October 21, 2016

U.N. censor wants Third World farmers to grow more expensive organic pineapples?

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

UN censor Nick Nuttall is saying more crazy things, this time about modern farming. Nuttall is the UN spokesperson who wouldn't accredit the Rebel to attend the UN COP22 climate change conference in Marrakech, Morocco this year. He says we aren’t “helpful”.

I found a video of Nick Nuttall railing against modern agricultural practices like using pesticides, fertilizers and GMO crops. He thinks organic is the way to go for poor starving farmers in the developing world.

But what does that really mean? It sounds nice to a hippy but what does that mean in the real world? In the new green economy of Nick Nuttall’s dreams, farming has lower yields, is more labor intensive and requires far more land and water for food production.

Modern agricultural practices have meant that the average farmer in Canada within the last 100 years, has gone from feeding five people to feeding over 120. In the United States, that number is even higher at 155.

That’s thanks, in no small part, to fossil fuels and crop science.

According to Nick Nuttall’s plans for agriculture, for every farming family out there, another 150 people go hungry. If Canadian farmers went with Nuttall’s plans for farming, and stopped using pesticides and GMOs altogether, we’d need another Saskatchewan, or about 37 million more acres to produce the same amount of food.

Nick Nuttall can pry my tractor from my cold dead hands.

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commented 2016-10-24 09:58:24 -0400
Typical Soviet Commissar. They used to decree when harvests would happen 4 months before. They had no idea if the crop would be ripe or rotten but the demigods had decreed so it happened. That’s why one of the best crop land nations on earth were importing food. Nutall is cut from the same cloth. No real world experience in anything but he is going to dictate to the world how everything should be done.
commented 2016-10-23 14:55:57 -0400
I certainly don’t want people like Nuttal deciding that any third world country possibly already hampered by conflict, corrupt government, climate or geographical restrictions, be denied the advantages farmers in the west enjoy. As well as being denied health when the solution is in some cases as easy as growing yellow rice.
If his interest was in really helping some of these populations he wouldn’t be suggesting they grow organic pineapple for export.
commented 2016-10-23 14:31:12 -0400
Michael and William you are right, and I apologise for the tangent.
As William said, “Rather than cultivate expensive pineapples for export they should concentrate on crops that can be produced using proven innovative methods to feed the local population.”
And Michael, good point about fertilizers and pharma. Point taken.
commented 2016-10-23 13:48:09 -0400
William – agreed, we’re arguing over first world problems. I tried to have a comprehensive answer about how it effects the third world, but no one wanted to discuss it.
commented 2016-10-23 13:46:15 -0400
Organic coffee is an excellent example. Pesticides are applied to the beans to keep them from being eaten by insects. One of the cheapest, and most common, is urine (I’ve heard it’s fermented first, but don’t know how it’s done). It’s less effective, so 5 to 100 times the volume is used as opposed to spraying with something that the farmer has to buy.

I prefer my coffee urine free, thanks.
commented 2016-10-23 13:36:26 -0400
I think all you city dwellers miss Sheila’s major point about Nick Nut’s vision of agriculture in the third world. Rather than cultivate expensive pineapples for export they should concentrate on crops that can be produced using proven innovative methods to feed the local population.
commented 2016-10-23 13:12:29 -0400
Liza Rosie – “Question: can you grow genetically modified food organically without chemical fertilizers or pesticides?” That depends on whether you count the native defences of the plants and animals as pesticides, and what you consider as “chemical” fertilizers. A bear doing its business in the woods is dropping chemical fertilizers on the plants. They’re chemicals that the bear’s body doesn’t want any more.

The question of whether the purified form of the pesticides and fertilizers is best illustrated, in my opinion, by how many people make willlow bark tea versus the number of people who take aspirin. The aspirin is the same headache medicine as the willow bark, but in a concentrated (and then diluted down for safety and ease of use) form. So, for those who want to go fully organic (as opposed to those who have food allergies and just want to stay away from things that will set them off), use natures pharmacopoeia instead of big pharma. Recognising that I don’t like the taste of willow bark (all those impurities make it taste terrible, part of the natural pesticides that keep the tree alive), I’ll opt for my medicine from a bottle.

