July 19, 2019

Uber and Lyft are hurting Toronto's public transit. Good!

David MenziesMission Specialist

According to a new study from Ryerson University's Urban Analytics Institute, the Toronto arms of the ridesharing apps Uber and Lyft haven’t had the “intended effects” of controlling things like traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

In fact, these apps are partly to blame for growing traffic congestion. But how can that possibly be?

If I leave the Menzoid-Mobile parked in my driveway at home and take an Uber downtown, it's one vehicle replaced by another vehicle. And once I hit my destination there are fewer emissions overall because I don't have to drive around in a circle looking for that perfect parking spot.

But take a look at the fine print which explains the reason for the scandal: According to researcher Yemi Adediji, the ridesharing services have diverted more than 20 million trips from… PUBLIC TRANSIT!

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commented 2019-07-19 21:21:33 -0400
It’s no wonder people prefer Lift and Uber. You don’t have to ride with morons and you get door-to-door service. Weird Al sure got it right in 1981 with this song. Public transit is just as odious today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL5l3k7vBsk
commented 2019-07-19 15:34:45 -0400
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commented 2019-07-19 12:16:42 -0400
What’s his point? He may be getting a ride instead of driving, but yes, there are people being diverted off transit. In cities with well used transit networks (including most Canadian cities, which in general do use transit far more heavily than comparable American ones) yes, multiple Ubers are far less space, energy, and cost efficient than transit.
commented 2019-07-19 08:35:52 -0400
Public transit is not efficient. During rush hour the buses or trains are packed.
The rest of the day and most of the evening the are only a few people on them.
Circling the city,s with a massive carbon foot print per person. Lots of druggies and pan handeler,s too.