May 16, 2018

UK: Corbyn tried to block Israel’s fat-pride, feminist Eurovision entry

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Last night I saw an article that said "Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tried to get Eurovision winner Israel banned from contest," and I didn’t believe it. I checked the website, made sure it was really The Sun. I looked for the word "parody." Nope. It was real.

This is the news these days! This is something The Daily Mash would make up, but it’s real life.

This is Jeremy Corbyn and the modern Labour Party.

First off, I just want to let you know that I don’t watch Eurovision. I have been to an ironic Eurovision party once. I know that’s technically watching, but I don’t remember much of it. In fact, I was dressed as a French man. (It was a themed party). I wore a fake moustache, round glasses, a black turtle neck, and a bag of onions hung round my neck with thick dental floss. Yes, I was last minute about my costume.

I didn’t see any of Eurovision this year, but I did hear that Israel was participating. I don’t really care that Israel and Australia are involved. I know they’re not technically Europe, but this isn’t some political entity. This is a daft TV competition watched all over the world. The more the merrier.

But Corbyn doesn’t seem to think in the same way. I know Corbyn has a problem with Israel, but imagine being so boring and vindictive that you’d want the country banned from Eurovision. That’s literally what he tried to do.

As a backbench MP, Corbyn joined forces with other Israel critics, including Lib Dem MP Bob Russell. The MPs sponsored a motion in the Commons to ban the Jewish state of Israel from every sporting and cultural event in Europe. Which includes Eurovision.

It’s pretty funny really. Obviously it shows Corbyn’s true hatred for Israel, but it’s also an example of how the left is so confused that it has begun eating itself: 

The winning entry for Israel was a song that praised the #MeToo movement. It’s fundamentally left wing, and feminist, and fat-positive, and all that crap. But Corbyn would never have allowed the entry in the first place.

This is becoming more and more common now, and I’m enjoying sitting back and laughing. The left know they’re in a death spiral, and they’re splintering off in ten different directions. Black identity fanatics, gay identity fanatics, "race isn’t real" fanatics, communism fanatics, LGBT fanatics, and God knows what else.

All these things are incompatible, and so in their attempt at re-grouping and defeating the rising tide of populism, they’re simply eating their own and guaranteeing a win for sanity.

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commented 2018-05-17 01:41:28 -0400
Marxists are so full of dishonest hate.
commented 2018-05-16 21:39:10 -0400
Corbyn dose not hate Israel, he hates Jews. Marxist that he is. He dose not realize that if he were to cozy up to Jewish people, they would vote for him. Most of them vote to the Left and always have done.