Strictly speaking, all fertilizers and pesticides are chemicals. Strictly speaking, a bite from a scorpion or a viper is organic. The associations that many make with “organic is good for you” are twaddle.
commented 2016-10-23 13:05:01 -0400
Good old Thurston, I wonder how Luvy is doing? Thanks for the chuckle John K. ha ha ha

Liza, I don’t know if you are in Kamloops or where, but when I go visit my daughters in Vancouver, I at least want to buy you an organic coffee.

commented 2016-10-23 12:57:01 -0400
Nuttel’s comments match his scarf. Pretentious as Thurston Howell III
commented 2016-10-23 12:51:53 -0400
David I agree I want Halal labeled, even more than GMO foods.
commented 2016-10-23 12:50:02 -0400
From article about the northern regions of India’s organic farms.
“The region has remarkable advantages of fertile and organically rich soils, ample rainfall and water resources, river valleys, swamps and streams and great climatic diversity supporting diverse cropping possibilities. Cultivation is based on organic manure and is acompanied to a significant extent with use of improved seeds.”

I wonder what they mean by “improved seeds?” could they be using GMO’d bug and disease resistant seeds in order to grow ‘organically’?
commented 2016-10-23 12:20:45 -0400
Labeling is something that should be on ALL products. I would like to know I’m not putting my lips on some halal piece of shit as well. Organic is fine if that’s what you want, but don’t believe for a minute inspections are such that you are always getting what you think.

So I am to believe John, that if you had a baby born that could be healthy by consuming GMO yellow rice, you would opt for certain blindness just in case 50 years down the road there MIGHT be issues.FUCK OFF.

Liza….Sorry to hear about your aversion to latex. That must have limited birth control options among other things. Please keep posting relentlessly, you are one smart lady in my opinion, although my opinion here is not always appreciated by certain folk here.

DJBT and the rest
commented 2016-10-23 12:19:52 -0400
Question: can you grow genetically modified food organically without chemical fertilizers or pesticides? I would think so, as many of the modified foods are more bug and disease resistant.
commented 2016-10-23 12:15:44 -0400
I am no hippy, but if I can eat food that is pesticide, and chemical fert free I will buy it. At least for the fruits and veg that contain the highest amounts of it (you can google a list). Pineapples is one of those. Generally huge amounts of chemicals are used in the production of pineapples. Being a ground crop grown in very warm climates make them very susceptible to disease and pests.

In Costa Rica for example heavy chemical usage is the norm, however in the north east region of India (known for its organic products) pineapples and many other crops are grown organically, using traditional practices. I am sure that it does affect yields, but there is a market for it in the west where we will pay more for certain items. I don’t buy everything organic, but some on the list of high pesticide usage such as pineapple I definitely do. When I buy turmeric for example and I have a choice between Indian turmeric and Chinese turmeric, I buy the product from northern India.

Nothing is black or white, all or nothing. I don’t agree with the stance that all GMO is bad, all non organic is inedible or all organic is unnecessary.
commented 2016-10-23 11:50:25 -0400
I hate to say it but I agree with John on labeling. GMO is fine but I too want it labeled. Not everything is as obviously GMO as yellow rice, seedless watermelon, or broccoflower. We know all corn is GMO these days. I just want to have a choice. Maybe I don’t want to eat it all the time. I suppose it comes down to our only choices being either genetically modified food or ‘organic’ (no GMO,no pesticides,no chemical fertilizers).

I see the value of GMO, however having a severe latex allergy I am aware of how a monopolized immune system can recognize foods as something they are not (because of a similarity on a molecular level) resulting in a cross reaction. Because of my latex sensitivity, there are all sorts of foods my body recognizes as latex because of similar proteins and my immune system attacks. So if we can become sensitive to substances and foods on a molecular level, messing with foods on a molecular level could (?) prove problematic at least to some people. So all I ask is to know if what I am buying has had its molecules rearranged and added to.

In the case of GMO yellow rice, as far as I can understand it has something to do with growing it to contain beta carotene (a source of vit A found naturally in carrots,squash etc.) I have cross reactions to those two foods, so I may not want to consume it. I can however see the value of it especially in specific regions in impoverished countries, where drought or war has made it impossible for them to grow their own source of vit. A.

