June 25, 2018

UK: It’s time to sack Anna Soubry

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

The Guido Fawkes website recently revealed that the chairman of Broxtowe Conservatives – the Conservative Association in Anna Soubry MP’s constituency – has been canvassing the opinion of local members. Soubry is one of the best-known rebels in the Conservative Party, consistently voting against Brexit and ignoring Theresa May’s "Brexit means Brexit" party line.

And it looks like Soubry’s shook up – because now she’s calling a crisis meeting in her local association, admitting that some members are ‘not happy’ with her. Guido Fawkes published the letter from Anna Soubry, which you can read here.

This is important because Soubry actually represents a Leave constituency, which voted 54.6% in favour of Brexit. For some reason, the Conservative Party chose her to be a candidate for the party in 2017, knowing full well that she was a Remainer and never intended on delivering the Brexit people voted for.

Soubry is a serial troublemaker. She’s been causing chaos in the Tory Party for years, even leaving the Tories in 1981 to join the Social Democratic Party.

And while she’s busy scrambling to try and remain the candidate for the Tories in Broxtowe for the next General Election, she’s no doubt thinking about the possibility of forming a new ‘moderate’ political party. In fact, she’s already spoken about that possibility in the past. Guido dug up two instances of her discussing a new party, writing in 2017:

“If [a new party] could somehow be the voice of a moderate, sensible, forward-thinking, visionary middle way, with open minds — actually things which I’ve believed in all my life — better get on with it.”

And in the Mail on Sunday last year:

“Could I ever see myself joining with like-minded people who want to save our country from such an appalling fate? And has that moment arrived yet? The answer to the first question is ‘it is not impossible’; the answer to the second is ‘no’.”

Anna Soubry represents the problem in politics. Her individual actions show the contempt that politicians hold for the views of the average voter, and the decision by the Conservative Party show their lack of commitment to delivering Brexit. If the Conservative Party was truly interested in passing Brexit legislation to fully withdraw from the European Union, then every single candidate in the 2017 election would have been a Brexiteer.

That would have almost certainly helped Theresa win the election, too.

So I’m glad to hear that her local Conservative Association is finally realising she’s a liability. I hope they decide to give her the boot in time for the next General Election, whether it’s a snap election in October, or the scheduled election in 2022 – supposedly after we’ve already delivered a successful Brexit.

I feel it's time to sack Anna Soubry.


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commented 2018-06-26 09:51:55 -0400
Something like Bob I’m not NDP Rae anymore .
commented 2018-06-25 20:30:05 -0400
Career Politicians are like the proverbial Nellie, hanging on the bell. ‘As she swings to the left and she swings to the right’.
commented 2018-06-25 14:34:29 -0400
When gangrene sets into a limb, you cut it off.

Same goes for this charlatan!