May 21, 2019

UK liberals embrace physical violence in their election campaign. How long until that comes to Canada?

Rebel Staff

As you know, Tommy Robinson is running to be a Member of the European Parliament.

A few days ago, he was talking to voters on the street, and one Muslim man came up to him. Tommy being Tommy, he tried to talk to this man. And he did. Until the man threw a milkshake in his face.

And the media turned this man into a hero. The Guardian newspaper said the milkshake slipped out of his hand, by accident.

Police didn't charge the man. Instead, they helped the attacker get away — gave him a ride to the train station. He boasted about what he did — and praised Allah.

It was an assault. If you doubt me, try throwing a milkshake it to a policeman, or the prime minister — or someone who the establishment haven’t decided is an unperson, like Tommy Robinson.

Carl Benjamin, who has the online nickname Sargon of Akkad, He’s running for the UKIP party; They’ve "milkshaked" him too, as the new verb goes.

Then it happened to Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party that polls show will win the MEP elections with the most seats.

Is it any wonder?

One brewery tweeted that milkshakes are fine, but bricks are better.

And wouldn’t you know it — in fact, some leftist threw a brick at Tommy’s campaign vehicle’s TV screen and smashed it. Police arrested him, but the man he said he’d do it again.

Burger King UK tweeted out encouragement to any milkshake attackers out there, in a "funny" tweet.

This echoed the mainstream media's consensus:

Throwing milkshakes is not political violence! It's just harmless, hilarious "political theater." 

But of course it’s violence.

Throwing something at someone is assault.

The legal test is not if you hurt someone, it’s if you commit a crime, deliberately violating someone.

So according to the left, actual violence is not violence. But just saying or writing mean words — that, to the left, is violence. That's what they're teaching college kids today.

But back to Tommy. Because they start with him, and then move towards the centre, to see what they can get away with.

When Tommy Robinson was campaigning in Oldham, more than 100 Muslim men, many wearing masks, swarmed the town, and threw rocks, bricks and bottles at the men, women and children who were at a peaceful campaign event. And they were escorted, for more than a mile, by the police!

But look at how that was reported — police cars “were smashed”. “Violence erupted.” 

It just broke out — like a case of the measles.

That is why no-one trusts the media.

But it’s not just the media. It’s the police. It’s the prosecutors. It’s the politicians.

Hey — how long before political candidates in Canada are attacked by Antifa thugs — with police standing by passively, or even acting as guides and escorts to the thugs?

Five years, I’d say...

NEXT: Minister Catherine McKenna, a.k.a. "Climate Barbie," has become even more shrill about "global warming" lately. Does she really think this kind of scolding will win the Liberals more votes this fall? Columnist Lorne Gunter joins me to talk about it.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-05-22 12:48:49 -0400
PAUL MCCULLOUGH commented 20 mins ago
- How long before this leftist/Muslim violence comes to Canada?
When their numbers are high enough
commented 2019-05-22 12:28:00 -0400
- How long before this leftist/Muslim violence comes to Canada? It depends how we react when they go after their initial targets.

- The Liberals have nothing to run on. In 2015 it was all “Sunny Ways” & hope & change with no real substance behind it.
commented 2019-05-22 10:45:17 -0400
Good one Jan. I’ll have to remember that. You should get T shirts made up.
commented 2019-05-22 08:49:12 -0400
The lefties are shi^^ing their pants. Remember thousands read here for every one of us that comment. No amount of censor ship will help them now.
Trudeau,s recipe for disaster has started to rot in the mixing bowl.
Canada has been lucky so far thanks to the US security. Sooner or later our luck will run out and more innocents will die. It is my fear that the next time it will be large and undeniable for what it it is.
commented 2019-05-22 06:31:18 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 37,227 Attacks, 240,237 Killed, 319,712 Injured that we know of
commented 2019-05-22 02:50:39 -0400
“…and the press gallery who’s in love with Trudeau…now realize when they wake up he’s the gigolo whose going through your purse looking for cash…” (30:10)
Good one Lorne!
commented 2019-05-22 01:31:21 -0400
Billy Howard 3 hrs ago,
But Trudeau has to crack down on the opposition and non-narrative media soon to give time for the mindless masses to forget about SNC, Norman, India, China, USMCA, Carbon scam, etc. and bring forth a new majority mandate for Dear Leader.
Billy’s correct, we can’t let the voters forget about Trudeau’s many screw-ups.
MSN unintentionally gave the Right a GIFT today by telling us how Trudeau’s Syrian Refugees are doing from 2015 to today.

