February 28, 2019

UK man in prison for fighting AGAINST ISIS: Ezra Levant talks Aidan James' mother, girlfriend

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

When I was in Manchester, UK last weekend to cover the premiere of Tommy Robinson's documentary Panodrama, two women in the crowd approached me, saying that they'd been hoping to find me at this event. 

It turns out they wanted to talk to me about a news story that I'd been following: 

That of Aidan James, who'd left the UK to join Kurdish forces in their fight against ISIS in Syria. When James returned home, thought, he was arrested and charged with "terror offences."

It sounds crazy, but it's true. And according to these two women — Aidan's girlfriend Yvonne, and his mother Tracey — the conditions under which he is being detained sound draconian.

They claim he is not allowed to receive visitors, letters or even his medication. 

When I asked why their visits were being blocked, Aidan told me the prison's excuse was they'd "lost the paperwork."

I believe, and the two women agree with me, that Aidan's arrest was motivated by an attempt by authorities to look "fair;" by charging non-Muslims with terror offences, they can claim that they aren't singling out that particular group.

Aidan James' two-week trial is set to begin at the Old Bailey in London on April 1. 

I'll keep you updated on this disturbing case.

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commented 2019-03-02 00:24:35 -0500
AL PETERSON commented 1 day ago
The corruption of the British judicial beggars the descriptive talents of Shakespeare..

Try this Al – It helps:
Shakespeare Insult Kit
commented 2019-03-01 10:37:55 -0500
If Aidan James was on the side of ISIS, he would be welcomed home to the UK with official open arms, given a place to stay at the taxpayer’s dime (pence?), a monthly stipend, and optional de-radicalisation classes. But since he was against ISIS, he must be a Islamophobe terrorist.

The UK has become Bizzaro World.
commented 2019-03-01 08:17:29 -0500
Britain. A completely stupid little country.

It’s what Canada wants to be when it grows up.
commented 2019-02-28 22:43:03 -0500
“One of the principe lessons of our tragic century which has seen so many millions of innocent lives sacrificed in schemes to improve the lot of humanity is, “beware intellectual”. Not merely should they be kept well away from the levers of power, they should also be objects of particular suspicion when they seek to offer collective advice.

Beware committees, conferences and leagues of intellectuals. Distrust public statements issued from their serried ranks. Discount their verdicts on political leaders and important events. For intellectuals, far fro being highly individualistic and non-conformist people, follow certain patterns of behaviour. Taken as a group they are often ultra-conformist within the circle spawned by those whose approval they seek and value. That is what makes them a mass so dangerous. For it enables them to create climates of opinion and prevailing orthodoxy which themselves often generate irrational and destructive courses of action.

Above all, at all times, we must remember what intellectuals habitually forget; that people matter more than concepts and must come first. The worst of all despotisms is the heartless tyranny of ideas."


Paul Johnson
commented 2019-02-28 22:34:02 -0500
This is outrageous. ISIS is the enemy of civilization. Those fighting those barbarians should be rewarded, not punished.
commented 2019-02-28 22:19:33 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,847 Attacks, 238,148 Killed, 317,117 Injured that we know of
commented 2019-02-28 20:20:35 -0500
commented 2019-02-28 19:20:56 -0500
89 days of no hammers falling.
commented 2019-02-28 19:20:18 -0500
More leftist moral equivalence. Good show lefties. I applaud your well honed discernment.
commented 2019-02-28 19:11:47 -0500
The corruption of the British judicial beggars the descriptive talents of Shakespeare..
commented 2019-02-28 17:44:07 -0500
Oh my god! This is insane. Eden James in jail. locked up with ISIS murderers, stuck with the same solicitor’s that defend ISIS murderers. Not allowed to change legal representation?—-When he went over to fight the scourge that is ISIS? He should get a medal, not a prison sentence.
It’a hard to believe that a gov’t could be so evil. but we know they can. We have seen it before.