July 12, 2018

UK: It’s DUP to the rescue – again

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

The Democratic Unionist Party have perhaps been a real blessing in disguise. When the Tories failed to secure a majority government in the 2017 General Election, I was concerned.

It’s not that I like the Tories – I don’t. But, I did believe they were the only party that at least gave us the POSSIBILITY of passing Brexit through the Commons.

But it turns out, the DUP have been holding Theresa’s feet to the flame. They’re the real conservatives from Northern Ireland who push back when the Tories start with their usual rubbish. Now, it looks like the DUP are once again stepping up to try and save Brexit.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that the DUP is joining Brexit Tories to threaten rebellion against Theresa May. The news comes after Brexiteers in the Tories gave Theresa May one week to drop the Chequers deal or face a vote of no confidence.

A rebellion threatened by the DUP could be enough to make May realise she simply doesn’t have the support she needs in the Commons to pass the implementation bill this Autumn. If David Lidington’s efforts to lobby Labour, SNP and Lib Dem MPs doesn’t work, then she’ll be faced with no choice than to either step down, or change her plan.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is one of the leading Brexiters paving the way for a change to the Chequers plan. He’s the head of the European Research Group, and he’s put down four amendments to the Customs Bill that MPs might be asked to vote on next week.

The support of the DUP is very welcome in this process, and could be the kick May needs to realise she must ask. At this point, she’s stuck squarely between Brexiteers who could pass legislation through Parliament with the help of the Tory Party generally, or anti-Brexit campaigners in Labour, SNP and Lib Dems who could help her pass a soft Brexit.

Pick one, Mrs May.


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commented 2018-07-15 16:45:49 -0400
politics is always crazy and unbelievable, but in britain takes both to an unbelievable and crazy way. america gets nothing done because of party politics and having an election every year but even they are not as bad as brtain. funny to watch though brits. assume not for you though!
commented 2018-07-14 12:52:47 -0400
TED TADRIGHT commented 1 day ago.
MR_GOSSAMER commented 1 day ago. There will be a No Confidence vote, come Mon or Tue.

The ‘Whore May’ is a false flag MP and a traitor to her Country.
Look for Boris Johnson or possibly Jacob Rees-Mogg. to take over.
commented 2018-07-13 14:17:25 -0400

Excellent analysis. One thing that is certain is that if May still had a majority in Parliament, there would now be no hope of a real Brexit. It is only because the DUP holds the balance of power that there may yet be a real Brexit. Pretty much all mainstream ‘conservative’ parties in the Western world today are now conservative in name only (CINO) and will not govern as real conservatives unless forced to do so by rump real conservative parties like the DUP in the UK or the CHP (Christian Heritage Party) in Canada. Conservatives in Canada must wake up to this reality and elect a small number of CHP MP’s or face perpetual shutout from power.
commented 2018-07-13 01:17:33 -0400
Get rid of the Traitor quickly. Even Trump threw her under the bus, even though she was already there from a few other people.
commented 2018-07-12 18:00:16 -0400
I hope the DUP has and does (in partnership with Brexiteer MPs) push May to do a u-turn away from the capitulation to the EU that the Chequer’s fait accompli offers.

This outcome would be a huge blow to May’s political capital and probably see her need to resign as PM. But not necessarily. If she is forced to back down for the sake of retaining Tory-DUP governance then she can be used by Brexiteers to lead. Not for much else but she can be the figurehead leader until Brexit actually happens.

It is unlikely that if May retains her office that she will be an effective leader. Rather, she will be a placeholder forced to do her enemy’s bidding (Brexiteers). This, I think, is not an outcome May can emotionally handle. She lacks the mental flexibility to serve as a pragmatic leader and could only contemplate such a role if she saw personal gain, of some sort.

Holding an electoral gun to her head may (a vey big ‘may’) work in ultimately ensuring Brexit, but it is hardly a nice thing to do. Without a careful deal with May it would backfire.

It is probable that rather than May surrendering to the DUP/Brexiteer coalition, she would want to declare yet another general election. She may not even compete for her Maidenhead constituency given the turmoil she is in.

Assuming May’s unwillingness to be PM in an actual real-life pro-Brexit government and assuming her desire to take-down the Conservative-DUP coalition if faced with the DUP-Brexiteer ultimatum (the May Nuclear Option), certain things will need to be offered to her to countenance her destructive tendencies.

A peerage, ambassadorship, security detail, residence, money – anything can be used to ensure she does not call another election. She needs to publicly back her successor, demand party unity, and leave the scene before she does more damage.

Likewise, Tory Remainers need to be held-in check with a combination of carrots and sticks – specifically offering cabinet roles/rewards for silence and withdrawing the whip for serious dissent, respectively.

The DUP can ensure a Brexit happens and that parliament suitably works to pass legislation and government manages departments in preparation.
commented 2018-07-12 17:23:21 -0400
To those who say that the UK Conservative government isn’t governing as a Blue Conservative government in a number of ways, I would say: Watch what is going to happen now that the DUP is asserting itself in the Conservative – DUP coalition. The DUP gave Theresa May the benefit of the doubt for some time because she agreed to enact Brexit, but now that she has essentially betrayed Brexit, watch the DUP move to force her back on track to a real Brexit, if she doesn’t want to lose power. DUP will not tolerate being betrayed by May on Brexit or other issues, when they see the power they have to make her govern as a real conservative.

Canada can have a real conservative government, but only if we elect ten or twenty CHP candidates. This next election, don’t waste your time working for or donating to the CPC if there is a CHP candidate running in your riding, and if that candidate has a reasonable chance of winning because there are a large number of Christians in your riding. Donate to and work for the CHP candidate and let’s get a real conservative government in Canada!
commented 2018-07-12 17:07:20 -0400
This is why we need the CHP (Christian Heritage Party) in Canada to win a few seats in heavily Christian ridings across Canada, i,e, to hold the balance of power in a minority Conservative government and force that government to toe the conservative line when in power. Until this is done, the Conservative Party of Canada will continue to betray us and act as Red Tories instead of as Blue Conservatives. My advice to the CHP is to run only a small number of candidates in the next federal election, and only in heavily Christian ridings. That will avoid splitting the conservative vote in most ridings, allowing the Conservative Party to win a minority, with CHP as the balance of power, forcing the Conservatives to govern Canada as Blue Conservatives, just as the DUP is doing now in the UK. Also running a small number of candidates in heavily Christian ridings only will allow the CHP to concentrate its resources on those ridings instead of spreading it out uselessly across a large number of ridings. We have the playbook being played out before us now in the UK. All we have to do is do the same thing the DUP did in the UK and we will have a real Conservative government in Canada.
commented 2018-07-12 15:13:44 -0400
This woman wears a coat of many colors. Who knows where she really stands? Her Brexit bill is nothing but BS, a ‘leave in name only’ piece of garbage. Dose she really think that people would not see through her grubby little scam, a devious attempt to fool the masses into giving their Country away to the French, German, and Belgian consortium.
commented 2018-07-12 14:49:06 -0400
“Pick one, Mrs May.”

Heh. I’d say she’s already done that.