May 11, 2018

UK: Aaron Banks exposes the Electoral Commission

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Aaron Banks, head of the Leave.EU campaign and major funder for UKIP, is in trouble for alleged overspending during the referendum campaign. It's said that his organisation spent more than was allowed, but he's rejecting the claims and may well be taking the issue to court.

Most interestingly though, is his takedown of the Electoral Commission. I've dealt with the EC before and know first hand the bias they so often show. So it's good to see Banks on television talking honestly about this "unbiased" organisation.


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commented 2018-05-12 02:17:04 -0400
Keith and Helen Harvey right on the money , the people need to rise up and put the government in its place.
commented 2018-05-12 00:31:43 -0400
You are so being conned, they are stalling you out over the Brexit Referendum results. Many of those that voted to leave the EU will die off by the time this is supposed to come around. And by then they will have imported many, many more savages that will vote to remain in the EU. That is what they will tell you, that it will have to be voted on again. They have no intention of allowing Britain to leave the EU, you need to start raising the roof on this because the longer they get to stall on this, the less chance Brexit will ever have of happening. And Brexit is but one small issue as they are controlling you Brits in every other way, they are impacting your lives to the point that you don’t have a life. Just surviving, doing what you’re told, being forced into silence, having your freedoms removed and living in fear is NOT LIVING. You’re EXISTING for the purpose of financing the invasion of The United Kingdom. Once they reach a point where they are the majority, you will be being slaughtered in the streets. That should come as no surprise when you see what is happening all over with the violence that currently exists. I hope you do something to stop this soon, your window of being able to reclaim your nation is closing.
commented 2018-05-11 14:18:23 -0400
Electoral Commission is being paid, under the table, by the EU, who also pay their Remain’er puppets in the same way.