June 12, 2018

Twitter CEO ripped on his own platform — for eating “homophobic” chicken sandwich during Pride

Amanda HeadRebel Contributor

The left has been angry at popular restaurant chain Chick-Fil-A since 2012, ever since the Christian founder's son declared his support for traditional marriage.

So of course, the "tolerance" and "love" the left is famous for was on display all over the social media platform Jack Dorsey invented, when the Twitter founder and CEO tweeted his purchase of a Chick-Fil-A meal — during Pride Weekend in L.A., no less

All this drama hasn't effected the chain one bit, by the way:

Chick-Fil-A was recently voted America's "favourite fast food" restaurant for the second year in the row...

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commented 2018-06-13 01:48:14 -0400
Does anyone actually let someone else decide what they can eat? Don’t give a flying f*ck what some SJW thinks i should eat.
commented 2018-06-12 20:13:19 -0400
There are a whole lot of people in this world that are worth ignoring. It may be easier for me because I don’t have a cell phone and I don’t tweet.
commented 2018-06-12 19:36:26 -0400
In Canada it should be Chick-fil-Eh
commented 2018-06-12 17:10:56 -0400
Don’t worry Amanda the formation is in a square doing the goose step and right arm fully extended a full 90 degrees skyward from your torso.
commented 2018-06-12 16:28:45 -0400
John Zealand, there’s been a Chick-fil-A in the Calgary airport for at least a couple of years. Probably others in Canada by now.
commented 2018-06-12 15:42:14 -0400
Oh the horror!!!!! Wow, the raging left sure like to browbeat people on social media…
commented 2018-06-12 13:56:07 -0400
Wish Canada had Chick-Fil-A guess I’m going to have to move to the left coast….that’s never happening until the expansion its Kentucky Fried Duck.