May 06, 2016

UK Feminist party admits they have no position on Sharia law

StaffRebel Columnist

It seems like feminists take an issue with everything from a mystical pay gap to the way men sit on subways, but never protest against Sharia law or radical Islamism.

Now, the UK's Women’s Equality Party admits it has no stance on Sharia courts.

PEGIDA UK campaigner, Anne Marie Waters contacted the feminist party an email after receiving a promotional email from them.

The Women's Equality Party sent Waters the following email back, “The Women’s Equality Party is a non-partisan political party and the issue of Sharia councils is a partisan one so we do not have a party line. That said, we are proposing specialist support services for those who have been forced into marriage or suffered FGM or honour-based violence.”

Waters told the feminism-based party's logic was absurd.

“This is a matter of fundamental importance for women’s basic rights, much less equality. Its admirable that you want to support people forced in to marriage etc, but wouldn’t prevention be better? That involves some serious courage,” Waters replied according to her website.

“It is clear to me that you will focus on uncontroversial matters while ignoring unimaginable cruelty to women right under your nose. Such a shame. Feminism has really become a joke,” she added.

Well, there you have it.

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commented 2016-05-08 06:43:01 -0400
@ George Dyer commented 1 day ago
Recently reported by Reuters:
Pakistani police on Thursday arrested 15 members of a tribal council accused of ordering the burning alive of a young girl for helping a couple to elope in a so-called “honour killing”, police said………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
Hey George,

A common happening – seldom reported by the media.

I am willing to be that this happens more than once a day – every day – throughout the evil islamic world.

I am always surprised when people express shock and horror at these happenings.

It is all part of the islamic way of life.

You should research this and put up every one that you find – perhaps some day some snowflake will stumble across it and be “scared straight”

commented 2016-05-07 01:07:10 -0400
You’re Country is done DANNIELLE TAAFE, a Niqab is in your future. I’m Canadian, I will not put up with Muslims, or it’s Sharia Law, get grip.

This shouldn’t have played out this far. What happened to the Holy Christ that protected England.
commented 2016-05-06 18:17:43 -0400
Actually, The Women’s Equality Party does have a position on Sharia:

“We are waiting for the outcome of the Home Secretary’s inquiry to Sharia councils, which will give further evidence on the operation of them in the UK.

“We know that organisations working for and with Muslim women will be submitting to that inquiry – and we will work with them to analyse the results and make suggestions on how to move forward.

“All women should enjoy access to justice and no community legal system can compromise the rights women enjoy under British law.

“We recognise that women may want to seek support and help from community systems. However we firmly believe that those systems need to be fair and equal for women and men and they can never be in place of British law.”—-and-brand/
commented 2016-05-06 15:06:28 -0400
JOHN LANDRY, The biggest threat to Women and Men is the UN and Justin Trudeau and his Gang. it is they who will enforce Sharia Law upon us all.
commented 2016-05-06 12:29:22 -0400
Recently reported by Reuters:
Pakistani police on Thursday arrested 15 members of a tribal council accused of ordering the burning alive of a young girl for helping a couple to elope in a so-called “honour killing”, police said.
The 16-year-old girl was set on fire last week in the town of Donga Gali, about 50 km (30 miles) northeast of the capital, Islamabad, on the orders of the council, said district police chief Saeed Wazir.
Police said the honour killing was ordered as punishment for what the council deemed irreparable damage to the village’s reputation. The couple appeared to have escaped.
The girl’s mother and brother were also arrested, Wazir said, as they were present during the meeting and allegedly agreed to the sentence.
Jirgas, or tribal councils, are often called in Pakistan’s northwestern regions as a means of local conflict resolution, but their edicts have no legal standing under Pakistani law.
The girl’s mother told police her daughter had helped a couple from the nearby village of Makol elope, in defiance of cultural norms. “The jirga then took her to an abandoned place outside the village and made her unconscious by injecting her with some drugs,” said Wazir.
“Then they seated the girl in a van in which the couple had escaped. They tied her hands to the seats and then poured petrol on her and the vehicle.”
The vehicle was set ablaze.
“I hadn’t seen such a barbaric attack in my whole life,” he said.
More than 500 men and women were killed in honour killings in Pakistan last year, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Many of those crimes are carried out by relatives who say the victims have brought shame on the family.
Few cases go to court, but among those that do, attackers are often forgiven under a clause of law rooted in Islamic law. Legislation is currently pending at Pakistan’s parliament to close the loophole, which many say encourages such attacks.
commented 2016-05-06 12:00:29 -0400
Feministas are just part of the marxist agenda to create hatred toward free speech and freedom.

Feminists could care less about women who are raped.

If you see a feminist, ask her about sharia – if she is indifferent, punch her in the face and spit on her. Then tell her that this is a taste of sharia.
commented 2016-05-06 11:14:19 -0400
The biggest threat to women is Sharia. It will send them back a thousand years and they just ignore the problem. Perhaps they really don’t deserve equality if they are so self destructive?