March 24, 2017

U.S. grants Keystone XL permit: “Dirty hippies” no match for President Trump

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The Keystone XL pipeline has just been granted a permit by President Donald Trump, keeping a promise he made to Americans on the campaign trail. 

The $8B construction project by TransCanada, will take Alberta oil from a tank farm in Hardisty to refineries and ports in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, the same old destructive left wing protesters are vowing to block thousands of much needed Canadian and American jobs. Environmental activist groups are promising to put up a big fight using unresolved legal issues around Keystone XL in Nebraska as a launching point for their battle.

Good. Bring it on, hippies. Let’s get this fight over with.

I’ve had it with them and I’ve had it with the litany of politicians who entertain their BS, but in President Trump, environmentalists are finally facing an adversary that will fight them to win.

Trump beat the Democrat-Media complex and the Republican establishment to win the presidency. Some anemic, low energy protesters in makeshift tents are not going stop him from bringing jobs back to America’s heartland.

Trump could actually be the president that finally renders the radical left completely ineffective.

I was skeptical of Trump in the primaries. I supported him though, because he wasn’t that evil, corrupt crone Hillary Clinton.

But if Trump ends the plague of left wing kooks who keep us from having nice things like pipelines and jobs, then I’m on Team Trump.

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commented 2017-03-24 17:49:49 -0400
As a Canadian, I have no right to demand anything from Donald Trump, but here are three things I was hoping for:
1.) Block Hilary Clinton from getting into the White House.
2.) Unblock Obama’s veto on the Keystone XL pipeline.
3.) Send Justin Trudeau a message by making at least a half-dozen official visits with foreign leaders in their capital cities BEFORE coming to Ottawa.
Sixty-two days and it’s aleady two down, one to go.
commented 2017-03-24 17:34:51 -0400
I enjoyed that Sheila. Gave me a good laugh.
commented 2017-03-24 17:28:52 -0400
Could you give us more details , like how much is done – the physical pipeline trench , I thought it was Allready dug to the border