(That is one of the worst records in the world.)
Only 24% working of the Church and privately sponsored refugees.
The Refugees say they are happy in Canada. Of Course, no work, and free housing, lots of time for breeding, how can things be better. Guess who they will vote for?

MSN is left, so they try to downplay the results, but I havn’t seen the rest of the MSM print the results.
commented 2019-05-22 00:39:25 -0400
all points well taken…
my brother once told me (relating to my actual area of expertise) …. "the problem is… you’re requiring people to make 3 cause-and effect connections (connect the dots) when today people don’t have the capacity of critical thinking to even make one…
Obvious example of this simple-mindedness .. guns kill people, ban all guns, people won’t kill people. This simple-minded stupidity has actually garnered mainstream belief .. a symbol of why blue-haired body-pierced & mutilated radical stupid people are gaining power. … and one wonders how Hitler ever arose?!?!
commented 2019-05-22 00:36:28 -0400
I agree with others about Maxime Bernier.
Subscribe to his youtube channel to show your support.
I’m afraid Andrew Scheer is just not experienced enough nor strong enough to stand up and say ‘no’. Michelle Rempel and the girls will have way too much say in what is to be done and how it is to be done.
commented 2019-05-21 23:40:45 -0400
It seem a number of Rebel Contributors – Kurt Schlichter, Jack Buckby, Martina Markota, Ben Davies, Victor Laszlo, Janice Atkinson – have NOT contributed a video since April. What does that mean for The Rebel? Have they moved on?
commented 2019-05-21 23:36:13 -0400
LANCE HODGE commented 2 hours ago.
In reply to Hyacinth……………

Lance, unless you are a professional assassin you are wasting your breath.
commented 2019-05-21 23:20:22 -0400
UK might as well skip the part where it calls itself a liberal democracy. It’s obvious one side holds all power and is drunk on it! This is the dawn of a new era.
commented 2019-05-21 22:55:42 -0400
HAROLD HOFF commented 8 mins ago.
how long before someone figures out you can add acid……………

Harold, you are talking about our friends the Globalists or New World Order. These people are orchestrating the plan that they have in mind for us. One world, One Leader and No Borders for ordinary people like ourselves. The rich elite will have their own laws and their pick of cheap labour. Making the rich richer is their goal. Jousting their favorite sport.
commented 2019-05-21 22:38:30 -0400
I made my comment below 5 minutes in … So I had the same thought before you said it :-(
commented 2019-05-21 22:33:10 -0400
Liza, you’re so right! There is way too much pandering to special interest groups going on.
commented 2019-05-21 22:27:55 -0400
and how long before someone figures out you can add acid or some other toxic substance to the milkshake? What I’m really appalled by is the UK is embracing a form of fascism, which I see as “Progressive-Fascism” and they readily accept the exact thing they fought and dies for just 80 years earlier. No, they’re not dragging people out of their beds to shoot them in the head in the middle of the street – yet – that usually comes at the end. so my checklist:
Right to bear arms? denied
Right to self defense? denied
Right to have protection by police? denied
Right to speak out (free speech)? denied
Right for equal treatment under “the law”? denied
…all the same precepts, now just for the manifestation of it this time around… It’s really serious, and as it was 80 years ago – NO one is paying attention. Makes me think – Freedom is never given, it is only fought for.
commented 2019-05-21 22:16:06 -0400
LIZA is right, Max Bernier is the only one who is offering a real solution to Canada’s woes. It would be nice if Ezra would give him a little more coverage, like showing every video he has ever made. I guess Ezra is worried about creating a split vote situation. Not that it would make any difference, the A-rabs are going to buy Trudeau’s next Term for him..$$$$
commented 2019-05-21 22:01:56 -0400
Liza: I have a feeling Max will be treated the same as Faith Goldy was treated when she ran against that slime ball Tory with respect to debates. I hope it’s not that way,I’m voting Max hands down.
commented 2019-05-21 21:59:35 -0400
Lance Hodge,

I agree with Betty Power, we are not living in a vacuum but rather a global community thanks to modern technology.

