January 01, 2017

U.S. liberals go on gun-buying spree

Lauren SouthernArchive

So remember that totally crazy argument by gun loving Republicans, where they defend firearms by saying “guns are a mechanism to deal with a tyrannical government.”

Why would these silly gun nuts be afraid? Who would ever need to defend themselves in our perfect democracy?

Well, in an article last week titled “Why U.S. liberals are buying guns,” the BBC interviewed some American lefties about their new affinity for self defence.

It’s good to see the left jumping on the pro-weapons band wagon, but it’s a shame it took some delusional “Hitler Trump” fantasy to make it happen. 

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commented 2017-01-03 18:39:22 -0500
The left is not totally lost. Was talking about the AMC show “Turn” with my sister and she admitted that she can understand why the US came to value their right to bear arms. May be some hope for her yet.
commented 2017-01-03 02:23:58 -0500
Dan Mancuso even worse, imagine where she would hide it?
commented 2017-01-02 19:09:04 -0500
Dan Mancuso commented:

“Imagine Trigglypuff with a Glock! "

Sweet merciful Father… Bill I admire your optimism. If they can AT LEAST consistently follow ACTS PROVE AND not get too jumpy on the inauguration day of “Hitler” (aka P.E. Trump) AND not gun down cops and Trump supporters (aka Nazis) for committing terrorism (aka voting for Trump) I suppose it’s for the best as the sport will grow. But man, that may be a tall order.
commented 2017-01-02 13:41:33 -0500
They may be going to turn the guns in word.
commented 2017-01-02 11:13:11 -0500
I wholeheartedly agree with you, Dave Tee. Just ask the Conservatives running in the Federal leadership about immigration, and refugees belonging to Islam, and they go completely silent.
Makes me wonder what is really going on? Are they afraid? Or are they being Politically Correct? Certainly none can compare to President Elect Trump, and his no BS attitude, that is so refreshing! I think that Canada is going to see a big Brain drain, why would any professional stay here? The high taxes? the poor health care system? Why? My husband and I are exploring the idea of moving south.
commented 2017-01-02 00:15:17 -0500
Typical of lefties. They want everyone else unarmed but not them. They want everyone else to stop using carbon fuels but not them. They want everyone else to show tolerance but not them. They want everyone else to allow free speech but not them. Etc, etc, etc…..
commented 2017-01-01 23:47:49 -0500
The lefty/liberal cult of delusional freaks and weirdos, afraid of their own shadows – with legal firearms…I never realized there was a downside to the 2nd Amendment…Imagine Trigglypuff with a Glock!
commented 2017-01-01 20:58:28 -0500
Snowflakes carrying guns? It might get crazy out there as they see a bogeyman under every rock.
commented 2017-01-01 20:54:24 -0500
EHHH! Maybe we can trigger them Libtards to put that gun to their own head & pull the trigger?!
Let’s see everyone wear red caps with MAGA – Make Alberta Great Again – time to thin the Libtard herd – let’s make them self-destruct!
commented 2017-01-01 20:48:32 -0500
Kinda figures! Aren’t “most” criminals Lieberals?! – just look at our government(s)!! … and the people they exonerate and give asylum to.
Any day of the year – I would trust a real Conservative to be armed – but at NO time would I ever trust a Liberal who is armed – seeing as red hats with Trump on it triggers them into a brain space where they feel they need a gun! Yet those same POS believe it is unthinkable for a Conservative to protect himself from these Lieberals snowflakes – like Muzzies with bombs or Lieberal crack heads trying to steal your belongings.
It should be a required query for a new gun license to note the applicants political leanings – Lieberals should not be allowed to own any weapon – for their Own Safety!!
Oh well, I guess we’ll be seeing a whole lot more dead Libtards now!
commented 2017-01-01 19:20:02 -0500
They’re going to bruise real easy from .22 recoil
commented 2017-01-01 18:10:43 -0500
Drew I think you nailed it.
commented 2017-01-01 17:57:26 -0500
Fantastic! The more the merrier – see ya on the range snowflakes – shoulder to shoulder on the firing line, don’t let the sound of my BMG .50 put you off, you’ll get used to it and sooner or later want one too.
commented 2017-01-01 17:33:17 -0500
Dave MacPherson,

You are absolutely correct, sir.

I look at the lineup of buffoons wanting to take up the mantle of Conservative leadership and cringe – they all appear to be open-borders, Globalist, Quebec a$$-kissing multi-cult worshipers who are nothing more than Liberals in blue pinstripe suits.

If I wanted a Globalist liberal to lead this country, I would have voted for Mr. Selfie. Don’t any of these CINOs (Conservatives in Name Only) get that?

We need a Canadian equivalent of Trump to drain OUR swamp. Libs. CINOs. All of ’em.
commented 2017-01-01 16:08:04 -0500
John Tory is like Brian Mulroney, Joe Clark, Kim Campbell, Patrick Brown, David Cameron…FAKE Conservatives….😖💔

CANADIAN MONGREL commented 2 hours ago
Meanwhile in Canada be sure you are stocking your ammo. With conservative friends like John Tory, you know that oppressive regulations are coming down on gun-owners from the Lying Party of Corruption. Unless, of course, they are Canadian aboriginal, fundamentalist muslim, or the over-all category that includes the previous two, violent criminals.
commented 2017-01-01 16:02:39 -0500
To a leftist, it’s their way / their ideology and no other. They’re hateful, bigoted, intolerant, elitist. They want power and control over everything and everyone – not going to happen. They build up the crushing burden of the public sector and kill the private sector. They want an Elite Class ( them ) and a Impoverished Class ( us ) . Leftist Ideology is Evil and will remain under increasing, crushing and relentless attack – we’re not going to stand for it ❤️
commented 2017-01-01 15:31:31 -0500
Gotta love brainwashed hypocrites. They suddenly need protection from an imagined threat born of their personal ignorance and bigotry , meanwhile they scoff at others who want to defend themselves from threats born of reality. They will be pointing their guns at some guy wearing a MAGA hat laughing at a joke and enjoying freedom and leaving them alone, meanwhile they will lower their guard for a terrorist wanting to subjugate and harm them or a marxist wanting to deny them freedom and self reliance and jailing them for speaking freely.
commented 2017-01-01 15:24:22 -0500
Dave T come one now Play Doh would scare an SJW as it promotes independent thought.
commented 2017-01-01 14:59:18 -0500
Life in bizzaro-world – AKA SJW self-defence:

Policeman (arriving at crime scene): “Ok Sir, put the gun down. So why did you shoot him?”

SJW: “I was triggered!!! He invaded my safe space and tried to steal my Play-Doh! And… And he had a MAGA hat!!!”

Policeman: “Just wait here for a minute, sir. Those nice men in the white coats will look after you shortly…”
commented 2017-01-01 14:27:02 -0500
Meanwhile in Canada be sure you are stocking your ammo. With conservative friends like John Tory, you know that oppressive regulations are coming down on gun-owners from the Lying Party of Corruption. Unless, of course, they are Canadian aboriginal, fundamentalist muslim, or the over-all category that includes the previous two, violent criminals.