December 10, 2018

Breach of protocol: UK Labour MP grabs ceremonial mace in Parliament during heated Brexit debate

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

At the end of a long day in Parliament, following Theresa May’s decision to delay the meaningful vote on her Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, a Labour Member of Parliament has caused a stir and broken Parliamentary protocol.

MP Lloyd Russel-Moyle picked up the ceremonial mace following the postponement of the vote and attempted to leave the House with the important ornament.

The ceremonial mace is a symbol of Royal authority. It reminds Parliament and the Government that they are working for Her Majesty the Queen. It is a silver gilt ornamental club, and around five foot in length. It’s a symbol of our great parliamentary tradition, and the mace itself dates back to the reign of Charles II, who became king in 1650.

On every day that the House of Commons is sitting, the mace is carried into the Chamber by the Sergeant at Arms and is placed on the table between both sides of the House. It is left untouched by Parliamentarians, and removed by the Sergeant at Arms at the end of sessions.

Russel-Moyle didn’t randomly decide to do this. He knew that what he was doing has some precedent as a gesture of protest, and of course, he wanted some attention.

This has happened before. Labour Party Member John Beckett did it in 1930. Beckett was suspended for attempting to leave the Chamber with the mace in protest against the suspension of another member of the House.

A Conservative Party Member of the House, Michael Heseltine, once removed the mace, in protest against Labour MPs signing the socialist anthem "The Red Flag" in Parliament. For the most part, though, this is a Labour tradition. Along with John Beckett, Ron Brown MP did it in 1988, John McDonnell did it in 2009, and now Lloyd Russel-Moyle has done it.

Russel-Moyle is unlikely to face any disciplinary action other than being suspended for the day, but his actions have shown that Parliament is in total disarray.

Theresa May surely cannot last much longer.

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commented 2018-12-15 18:45:42 -0500
LEE HORSEMAN….replacing the Parliamentary mace with a modern TASER might not be such a bad idea.

As we have seen in Canada that the role of sargeant at arms is still very relevant…the incident with Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in federal parliament and the incredibly gallant intervention in the Quebec National Assembly with Denis Lortie show this.

In the era that Charles II introduced the mace, people still wore armour when appropriate, and the best “panzerfaust” of the era was a mace weilded by a burley surly man.

But the mace in parliament was a jewelled “bauble” (as Oliver Cromwell called it when he closed parliament) …symbolizing that the King’s power was rooted in his wealth.

Updating it with a four or five foot staff that glows at one end….like a Jedhi weapon from Star Wars…… just might be the thing to do.
commented 2018-12-11 05:03:21 -0500
This latest Trotskyite incarnation of the once great Labour Party, is unfit to be in Parliament. Their violent paramilitary wing Anti-fa has been responsible for all manner of political intimidation and interference with the democratic process.
commented 2018-12-10 21:36:15 -0500
Theresa May clings on like the proverbial sh.t to a blanket. She must be receiving immense amounts of financial incentive from the UN and EU. Meanwhile the Mobs call for a second referendum, What do they want, the best out of three? The people, all 17.4B of them, voted to leave and all May needs to do is go to the EU and tell them ‘Britain is leaving the EU’ and that is it, the UK would be free. Alas Theresa is a ‘Remainer’ and is looking after herself as she kicks Britain under the rug.
commented 2018-12-10 19:44:36 -0500
Reminiscent of when the (so-called) Prime Minister of Canada crossed the center of the aisle and got way too physical with some Opposition MPs.
The solution is obvious. Equip the Sergeant-at-Arms and the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod and maybe a couple others with Tasers, cocked, locked and ready to rock.
Next time somebody gets stupid, taze the living snot out of them right in front of the Parliamentary TV cameras. Imagine what a big hit that would be on You Tube.
Hold on, just give me a couple of minutes to stock up on popcorn, OK?