If one does not learn from history (and/or relatively current events) one is doomed to repeat it. If one ignores what is going on globally then you ignore at your own peril the Leftists’ tactics. Ignoring the tactics used in other countries gives them the upper hand in this country as it would come as a shock to most not following current events – forewarned is forearmed as the old saying goes. By learning from the mistakes done by other governments/countries perhaps a sound solution can be formulated before this country becomes as bad as the UK for example, but by ignoring other countries’ plights one lives in a vacuum of sorts where those that don’t ignore will always gain the upper hand.
commented 2019-05-21 21:58:38 -0400
Judith Curry ‘Climate Heritic’ | Marijn Poels Online
The climate models are not reliable. Its a fixed game.
This is a must watch for Old Yeller aka Climate Barbie.
commented 2019-05-21 21:52:12 -0400
I suspect that Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party will clean up in the EU elections but Tommy still has a good chance.
When Theresa May steps down, in the very near future, possibly even tomorrow, the Conservatives will appoint a new PM whom will not last long. In fact the whole Conservative Party will not last for long. The people will demand a new Election. When that happens the Brexit Party will clean up and the UK will leave the EU instantly.
commented 2019-05-21 21:47:07 -0400
“Canada isn’t in a vacuum on planet earth.”

More now than ever Betty. Global problems are now our problems thanks to globalist puppet politicians. Just look at our cities and if the likes of Scheer and Kenney have their way our rural areas soon as well.
I am glad Kenney won, I will be glad when Justin is not PM, but I wish the CPC didn’t feel like liberal light and I wish Scheer had a strong stance on the things that are really important to Canadians. There is altogether too much pandering going on and only to special interest groups, and clearly for votes, with little regard to whats best for the country. I wish Max Bernier and the PPC could get some press. It is outrageous to me how he is shunned and even blocked from CPC mp’s twitter feeds. It is disgraceful. Bernier has to be allowed to the debates.
commented 2019-05-21 21:37:18 -0400
Climate Barbie has probably done more for Global Warming than all the Liberals put together, with all the hot air that comes out of her loud mouth.
commented 2019-05-21 21:34:37 -0400
I agree with Lorne, as the left moves further left and ‘old yellar’ persists with her screeching, it will only serve to turn more Canadians off.
I always turn off the sound when she speaks or more accurately, hollers at the opposition and at Canadians. She is insufferable.
commented 2019-05-21 21:33:17 -0400
Lance, I like Ezra reporting on what’s happening in various other parts of the world because it gives us an idea of where we stand in the grand scheme of this globalist onslaught. Canada isn’t in a vacuum on planet earth.
commented 2019-05-21 21:31:17 -0400
Climate fear-mongering hasn’t worked: see Australia
Open borders hasn’t worked: see the rise of pro-border govts in Europe
“Diversity is our strength” isn’t working: see the rise of cultural populism in Europe
But Trudeau sees what does work: censorship and restrictions on freedoms: see Russia, Turkey, etc.
Justin is so desperate he has no choice but to censor and force the deplatforming of the Rebel and other conservative sites and media, perhaps even going as far as arresting journalists that deny his narratives.
But he has to crack down on the opposition and non-narrative media soon to give time for the mindless masses to forget about SNC, Norman, India, China, USMCA, Carbon scam, etc. and bring forth a new majority mandate for Dear Leader.
The only thing that can stop Trudeau is if Scheer can channel the strengths and fearlessness of Guiado, Robinson, Bolsinaro, Salvini, and Trump.
commented 2019-05-21 21:30:53 -0400
Hyacinth….. my heads been out of the sand for over a decade thank you very much. I also realize the world has went full retard and not much we can do about them but hold the corrupt accountable as the law won’t I’m sure you’re fully aware. We can however do something about it here, so how about we focus on here before it becomes there huh? Sounds like a better plan to me.