August 25, 2015

UK re-opens Tehran embassy, Iranian official calls for Israel’s ‘annihilation’

Rebel Staff

UK foreign secretary Philip Hammond proclaimed Monday that Iran may have changed its tone in its approach to Israel.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Hammond hinted that the British government, in its decision to re-open its embassy in Tehran four years after it was stormed by anti-sanction protestors and closed in 2011, is prepared to let the current Iranian government off the hook concerning its previously antagonistic behaviour towards Israel:

“‘Well that was the position of the previous president. I think the current president [Hassan Rouhani], the current regime has a more nuanced approached to Israel and we should judge – in a country like this and situation like this – we should judge people by their actions as much as by their words. And what we’re looking for is behaviour from Iran – not only towards Israel but towards other players in the region – that slowly rebuilds their sense that Iran is not a threat to them.” 

Contradicting Hammond’s remarks, an Iranian official hammered home a strong denial Tuesday, insisting that his government’s policy towards Israel has not shifted one iota.

“Our positions against the usurper Zionist regime have not changed at all; Israel should be annihilated and this is our ultimate slogan,” the Iranian Parliament’s Speaker’s Advisor for International Affairs Hossein Sheikholeslam reportedly told reporters in Tehran, according to Iran’s Fars news agency. 

Citing comments made by Hammond that suggested past hostilities should be forgotten, Sheikholeslam also said that Tehran will never forget the past and Britain’s colonialist moves.

Although the dynamics between Iran and the West are clearly changing -– earlier this month, U.S. president Barack Obama announced a U.S.-led deal with Iran that would put new limits on the country’s ability to procure nuclear weapons in exchange for lifting crippling economic sanctions -- it must be noted that Hammond was keen to urge caution, adding: “We should tread carefully. There’s a deep legacy of distrust on both sides and we have major areas where we have very substantial policy differences.”

Indeed we do.   

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commented 2015-08-31 20:58:51 -0400
Joan said, "When the time comes – when the current ayatollah dies (and he is currently dying from cancer) – the west must be ready and willing to assist a complete pro-western regime change. "

Look what happened to the Shah in the seventies. What makes you think a regime change will stick this time, IF it can be manoeuvred in the first place. I;m sure they are preparing for the death and replacement of the sitting ayatollah. Rouhani’s main interest isn’t trade with other countries, money yes, being a good global citizen not even close.
Are there even enough young who want out from under the thumb of the ayatollahs, to vote in a more moderate regime, and help make it stick? It just seems like a pipe dream, not a reasonable expectation.
commented 2015-08-26 21:10:52 -0400
’There’ll Always Be An England’,Vera Lynn song, WW2, has now been changed to ‘There Used To Be An England’, Civil War 3. The UK died, the day Harold Wilson came to power and the dogma of socialism ruled the land. Canada will follow the same path, if people are misguided enough to vote for Mulcair, the man who admired Maggie Thatcher. I am sure she would not have been flattered. In addition to being a Socialist he is also in bed with Islam, what a combination, lame brains with blood. WAKE UP CANADA!
commented 2015-08-26 07:31:29 -0400
The island of alcoholics have finally lost it. Sending over appointees to eventually get slaughtered – brilliant. Maybe the UK called Hillary first to ask her how best to do this (re: Bengazhi)
commented 2015-08-25 22:37:24 -0400
I am so disappointed in my ancestral country, the UK. Britain was such a strong nation at one time, and not so long ago. My Father will be turning over in his grave at what the country is becoming…a Muslim breeding ground My Father fought in the second world war as a R.E.M.E. Warrant Officer. The Brits stood up to the Germans during all of WW11 and prevailed because of that strong British reserve. Today they have all but been taken over by Muslims and have idiots like Philip Hammond making comments like the one he did above, mind you they had Chamberlain back then. The sad part is that Iran constantly admits that their number one objective is to annihilate Israel and NOONE pays any attention or seems to care. NOONE meaning nations like the US, Britton etc. that have the power to do something about these threats. Canada seems to be the only nation that is standing alongside Israel and I am very proud of our Prime Minister for standing tall on that issue.
commented 2015-08-25 22:16:41 -0400
Wasn’t it Iran’s London embassy that, a good many years ago, shot and killed a female police constable who was guarding that embassy? A sniper shot. What did Britain do? Nada, nothing, zip. So why should anyone expect any better from the British government?

Iran is still using the same rhetoric that it has used about Britain in the past. Its threats regarding Israel remain the same. Its comments regarding the USA haven’t changed. Why is this all ignored?

“Always believe the threats of your enemies more than the promises of your friends.”
- Elie Wiesel
commented 2015-08-25 19:11:33 -0400
The regime in Iran has clearly not changed but the business environment has. There is much more American business invested in Iran under Rouhani than there was under Ahmadinejad.

The regime, starting with the ayatollah, needs replacing. All sorts of sophisticated Iranian business people would love to do business with Israel and in general, to do more business with the west. When the time comes – when the current ayatollah dies (and he is currently dying from cancer) – the west must be ready and willing to assist a complete pro-western regime change.

I agree with Fraser. Trump can’t get elected soon enough.
commented 2015-08-25 19:09:29 -0400
Well, they should send galloway to be their ambassador… he can prowl the streets in a leopard print unitard and meow at his friends.
commented 2015-08-25 18:49:04 -0400
Isn’t Britain a little premature in opening since the U.S. congress has not ratified this stupid agreement. It looks like the Democrates are more against the Obama agreement than the Republicans. This agreement is a sham it does nothing to stop Iran from getting nuclear arms thus endangering all of us. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT.
commented 2015-08-25 18:22:58 -0400
Only a fool would believe Iran’s position on Israel has changed. The Neville Chamberlain of the current British Gov’t? Meanwhile, the traitorous Obama’s plans to ignite WWIII continue unabated!