August 28, 2018

UK: It’s time to ban Notting Hill Carnival

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

I don’t care if this makes me the bad guy (again). It has to be said:

Notting Hill Carnival is dangerous, it’s degenerate, it’s inappropriate, it’s saddening to see, it’s violent, it’s chaotic, it’s messy, and it needs to go.

This festival has been making locals’ lives miserable for decades, putting police officers at risk, and getting people hurt.

Like carnivals of the past that caused this much chaos, it needs to end.


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commented 2018-08-29 03:14:45 -0400
I lived in Nottinghill Gate back in the 60’s and when the ‘Carnival’ first started it was nice and laid back, no hassle with just a few guys getting together in the ‘Black & White’ cafe and sussing out where we could play some music in the street. We first got together one Bank Holiday weekend outside the cafe and went on to dance round a couple of streets and ended up playing music in Colville Square, and everyone had a good time and then went home.
Yes, some people toked some decent ganja and some people imbibed some liquid refreshment, this was the 60’s remember, however for its first few years ( 3 maybe) it was good vibes and so laid back that it almost fell over, and no one wanted to knife or shoot anyone because they were ‘dissed’ or any other sort of childish crap, we just had a good time.
Then many people saw it as the ‘Man’ keeping ‘the brothers’ down by having coppers on the street, so we got the Nottinghill riots, and now it’s moved on to what you see on the streets of the ‘Gate’ today, wars between those who want to control the streets and the drugs that can be sold on them and those who want to have only ‘their’ brothers on the streets controlling the streets and the drugs on them, otherwise known as ‘turf war’ and because some ‘child’ in their teens, 20’s, 30’s or 40’s thinks they’ve been ‘dissed’.
People have forgotten ‘why’ it first started and they don’t want to remember by asking ‘why’ of those who were first involved.
It was just for fun and to celebrate being ‘alive’ and a copy of the many places that had held ‘Carnivals’ over the years, such as the West Indies and South America, as we had nothing like it in the UK.
I’m now 72 and when the fun stops, you stop having fun and I stopped having fun.
So I left.
commented 2018-08-29 01:31:16 -0400
There is usually issues in Toronto with The Caribana Festival. There have been stabbings, crime and fights but it seems better behaved than at Notting Hill. But from the video footage it’s long past the point that it needs to be banned. When you do, just prepare for the violent riot.
commented 2018-08-28 21:52:42 -0400
Disarming law enforcement renders it ineffective. Police need to carry guns and not hesitate to use them when necessary.
commented 2018-08-28 21:35:27 -0400
Better still, ban Notting Hill.
commented 2018-08-28 21:31:10 -0400
Stupid people always ruin fun events. Don’t tell me humanity’s basically good. Idiots always have to attend fun events and do stupid things.