July 19, 2016

UK: Hijab-wearing newscaster on state-owned TV calls Nice attack a “tragedy”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On a government-owned TV station in the UK called Channel 4, they actually called the Islamic terror attack in Nice, France a “tragedy.” Like an accident, or getting cancer.

But there's something else:

In Great Britain, the state broadcaster has put a woman on TV as a news presenter — to downplay Muslim terrorism no less — while wearing a hijab.

You know, during the Second World War, the Japanese government had a Japanese-American woman do radio broadcasts, in English, to undermine morale of U.S. troops. To say their attacks weren’t working; to tell them their wives back home were cheating on them. She was nicknamed Tokyo Rose. After the war, she served 20 years in jail for treason. The Germans had the same thing, nicknamed Axis Sally.

No need for an Islamic State propaganda network to undermine western morale. Channel Four has that covered and British taxpayers are picking up the tab.

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commented 2016-07-20 11:17:51 -0400
My mistake: I was thinking Niqab or Bhurka.
commented 2016-07-20 11:14:37 -0400
Jay Kelly: You are entirely missing the point. Television is a visually based medium. If you are going to hide your face why not just have a black screen or partition and play a voice or have Darth Vader read the news.
commented 2016-07-20 04:43:30 -0400
At least its not a full- on bee suit. But that will be next. “Treason” Ezra? I don’t think there is such a thing anymore. The president of the United States and his once Secretary of State have committed treason multiple times but I don’t see them swinging from a lamp post. Worried about a hijab- adorned Muslim reporter ? What about the Muslim Islamic extremist sympathizer who occupies the White house ,who prays to Allah 5 times a day ??
commented 2016-07-20 03:02:50 -0400
I love how Ezra gives these history lessons in his videos. I had never heard of Tokyo Rose or Axis Sally before this video. Maybe Professor Robson can elaborate on these two in his vids.
commented 2016-07-20 02:43:17 -0400
it’s called equal opportunity where rather then competing on ability you need to meet a particular cultural or ethnic or racial back ground so they have a multicultural blend of employees… probably the most demotivating thing for white youths in Canada who may wish to get a well paying, govt job with a pension that’s not a teacher. If you are white, born here, and qualified to do the job you’re competing for something that statistically you’re better off buying 649 lottery tickets… it’s the end game of political correctness… reverse discrimination is what happens when companies and govt don’t hire based on talent but look at “profiling” or arch types…

LOL…aint it funny how the police aren’t allowed to use profiling but govt hiring practices do???

Went through this in Ottawa with reverse language discrimination… I couldn’t speak fluent french and was passed over for promotions… I left after 6 months of having to train someone how to do there job and watch them be promoted beyond my level … I was a team player, worked hard, ambitious, just not french… it was explained after it was because I couldn’t speak french… in a tech sector job where English remains the prominent language to this day… I walked off the job and moved to Toronto and later the West Coast when I got a call from a former trainee who was now working above me because he couldn’t remember how to do his job…

Life’s funny sometimes…
commented 2016-07-20 01:07:31 -0400
I remember coming back to YVR and being grilled by an offshore customs person who obviously wasn’t even born in this country. I saw a bunch of them working the booths. It really ticked me off. Same thing coming back across the Peace Arch border. No grilling but it still ticked me off. Every now and then they catch one of these offshore Canada customs people doing the let their frineds bring in dope routine. People born in this country should be working as customs officers. When will we ever learn?
commented 2016-07-20 00:11:28 -0400
Imagine the lady at the airport security is wearing a head-scarf! Would I rather she was wearing a helmet, or better yet that only men were present?

At some point we should grow up and recognize who our working citizens are.

It is not because they are women, or because they are Muslim. We need good security officers at our airport check-in.
commented 2016-07-19 23:50:28 -0400
Derek Williams commented 6 hours ago: ’If you think a hijab wearing TV announcer is bad how’s about at Heathrow airport a hijab attired women screening you through airport security."

