February 26, 2019

UK: New political party seeks to give veterans a long overdue voice

Rebel Staff

It's no secret that electoral politics in the United Kingdom is fractured. 

The Brexit divide has brought this division front and center. Just this month, a group of dissident MPs defected from the Labour Party to form what they're calling the Independent Group.

On the other hand, the birth of a brand new party a year ago received far less attention. I'm talking about the Democrats and Veterans Party.

As its name suggests, this party aims to get military veterans (but not just vets) engaged in politics, and harness and address their distinctive experiences

Recently, I sat down with the chairman of the Democrats and Veterans Party, Gavin Felton. He explained that the formation his party was unusual, in that it took its inspiration from the highly organized and professional "machine" that is America's Republican Party. 

Felton explained why he felt that an increase in the number of military veterans serving as members of Parliament would bring a valuable perspective to the nation's political and social landscape — and not just in the realm of veterans' affairs.

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commented 2019-02-26 19:31:21 -0500
71 Veterans took their own lives, so far this year. Memory can be a bastard for some.