October 15, 2015

U of Alberta's "pro-choice" bullies symbolize what's wrong with modern universities

Josh FisherRebel Blogger

Social issues at universities seem to always exert their presence on headlines nowadays.

The most recent is the story about a pro-life group at the University of Alberta, which is suing the U of A administration for failing to protect their right to free speech during a protest on campus last March.

The pro-life group had organized a protest during the U of A Pride week, put up hundreds of posters around campus, and cordoned off an area in the main quad where they installed some (albeit, graphic) posters about abortion.

Note that the group had all appropriate campus permissions to stage this event.

The social activists on campus reacted by ripping down all of the pro-life posters. (They didn't feature trigger warnings!)

In addition, a counter-protest was organized to coincide with the pro-Life display in Quad, designed to attract mostly brainwashed students.

As the day of reckoning for these "evil" pro-lifers approached, I found myself a neutral outside observer doing what a student is supposed to do at university:

That’s right, going to class.

Two of my lectures were in a 3rd floor room with windows facing the exact spot where this conflagration was unfolding. That means both lectures were disrupted by the counter-protesters below, blindly baying slogans, and demonstrating their "tolerance" by refusing to tolerate a "less-tolerant" group. (Yes, I also find it hard to wrap my head around progressive logic).

I was not too stunned to find the sheepish university security guards acting more like bystanders at a high school bullying incident. The original pro-life protesters left the area, as they understandably had no wish to be shouted and screamed at.

But hey, at least their billboards weren’t vandalized and torn down! (They were merely surrounded and blocked by the counter-protesters, so as to protect the clearly sensitive student body from seeing material with a "trigger warning.")

This entire debacle is not only unsurprising, but to be expected at a modern university campus.

The modern university campus has devolved from what a traditional university campus represents in one, very important way:

Whereas a university was originally designed to provide a place for students to question conventional wisdom, hear contrary opinions and thereby advance their educations, modern universities simply indoctrinate students with one philosophy: Progressivism and all its tenets. Any opinions that question this narrative are suppressed.

I shudder at the thought of putting my hand up in an Ecology lecture and questioning climate change.

Or, in Canadian History, questioning whether or not white Christian males did, in fact, destroy the aboriginal utopia.

Or, even in World History, asking if there is more to our lectures than "White Guilt 101."

Regardless of my beliefs on any of these issues, the point here is that the professors' lectures aren't even questioned. Is that really a way to expand your mind and advance your education?

Irrespective of what you deem is the truth or not, the goal of a university education is to question conventional wisdom, not to blindly accept whatever is spewed to you as undeniable truth.

But apparently I am the crazy one, as it seems that my outlook is in the decidedly small minority on a modern university campus.

Is this what "enlightenment" embodies nowadays?

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commented 2016-01-26 23:13:32 -0500
I don’t agree with pro-lifers when it comes to certain ideologies on abortion (save for agreeing it should always be in allowed in times of trauma or thr parents life being endangered), but they have a right to their express platform, long as they’re not harming or mistreating anyone or promoting hate speech . They should not be bullied nor should they bully others. Those “pro-choicers” don’t represent us all . I’m pro-choice and neither pro- life or anti- life.
commented 2015-10-16 02:18:28 -0400
The biggest course content conflict I can recall was attending a course on persuasive writing which was built on the premis that logic is the best tool of persuasion. I had been studying rhetoric for years before that and knew very well that the world would be a very different place if that was even remotely true. My philosophy mentor was a deciple of Bernard Lonergan …so he understood my dilemma. I did manage to make my point in my term papers, but it took the intervention of the department head.
commented 2015-10-15 20:58:30 -0400
It looks like you may have missed that "enlightenment’ lecture there Josh, and therefore you most certainly should put your hand up and ask those questions! Loud and clear.
I really needed to see that life-affirming video of the March for Life, today. Thanks for that.
commented 2015-10-15 19:27:09 -0400
university (uni thought) living the oneness …maybe they should of call it Dieversity (killing free thought)…