May 30, 2018

UK: Lib Dems are LYING in Lewisham East

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

The Liberal Democrats are using their usual misinformation tactics on campaign material in the Lewisham By-Election.

Scrolling through the #LewishamEast hashtag on Twitter, I saw a picture of what appeared to be a magazine. But it’s not. It’s really a campaign leaflet, with no Lib Dem logos on the front, and a claim that is provably false.

The claim? They say that Lucy Salek, their candidate, is "tipped" to be the next MP.

My question is: By who?

This is a lie.

Not a single bookmaker or journalist has tipped her to be the next MP.

So, how are the Liberal Democrats getting away with consistently and regularly misleading voters?


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commented 2018-05-31 06:29:17 -0400
History clearly shows LIEBERALS will do anything to win an election anything for that matter.

Look what they did to Canadians!!!