July 06, 2018

UK: Brexit’s future decided in Chequers

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

As I film this episode of The Buck, the future of Brexit (and the country) is being decided in Chequers.

The Prime Minister and her cabinet are meeting at the Prime Minister’s country estate in Buckinghamshire, and there’s talk that if May goes down a route of a soft Brexit, there could even be a government collapse.

Brexiteers like David Davis might just walk away from the Prime Minister’s talks, which would be a disaster for May — and potentially even cause another General Election. Who knows?

All we know for sure is that a LOT is depending on today’s talks.

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commented 2018-07-08 22:19:32 -0400
Keith Barnes…….17 million Brits voted to leave the EU, not 1.4 million as you stated. Your number is probably only the City of London.
commented 2018-07-07 05:27:14 -0400

Mrs. May is selling Brexiteers down the river.

According to Leave UK, her policies mean that the UK will become a vassal state with all the existing rules but no voting rights.

She is showing her true Remoaner colours. And as for the Brexiteers in the cabinet, they should hang their heads in shame, the hypocrites.
commented 2018-07-06 23:30:42 -0400
Something that is so easy to do and inexpensive as well and these elitist, traitors can’t handle it. They got the results of the Brexit vote and all they needed to do was say,“adios” and walk away free. They are stupid, incompetent and pathetic, that’s politicians for you, lying POS that otherwise would never be able to find a job.
commented 2018-07-06 16:17:21 -0400
When the Brexit referendum was voted on, 1.4m people voted to leave the the EU. They were told that their vote would be final and that Leave meant Leave, no turning back from a complete break from the EU.
Should May not honor the words of her predecessor, then there will be riots in the streets. According to the latest polls, the number of those who want to get out of the EU has now increased to 1.7m. That is one hell of a lot of people to try and control as they come marching down the High St, especially when the Death Cult starts to try and take them out with acid and gasoline bombs.

All May needed to do was to stand up in the EU Parliament and say ‘We are out’ and that would have been it, no paying the EU 140b, whish she has already agreed to. Just a complete and sudden break.

The UK will leave the EU in name only, the EU will still control their Laws and their Money and their Trade Deals.

Every thing depends on the meeting the PCs are having today, 6th June 2018 that finishes at 6pm tonight, Canadian eastern time. At this time we shall see weather the Leave MPs have the tenacity to stand up to May or adopt the position that their jobs come first.