October 09, 2016

WATCH: Two murdered, six wounded in Jerusalem Islamic terror attack

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Today, Two people were murdered and six others wounded in an Islamic terror attack in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem. The dead include an elderly woman, and a "special patrol officer".


Muslims scream "Allahu ackbar!" in frenzied delight as their coreligionists spray what sounds like AK47 gunfire at Jewish Israelis.

Police brief on attack in English.

From Israel National News:

A white car stopped and opened fire at the Ammunition Hill light rail station, located at the Central Police Headquarters intersection, injuring those standing at the station. The driver then drove to the Shimon Hatzadik station and opened fire, wounding more passersby. He was then reportedly eliminated by a Special Patrol unit of motorized police as he tried to escape into the Arab Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

The Jerusalem Post explains:

Special Patrol officer and elderly female civilian were shot and killed, and four others lightly and seriously wounded, during a two-point vehicular terrorist attack carried out near police headquarters in Jerusalem’s Ammunition Hill, and the nearby Sheik Jarrah neighborhood.





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commented 2016-10-10 15:28:25 -0400
Yes, Mike, but a great idea never goes out of fashion.
commented 2016-10-10 02:26:04 -0400
Whew!…thanks for that Al. Laughed like crazy at the old Quick Draw and Bubba Louie. Digging into the archives and dating our selves a bit.
commented 2016-10-10 01:56:14 -0400
Drew, I guess out of fairness we could extend the award to those who kabong the SJWs. What was it Al-Kabond said? “I was overcome by a kabongin”,Frenzy".
commented 2016-10-09 22:16:29 -0400
Al Peterson great idea. Used to love El Kabong back in the day. Geez the SJW flowers would crap themselves if they saw a cartoon like that now. Unless it was made by Muslims about attacking Jews.
commented 2016-10-09 20:33:17 -0400
Gotta keep everyone on their toes. Don’t become the humourless left.
commented 2016-10-09 20:21:17 -0400
Al – I thought it was a strange comment for anyone on this site except for Jay. I kept looking at the posted name to see if it said Jay Kelly. You got me; it was too early in the am for me.
commented 2016-10-09 20:16:11 -0400
Good point Glenn. But only 5 string banjo’s should be the limit. 6 strings for acoustics, maybe and definitely no 12 strings. Standby for an RCMP ordered change to the regulations. 10 years in the pokey for all you homicidal 12 stringers.
commented 2016-10-09 20:13:42 -0400
Bob, you lose. Mike, you win. Bob, you should know me better than that. Someone has to fill in for Jay and Sean.
commented 2016-10-09 15:44:43 -0400
John Landry commented
“Wow! Muslim jerk kills old lady with an AK47, so brave! Yeah, like any God would reward that action.”

Their god is pleased.

“How you are fallen from heaven,
O Lucifer, son of the morning!
How you are cut down to the ground,
You who weakened the nations!
For you have said in your heart:
‘I will ascend into heaven,
I will exalt my throne above the stars of God;
I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
On the farthest sides of the north;
I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
I will be like the Most High.’” Isaiah 14:12-14
commented 2016-10-09 15:39:40 -0400
Maurice Potvin it was those Danish Cat Socks that Jay enlightened us about. They did this.
commented 2016-10-09 15:36:57 -0400
That “These men” not “These me”. Freudian slip? (Maybe I’m the one whose mentally disturbed)
commented 2016-10-09 15:34:01 -0400
Of course, this has nothing to do with Islam… a religion of peace. These me were obviously mentally disturbed because they weren’t breast fed long enough. And “Allahu ackbar” could refer to anything. Maybe it was in reference to a bar named Allahu ack.
commented 2016-10-09 15:20:01 -0400
Wow! Muslim jerk kills old lady with an AK47, so brave! Yeah, like any God would reward that action.
commented 2016-10-09 15:13:58 -0400
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
commented 2016-10-09 14:53:27 -0400
Just another freedom fighter. Yes that’s sarcasm.
commented 2016-10-09 14:50:00 -0400
Al is right …the Israeli police do not need to be armed with guns….unarmed Israelis have shown in the recent past that jihadhis can be fended off with guitars…..


Acoustic guitars would be unrestricted whereas the much more dangerous electric solid body used in violent aggressive heavy metal and misogyny laden toxic masculinist rock and roll would have to be restricted and registered of course…..

commented 2016-10-09 14:35:20 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,924 Attacks, 202,924 Killed, 284,209 Injured… that we know of.
commented 2016-10-09 13:39:50 -0400
Al…….i hope that is sarcasm, if not, what color is the sky in your world?
commented 2016-10-09 12:44:05 -0400
Al Peterson—I’ve seen some smart things that you have said, but that is the stupidest.
commented 2016-10-09 12:32:35 -0400
If there were no guns there would be no terrorism. Ban all guns.
commented 2016-10-09 12:01:52 -0400
Only one way to stop this Muslim Crap in Israel. Unfortunately the Israelis are to civilized to commit an act of Genocide.