June 11, 2018

UK: Should we replace May with Mogg?

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

It looks like there could be a vote of n confidence being planned for when the Withdrawal Bill has been passed into law. That’s literally only a day away.

But I do worry about replacing Theresa May with somebody like Jacob Rees Mogg, right now.

I know Mogg is infinitely better than Theresa May, but maybe that’s a reason we shouldn’t want him as Prime Minister. What will the voters do when we have a Prime Minister who is nearly good enough?

I think they will become complacent, and that makes it harder for other political forces, who are willing to tackle the issues the Mogg won’t, to make political gains.

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commented 2018-06-12 00:10:22 -0400
It’s like there is no one that is really British in government. And why do these people get voted in, that fellow in the Labor Party is just a bigger Traitor than May. Why didn’t Paul Weston get more support when he had a party? Why doesn’t Anne Marie Waters get more support? These are individuals that want to give the country back to the people, yet it seems the same losers keep getting in. I can’t be too critical because here in Canada we are not any better. We generally keep voting in the same Traitors to rule over us, we never learn.
commented 2018-06-11 18:30:29 -0400
Jack Buckby…David Davies is too Milk Toast; you may as keep Theresa.

Jack, you Brits don’t seem to understand that your Country is in very serious trouble. Even the Germans feel sorry for you. Your allies are laughing at you; the US doesn’t even want to visit or talk to your leader.
The UK has no one except Jacob, and hopefully he will get stronger on the job, otherwise start learning the Quran or your Imam will punish you.