocity against non-Muslims in that officially secular, increasingly sharia country.

Oddly, the BBC published this story focusing on the extraordinarily unlikely accusation by a Muslim official that Israel is behind it all. And just in time for Ramadan!

As an unrelated bonus, three French police people attempting to do some thing or other in a boat, in an area of France hit by flooding:

There has to be a parable of some kind in there somewhere.

Lastly, we have posted here at The Rebel, two posts on the Cuckoo Cardinal of Cologne. The Archbishop has taken very strong public positions on German politics, and has come out batting for Islam and been quite harsh to those who may wish to point out its failings.

Today, the Alternative for Deutschland party put out a rebuttal to some of the Cardinal's attacks on them.




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commented 2016-06-08 14:43:11 -0400
Once Sharia law is recognized in the West we cannot stop this. Keep in mind that many women fled the Islamic world thinking they would be safe from FGM.
commented 2016-06-08 10:38:34 -0400
Despicable situation, and the Cardinal of Cologne?? Is that dickhead even a Christian ? I think he has been indoctrinated by Islam already. If anyone checked I think his pussy has been altered. Most disturbing is the clueless clown running the show here, Abu Bakr al Trudani, is falling over himself to facilitate the Caliphate in our ONCE glorious country. When we can SEE what is happening around the world on a daily basis, would it not be prudent to have a pause in the race to destruction? Maybe we could use a break in order to get drinking water to our aboriginals, and help our homeless people. Is it not a bit unusual that the Sharia is being allowed to proliferate wherever the Muslim refugees? or immigrants are taken in. Let me ask one simple question. If the Korowai tribe of New Guinea became distressed and needed relocation, and of course as usual Justin coming to the rescue, would our esteemed leader allow them to practice cannibalism here? I know it’s apples and oranges, but you can bet the farm on the fact that Sharia is here in it’s infancy, and it is only a matter of time before the shit hits the fan in a major way. I for one do not want to be present day Europe. Someone should start smashing Trudeau’s and Butts heads together. Do we even have time to stop this insanity? Goodbye. I have to go puke!!!

commented 2016-06-08 09:21:57 -0400
feminazis only go after soft targets . much like ISIS. the walled out and stalled out skanks have no stomach for real issues… but they live in a fantasy world of their own design. you don’t even hear them praising the Kurdish women fighters who I feel are braver than most ‘world leader’ right now.
FGM is evil and wrong.
maybe the feminazis should go home and hack off their genitalia in support of their oppressed sisters.
come on , feminazis…show some support…
commented 2016-06-08 06:41:56 -0400
Feminazis ignore FGM – making them true trash to me.

In fact this is one of the major reasons many men will have nothing to do with women outside of their family – feminazis are found everywhere and to be avoided at all costs as true trash.
commented 2016-06-08 01:29:08 -0400
I think all feminazis and progressive SJW females should undergo FGM since they never speak out against it they must think it is some great thing.