June 20, 2018

UK: BBC Three propaganda attacks the English flag

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor


I'm no fan of BBC Three. I did once do a documentary with them, and of course it was an attempted hit piece. They lured me in with promise of discussion about culture, and swiftly turned the debate round to race. That's what they do.

To them, it's not news and it's not about discussion — the aim is to create quality propaganda.

Today I watched a video from BBC Three that featured a man who claimed our English flag was a symbol of racism, etc. He suggested we should just choose a new flag and move on.

No, thanks.

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commented 2018-06-21 19:34:25 -0400
People who live under that flag do so because of the multitudes that died for it. That flag also allows them freedom – which is being taken away.If that person was under the Saudi flag he would be placed in prison (at best) for his comments.
commented 2018-06-21 11:02:28 -0400
Izzlam and Democracy cannot co-exist for long . . . . it is extremely likely that this loon may get his wish in his lifetime. I see no upside for Britain . . . or many other Euro countries for that matter.
Too few Viktor Orbans who understand the 100 year invasion and takeover !
commented 2018-06-21 01:52:00 -0400
What will idiots like those who run the BBC do when they get their wish and then find out they are not needed anymore?
commented 2018-06-20 23:34:14 -0400
If this Black Muslim Racist thinks that the Brits enslaved his ancestors, why is he even in Britain, you would think he wouldn’t go near the place? They are so racist in Britain but this POS has the right to come and complain and tell lies about the history of the flag and the Crusades. But that’s what Muslims do isn’t it, LIE. Doesn’t want that flag flown but I’ll bet he has no problem with the flag of ISIS being flown or the terrorist flag from Palestine. He connects the Southern American Flag with a much older Brit Flag, what a moron. He’s just a racist, terrorist, anti white, anti Brit, anti Christian, Muslim Savage. He’s the type of people that you need to send back to some, any, Muslim hellhole.
commented 2018-06-20 22:34:53 -0400
I think that most English people would fight to preserve their flag. If I was English you would I would only let this occur over my dead body. Away with you leftist destroyers!
commented 2018-06-20 19:07:17 -0400
As Islam slithers across this world on it’s slimy trail of blood, all we do is sit back and hope that our leaders will stand up and do something, alas, this is not going to happen for our leaders are in bed with Islam. If we do not look after ourselves we are going to die. Think about it.
commented 2018-06-20 18:54:41 -0400
The lunatics are trying to run the asylum!
commented 2018-06-20 17:42:38 -0400
No thanks, indeed!