June 11, 2018

UK: Tomorrow’s vote decides Brexit’s future

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

We’re only a day away from the most crucial vote on Brexit so far. Tomorrow, Members of Parliament will take part in a mammoth voting session, pushed through by Theresa May before the new Lewisham East MP takes her seat. They’ll be voting way past midnight, with the Prime Minister hoping that a majority will overturn the amendments made in the House of Lords.

I have previously discussed how these amendments could potentially delay and even cancel Brexit – and I am seriously concerned that the current make up of the House of Commons could result in the Lords reforms being voted in favour of.

We will have to wait and see – but with a Labour Party that can’t make up its mind on Brexit, and Tory rebels like Anna Soubry refusing to toe the line, I think it’s probable that we’re going to see some Brexit defeats tomorrow.

Mrs May is obviously worried. And rightly so. Not only is she still facing the possibility of a vote of no confidence, but the decision made in Parliament tomorrow could define her legacy forever. She is expected to tell the backbench 1922 committee that it is their duty to deliver for Brexit.

The BBC reports she will say:

“We must be clear that we are united as a party in our determination to deliver on the decision made by the British people…They want us to deliver on Brexit and build a brighter future for Britain as we take back control of our money, our laws and our borders.”

It’s bizarre hearing these words come from Theresa May. I remember these exact lines being used over and over by the Brexit camp during the referendum campaign. It still feels like were living in a parallel universe, where Theresa May has been Brexit all along. And I know people won’t agree with me when I say this, but I really feel like May is trying to deliver. I think she’s actually put her feelings aside and wants to achieve something that resembles the Brexit we voted for. I honestly think she actually cares about delivering it, but she simply can’t when she has half her party stabbing her in the back.

I’m no fan of hers. I’m really not. But I feel for her in this situation – and I hope that tomorrow goes well. Not for her, really, but for the future of this country. And hey, if she wins this vote and we achieve something along the lines of the Brexit we voted for, then we might not see a vote of no confidence. That’s something I think we need to avoid, if we want to keep Corbyn away from Number 10.

He really is just creeping round the corner of Number 10, waiting for Theresa May to leave the door unlocked. He doesn’t have a majority in Parliament, but neither does May. He could technically form a government, and if we see more instability in Parliament, then it might just happen.

Let’s pray tomorrow goes well. A lot is riding on it.

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commented 2018-06-11 18:50:12 -0400
The “half of her party that is stabbing her in the back” is probably getting some cash from somewhere to bribe them to vote to stay in the EU.
commented 2018-06-11 16:24:17 -0400
I do not trust PM May, She is, like Trudeau, working for the Death Cult and no doubt, like Trudeau, has a very large bank account in Saudi Arabia. If the Brexit vote should win, it will be so watered down that the UK will leave the EU in name only. The EU controls British Law, as we have seen with the arrest of Tommy Robinson, and PM May will dance to the EU’s tune. Why? Because she wants to!

As a footnote, Nigel Farage has been shown on British TV leaving the home of a very rich Russian, owner of three gold mines and with the Millionaire who is helping to fund the Brexit movement. Look out for some surprises from Farage
commented 2018-06-11 15:35:46 -0400
Jack Buckby…..Even if you are correct in that May is trying hard to achieve Brexit, she just doesn’t have what it takes. Someone with Trumps tenacity would have had Brexit signed, sealed and delivered by now.
commented 2018-06-11 13:47:38 -0400
Jack Buckby, your tolerance for Elizabeth May is laudable in the traditional sense of being gentlemanly and empathetic. I do not share your patience with her but we shall see how the vote goes. Surely, whomever participates in this crucial vote have to take in account of what is happening not only in Britain, but increasingly throughout Europe. I am sure you would agree that it is not merely about the riots over the jailing of Tommy Robinson (although that is bad enough) but in the bigger picture of what that jailing represents. The loss of freedom of speech, a growing condition of two-tiered justice, a gutless, politically correct police force, growing crime in London, no control of borders and a flooding of Britain with indigestible and unassimilable economic migrants. The list goes on. The British government votes to forward Brexit or they will lose the right to rule. That will include the scurrilous Labor Party of Jeremy Corbyn as well.