July 17, 2018

UK kids taught not to stab in end-of-term school activities

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Teenagers across the country are, according to the BBC, being given anti-knife lessons as part of their end-of-term activities.

I remember what it was like in school just before the summer holidays. The final week before we left, we were given easy assignments, allowed to watch videos and films in class that were only loosely related to the topic we were studying. The science experiments got more fun, we were doing classes outside, and it was generally a really fun time.

But kids will now be engaged in anti-knife classes to ensure they don’t go out stabbing people over the summer. Seriously.

The BBC reports that Victoria Atkins, Crime Minister, has said young people need to be kept safe from the rise in serious violence, which is why 11- to 16-year-olds will be taught that it’s wrong to believe most other kids have knives, or that carrying a knife is a good form of self-defence.

I mean, it’s a difficult one. It’s kind of like the argument in America – when everyone else has a gun, it makes sense for you to have a gun. And in the UK, knife crime is rising in our inner cities, so it isn’t unreasonable for children to think, "I need to defend myself." That’s deeply tragic.

British children should not feel like they need a knife to go out in the street and play, but they do. So in theory I’m not against these classes, but how insane is it that this is now standard?

The classes will teach teenagers about how gangs, knives and violence could ruin their future, and how they can resist peer pressure. It’s all part of a scheme from the Home Office, a government department that has provided information on the topic to 50,000 subject specialists who will be organising health and social education classes in schools.

Welcome to the new normal, people.


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commented 2018-07-20 12:33:34 -0400
The gross games that are being played on the minds of children should be criminal. It’s truly sickening what these indoctrinators are being allowed to do in the name of education. They say one thing, but are grooming children for another.
commented 2018-07-18 01:23:38 -0400
What about pointed sticks?
commented 2018-07-17 19:18:32 -0400
So sad that it has come to this – I feel sorry for kids these days. How about teaching them to stay away from Social Media as well?
commented 2018-07-17 15:46:05 -0400
UK kids taught not to stab in end-of-term school activities, but they can still stab you somewhere else, like in the back.

Just joking Jack.