I still have a lot of unanswered questions regarding how the body responds to Genetically modified foods, and don’t want to have it forced down my throat.
commented 2016-10-23 03:16:56 -0400
Oh Crap!… And who are the “next to God” gurus that determine whether something is “organic” or not?? There is as much ruse and B.S. and argument in the “organic gardening” market as any other… And some crap is good and some crap isn’t?… It is indeed all CRAP!…
commented 2016-10-22 23:00:17 -0400
And still the kids go blind.
commented 2016-10-22 22:47:34 -0400
I don’t consider it snobby at all. I am just saying that organic food is whole food and we need food labeling and people should know what they eat.

It has nothing to do with being too expensive and people not deserving food in the third world.

I want people to have the best grown food possible.

Rebel is wrong by constantly attacking organic when studies show that it is much better for you.
commented 2016-10-22 15:30:16 -0400
John S you mad that i made you less happy about your food snobbery? Organic is not that great.
commented 2016-10-22 15:29:18 -0400
John S the Muslims invade and you say nothing, you are a hypocrite and a liar. Kuwait asked for our help, and we did not invade Afghanistan , the Taliban did. Muslims are invading Europe like a plague right now, yet you say nothing. Of course you think only the last 15 years matters somehow. And Israel is constantly attacked by Muslims and you whine when they respond very measurably. Other Muslim countries played a big part in all those so called takeovers and invasions you know. And we do not support globalization you halfwit.
commented 2016-10-22 15:25:31 -0400
John S we hate the UN and are fine with decent immigrants , and Monsato is fine as well, go wear your tinfoil hat. Canola is a GMO, stop using it. As are seedless watermelons. People in other countries need certain nutrients enhanced so they can have a better quality of life, they should not suffer for your ignorance. And free trade is good if done right. You would have everyone poor and in need.
commented 2016-10-22 14:27:39 -0400
Thank you Michael Doll. Well stated, hopefully Sicilliano and the like have enough gray matter to absorb it. He obviously got a good dose of leftist poison during his college years.

DJBT et al
commented 2016-10-22 13:22:25 -0400
John Siciliano – I could not disagree more. “…against globalism supposedly yet they support free trade, etc” because globalism as many of us disagree with it is one world government making the choices and deciding what we should do. Free trade and reasonably policed and implemented borders and immigration are competing different cultures, and the most efficient will do well. Historically, we have done well.

“Around 5 to 7 million Muslims have died because of I would say attacking those nations and the results that have come afterwards.” as an encapsulation of your middle east policy. Islam has always spread by the sword and has had to be stopped by the sword. It does not allow for equality between Muslims and non-Muslims. The attacks in the minds of the most fervent are because we have the audacity to say “no” when they tell us we must convert, and they wave their machetes in the air and say “then die”. I would compare the attacks you’re referring to to spanking a child. It’s an effort to teach, to train, “don’t do that again or you’re really gonna get hurt.” If the child responds to a spanking by doing the same thing again, and you do nothing the second time, the child has won. We have a choice between fighting those who want to destroy us: destroy them to a level where its obvious that their culture is inferior (Japan & Germany, WWII), eradicate them if they won’t follow the rules and somewhat tolerate them if they do (Tamerlane), plan to occupy them for prolonged periods to keep them from fighting us here, assimilate our cultures into a single hybrid, or build defences in the hope that the savages will be kept out by them (Great Wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall). “Understand and love them, and they will love us and we’ll all live happily together” is a modification of the assimilation method that has never worked anywhere at any time for the long term.

I’ll leave the higher level GMO discussion to others. GMO strikes me as a higher level function of the same crop improvements we’ve been making ever since we started agriculture. Should orange carrots be labelled as GMO? How about corn where the entire ear is yellow? Neither is natural, we made them become that way. It’s part of the same food production that now allows people to live long enough that cancer is a risk to many more people. It’s the same as the many breeds of dogs that we have now because people took the time to evolve them. Cancer is a risk in wealthy societies, not in emerging ones. If your children could starve tomorrow then you don’t worry about increasing their risk of cancer 50 years from now. But, since cancer can be all natural and cancer cells need to live too, I can see how there’s an argument to be made for preserving only the organic cancers. Personally, I’d be happy if cancer went extinct. I also don’t like that families in third world countries are facing starvation now (largely because of their governments, see the “diversity in government” argument in paragraph 1) and you’re keeping them from growing better food because you’re worried about what could happen 50 years from now.
commented 2016-10-22 11:16:54 -0400
Some how once someone hits the Bonanza of a UN paycheque they believe they have the right to tell everyone else how to live, work, and who should die.

