January 25, 2019

UK: The DUP might have just saved Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) might just save Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement on Tuesday, according to The Sun. The DUP is reported to have indicated they are willing to help the Prime Minister as long as the deal will provide a “short time limit” to the Irish border provisions/backstop.

While winning over the DUP’s 10 votes in Parliament isn’t all the significant in itself, the knock-on effect it could have could completely turn around the fortunes of the Prime Minister’s deal. If May can get the DUP on board, then she can likely get a large amount of her own party on board. While her deal was shot down in Parliament by 230 votes, she only needs to win over a further 118 MPs to get the deal passed through Parliament.

If the DUP can get on board with her deal – assuming that May is able to provide some kind of assurance that there will be a time limit to the backstop – then May could potentially win over those 118 MPs and hit the 320 mark that will give her a majority in Parliament. I think that’s something Jacob Rees-Mogg would go for, given the looming threat of Parliament taking over negotiations and potentially delaying Brexit. Rees-Mogg and other Brexiteers are very aware of this threat, which is why he recently suggested the Queen should shut down parliament if a No Deal Brexit is ruled out.

The Sun claims that private negotiations and deliberations are now taking place between the DUP and the Prime Minister. A senior DUP source told The Sun:

“If she fails on Tuesday, Parliament will take over and we lose any semblance of a decent Brexit. We have to help her now, so we’ll vote with the Government if they agree the right amendment. That’s looking like a short time to the backstop at the moment.”

And while Northern Ireland is sitting down and working with the Prime Minister to make a success of Brexit – or at least, try and deliver some semblance of Brexit – Leo Varadkar in the south is throwing a hissy fit. The Republic of Ireland leader is now threatening to put Irish troops and police officers back on the border in the event of a No Deal Brexit…despite saying just three days ago that there would be no need for a hard border. In fact, many times over the last few months, Varadkar has said there would be no need for a hard border. I wonder what changed his mind?

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commented 2019-01-26 21:40:25 -0500
If May’s deal with the Backstop is passed, then the UK will be controlled by the EU forever.
British armed Forces will become part of the EU and Britain will become part of the Islamic
Empire. Time to think of last wills and testaments UK.
commented 2019-01-26 11:49:07 -0500
The British public need to take note of all MP’s who support the Remainer view, remaining in the EU is a cross party sickness and the public need to eliminate them from politics, regardless of their political stripe. They believe in the NWO and it’s elimination of the white race. Cheap labor is their battle cry….Gold is their goal.
commented 2019-01-25 23:19:48 -0500
Two days ago, one of the MSM was interviewing an Ontario University Professor who practically insisted that the UK must remain.

He loudly said how can the UK realistically expect to handle their Financial Affairs when the EU has been doing it for years? I was hoping the interviewer would have said that they handled them for over a 1000 years, what’s the problem?

I would bet that my 70’s high school education plus an extra year is better than these professor’s qualifications. Half their qualifications are about the Climate Change Hoax.
commented 2019-01-25 18:59:15 -0500
Just get it done and leave the EU to fester in their own mess. More countries will surely follow the UK’s lead as Brussels has become way to powerful while unaccountable. I grew up in NI and do not remember the border being a problem. Life will go on after Brexit and EU countries will still deal with UK firms, but, as seems to be the norm these days, there is no shortage of misinformation spewing forth from the losing side.
commented 2019-01-25 16:02:36 -0500
Should the Conservative Party Remainers give in to May, then they also will be traitors and not worth a vote at the next election.