November 10, 2016

UBC Free Speech Club don red “MAGA” hats to challenge censorship on campus

Rebel Staff

Election day has come and gone and now you’re either a devastated liberal, rattled Never Trumper or perhaps feeling a little vindicated like those of us who publicly supported the President-elect.

Yesterday also marked a coming out party for the Free Speech Club at the University of British Columbia. To mark the occasion, members of the club set up a table outside the student commons and proudly wore the now infamous red hats reading Make America Great Again and Make Canada Great Again.

A bold move given the rise of social justice warriors and censors on campus’ across the continent.

I was invited to come see what was going on and anticipated their event might get shut down but it turns out free speech and support for Donald Trump is fairly popular at UBC.

Watch as I speak with organizers, supporters and detractors alike, some of whom were civil and some not.

There were the usual baseless accusations of racism and violence attributed to Trump supporters but when you look closer, you find the racism and aggression comes from the other side.

It seems it’s often those opposed to Trump who condone bullying and intimidation.

In the end, the great news is that UBC appears to have so far resisted some of the infiltration of social justice warrior culture, but will it last?

UBC is a difficult school to get into and that means academics and studying come before activism and that’s the way universities should be!

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commented 2016-11-11 10:42:44 -0500
Until we can address the overwhelming bias being taught in schools we can expect more of the same and worse whenever their grip on power is challenged. It is time to start exposing the far left voices with in the university and college campuses.
commented 2016-11-11 10:37:51 -0500
In the years to come we the people will enact a fundamental change in how we allow our own tax $ going to so called news entities that use propaganda against us for the will of the Government, there is a word for it “fascism”

The CBC and a like are toast.
commented 2016-11-11 10:28:28 -0500
I did not see ST.Peter from the C.B.C. covering this may be it will be on the national to night.
commented 2016-11-11 10:09:35 -0500
Hats off, or in this case hats on to these brave young adults.

Who would have thought in 2016 these kids would have to defend their fundamental rights, fascism didn’t just creep into our Country it was an invasion.

Lets make Canada great again.
commented 2016-11-11 00:27:04 -0500
Ron Voss damn rights it is a fundamental freedom, so tired of the twerps who think they have to approve the actions of others.
commented 2016-11-10 17:38:05 -0500
Why take a stand on free speech? It’s a fundamental freedom. The alternative is tyranny and authoritarianism. Good for these students! Good see that they are not all indoctrinated by their leftwing professors.