You don’t need to go to Heathrow, London to experience that. Right here at YVR, YYZ & YYC most of the security personnel are mohammedans & some do wear hizab. The security of our airports have been outsourced to private companies, they hire the cheapest employee available, majority of whom are new arrivals to Canada with little command of English.
At Vancouver airport I’ve seen some hijabed immigration officers too.
commented 2016-07-19 20:55:58 -0400
OMG. I was thinking about Tokyo Rose today, how it seems like our media is imitating her propaganda after I heard the rebuttals from the RNC. I must be psychic. I know I’m getting psychotic with this government tax on everything and lessening the ability to produce income to tax
commented 2016-07-19 20:06:16 -0400
Brits have gone crazy, a Hijab at an airport. They all need a Hijab up their arse. Don’t be offended you Limey’s, I too was a Limey until I had the good fortune to come to Canada.

I am worried now, I think Canada is about to become Canadistan.
commented 2016-07-19 19:47:32 -0400
Honestly. Is Ezra saying that a woman reporter who normally wears a headscarf should not wear it while working?

Do you tell your doctor or nurse to take off their headscarf while they are treating you?

I remember when CBC had a policy of forbidding reporters from wearing any fur coats or collars while reporting.
commented 2016-07-19 18:51:53 -0400
Can hardly wait until Donald Trump becomes President of the United States. All of this balderdash will end immediately in that country and all of the pussified leaders of other Western countries will follow suit, simply because that is all they ever do. Never lead…just follow suit.
commented 2016-07-19 17:58:40 -0400
If you think a hijab wearing TV announcer is bad how’s about at Heathrow airport a hijab attired women screening you through airport security. Question is “who might she let through on purpose”. This was last summer as we were passing through Heathrow on the way home to Canada and we were just in Nice.
commented 2016-07-19 17:56:38 -0400
Barb Hopkins – we aren’t giving up our freedoms, our government is taking them away. Their actions make it obvious to those of us paying attention. If the MSM wasn’t bought and paid for, the public would be aware of this.
commented 2016-07-19 17:51:00 -0400
Imagine if we had REAL leaders who took action like they did in WW II. Now the world is full of chicken shit CUCK leaders like Trudeau who refuse to even identify the issue and call it for what it is… ISLAMIC TERRORISM!!
commented 2016-07-19 17:37:31 -0400
WTF is wrong with society?? We are merrily allowing the muslim scum to invade and take over every friggin country!?!?! These sonsabitches make Hitler look like a walk in the park!!! Our veterans would be rolling over in their graves!! We are giving up the freedoms they fought and died for!!! It’s bloody time we grab a set of balls and fight for OUR country!!!
commented 2016-07-19 17:34:46 -0400
I saw this on cbc also. They had muslim reporters, including muslim women, speaking about the Nice attack. One of them had the nerve to say that there needs to be closer surveillance in all areas like security cameras. That’s really going to be effective when all these attackers end up dead anyway. What about arresting and executing all who are involved with this immediately. That would just about eliminate 20 or 30% of the entire muslim population world wide.
commented 2016-07-19 17:33:52 -0400
It’s understandable that a hijab would be a trigger for those who have been victims of Islamic terror.
commented 2016-07-19 17:33:06 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,360 Attacks, 199,137 Killed, 279,583 Injured.
commented 2016-07-19 16:50:03 -0400
Yes it was a tragedy, all the time she was thinking “Why! Oh why, couldn’t there been more tragedies like this one”… Why! Oh why, couldn’t the truck and my fellow Muslim have done more damage to help our cause…
Why! Oh why, am I even up here talking about this so called travesty. I believe in what they did…

But the most troubling thought she was probably thinking about when doing the news was. Man, are westerns so fucking stupid! They are actually believing the shit I am telling them… Hahaha. Stupid westerns thanks for believing all the religion of peice bull shit, we have been feeding you.😈
commented 2016-07-19 16:36:54 -0400
Truck attacks are indeed tragic. Whatever can we do about this lamentable lorry tragedy.
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