Too much self-worth and too opinionated in areas the should simply stay away from.

Considering how much food now costs, does he really believe that people would want to spend three times as much? Are organic foods really better – keep being proven to be the same as non-organic grown foods.

Why are we still part of the UN? Why is Baby Doc spending us into oblivion with money gifts to despicable governments just to buy a seat at the UN Security Council?
commented 2016-10-22 10:17:15 -0400
Well said John Siciliano. I can’t believe the Rebel actually seems to support GMO’s. Nick is wrong in not letting the Rebel attend the UN conference, but his position on GMO’s is admirable and your apparent support for companies like Monsanto, is not.
commented 2016-10-22 04:15:37 -0400
Typo… That’s Yoweri MUSEVENI I’m talking about… Who, and his family by the way, holds a monopoly on the entire cattle industry in Uganda…
commented 2016-10-22 04:11:10 -0400
Nuttall is another prime candidate for my “Parachite Fund”… Strap one on his back and boot him out over Uganda so he can go gathering “organic” nuts in the forest… Uganda; that wonderful land run by dictator Museveri – one of the ten richest men in Africa – while children walk to school each day barefooted…
commented 2016-10-22 03:00:47 -0400
What I find laughable is that people on here are against globalism supposedly yet they support free trade, globalization, immigration done through the Conservative party, and organizations like Monsanto, NATO, and the UN.

I support a reformed UN to allow for economic freedom done within nations by the individual countries. As for war between and against nations, that should not occur on mass because look at the coups and invasions done by the West from 2001 to now. They have proven to be abysmal failures. Around 5 to 7 million Muslims have died because of I would say attacking those nations and the results that have come afterwards. The Western leaders from left, centre and right wing parties have a lot to answer for because their decisions have brought the world to this place. Yet, they are not being brought before the ICC.

They believe in taking other people’s children to war and not giving us the full scope of what they are being sent there to do. I am against the mainstream liberal, conservative and social democrat because they are not representative of what Canadians truly want because if Canada had referenda on the economy, monetary policy, jobs and foreign policy/war we would not be in massive wars. In fact, progressives dominate popular opinion in Canada with around 60 to 75% believing in progressive views. That would make Canada a more non-interventionist nation and anti-war. That would probably reduce our war contribution to near zero and our military would not have to go to war. We would in essence be non-interventionist, anti-war and for staying out of conflicts. This used to be our traditional role from 1965 to 2003. Those years proved to be good years and ones where we truly decided for ourselves what was best for Canada and our national interest.

We should have GMO labeling for products. Rebel has this tendency that Monsanto is somehow a good and decent organization when they want to have a monopoly on seeds and they oppose Heirloom seeds and people deciding for themselves if they want organic or not.

Don’t people read the headlines showing how BRICS nations and Russia and China and Iran are burning their GMO produce and sending ships back that sell GMO. It is clear to me that GMO is for controlling seeds and produce and corporations gaining over people, and the health impacts are not good whatsoever. Just because a UN representative says third world people should grow organic means nothing. It just plays into Rebel’s agenda when even Eastern European nations are going against GMO and the EU seems united on organic being better. North America is full of people with bloated stomachs and GMO cancers and the health effects do show the negativity of GMO and that it causes cancer.
commented 2016-10-22 01:05:28 -0400
Nick Nuttal wants 5 out of 6 people in the world today to die (by going organic for all food grown). Not to worry though, there are lots of poor brown and black people who will do his family’s share of the dying. I’m sure that the pensioners in energy poverty who die early won’t be considered as part of those numbers, though it’s the same cause.

Please, Nick, stop trying to kill us. You’re not smart enough to know what’s good for us, and the planet is too big and complicated for you to understand how much effect you really have on it (hint – it’s a very, very, very small amount, and it’s more related to the house you live in and the roads you drive on than the life-giving CO2 you exhale or create from combustion).
commented 2016-10-22 00:18:30 -0400
Nice little scarf though.
Looks like it’s made from petroleum based products.
No doubt from some third world factory filled with child labor.
Just another total hypocrite.
So sad
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