April 23, 2018

UK: Count Dankula learns that freedom of speech has a price — 800 quid

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Mark Meechan, known on the Internet as Count Dankula, was sentenced today for his wicked crime of cracking a joke with his pet pug. 

You’ll know the Dankula story by now – he’s the YouTuber who became famous after he decided to make his pug do the ugliest thing possible:

He made the pug "Sieg Heil" and watch Hitler speeches, in order to upset his girlfriend, who loved the pug unconditionally.

Dankula said this morning on Twitter that journalists asked him outside court: “Why is it funny to gas the Jews?”.

I wonder if they are purposely misunderstanding the joke, or if they’re genuinely stupid.

I’m a staunch supporter of the Jewish people. I always have been. I acknowledge how ugly Nazism was and is, and the fact that a pug could be made to represent something so wicked in order to wind up a girl is comical. It’s not exactly clever comedy – it’s by no means a joke that will write Meechan into history for his scintillating wit – but it’s childish, basic, and certainly not worth being arrested for.

For more than a year, Meechan has been waiting for sentencing. He’s gone through numerous court appearances, each time not knowing if the case is about to end or be dragged on for another few months. He’s lost work, faced the possibility of being locked up, and no doubt been burdened with extreme mental pressure. What has been done to him – not just by the prosecutors but also by the media and the left with their faux outrage – is truly wicked.

But Meechan got through it. He didn’t just show up to the court cases and put on a brave face, he kept on battling. In fact, he doubled down, and produced more videos that showed his pug in an unflattering light. He stuck his fingers up to his critics and carried on. Hats off to him.

And today, it all came to an end. Thankfully, he wasn’t sentenced to prison, but he was slapped with a fine. We found out today that there really is a price to freedom of speech; it’s loss of income, extreme mental pressure, attacks by the national press, and 800 quid .

A fine of £800 might seem like a great result for our side, but it’s not. As Meechan said to the BBC, his sentence sets a really dangerous precedent. What’s going to happen the next time a comedian cracks a Nazi joke?

British comedians have a long history of making jokes about the Nazis, and the foundation of all these quips is a consensus that the Nazis were wicked and murderous. That’s why John Cleese Nazi marched comically through Fawlty Towers with his finger above his lip.

That’s why Mitchell and Webb ask “Are we the bad guys?” when they noticed the skull and crossbones on their helmet.

While so-called moderates and liberals gasp in horror at a joke that’s been told a million times before, real anti-Semitism is being shrugged off by mainstream party politicians. The anti-Semitism of the Labour Party has been normalised for many years now, and I explained the situation in a recent video for The Rebel.

Worse anti-Jewish sentiment is up to four times higher among the Muslim community than the general population .

Can we talk about real threats to the Jewish people – who are leaving Europe in droves because of it – instead of pretending to be offended by a sh*tposter from Scotland?

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commented 2018-04-26 22:29:24 -0400
Nazism is just Socialism with a Hard on.
commented 2018-04-24 11:18:51 -0400
“The anti-Semitism of the Labour Party has been normalised for many years now…”

Right. So anti-Semitic that Lord Cashpoint, Lord Child Abuser, and others were given their peerages by a philo-Semite Tony Blair whose cabinet had Jack Straw, Ed Milliband.

In case you missed it, Palestinians are Semites too.
commented 2018-04-23 20:25:58 -0400
How long before the rebel is banned from the UK?
commented 2018-04-23 14:25:40 -0400
Thanks for the update Jack.
Going after a Count Dankula is much easier for the establishment, addressing real anti-Semitism is low on the priority list… it would mean an honest look at who is behind it, and, addressing some inconvenient truths.
commented 2018-04-23 13:41:15 -0400
Great post Jack. You are becoming on of my favorite Rebels.
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