April 26, 2018

UK: Time to ban postal votes after fraud probe?

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Postal votes have shot up in popularity. Seriously.

Over the last couple of decades, we’ve gone from just a handful of percentage points of people using postal votes, to something like 20 per cent of all voters making their choice at home.

Why aren’t people going to the ballot box, when they quite obviously have time to pop into a local polling booth one day a year? Could there be something nefarious going on here?

A new probe has been announced. Is it time to ban postal voting?

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commented 2018-04-27 04:44:32 -0400
Democracy ,such as it is, provides everything to the citizens of Canada .Yet so much if the population doesn’t bother to participate by informing themselves on the issues and taking the time out of their busy days to attend at a polling site and register a vote.
Totally irresponsible populace that unfortunately is getting what it deserves with the likes of Trudeau,Notley and Wynne.
commented 2018-04-27 01:27:57 -0400
How exactly would you charge anyone with fraud in this regard? How can you prove something like this?
commented 2018-04-27 01:25:47 -0400
YEESH! What is next? Will the left tell us that votes can be received telepathically?
commented 2018-04-26 23:36:31 -0400
Through the mail makes fraudulent voting so much easier. Keep it and flood the mail with votes for a real British Patriot. If the Traitors can do it, so can the good guys.
commented 2018-04-26 23:22:47 -0400
We have to admit that Britain’s voting system has failed in the past three elections.

Canadians should be concerned because our voting system is closely related to that of the U.K. .

The Rebel proposes that conservatives in Canada might look to reform of the system of voting in England and the United Kingdom.
commented 2018-04-26 18:38:11 -0400
The death cult would have a great time with postal votes. Let’s face it, they all have five or six addresses that they use for collecting multiple welfare checks, so why not vote, by mail, from each of these addresses. This is how Sad Sack Khan became Lord Mayor,