June 05, 2017

UN environmentalists admit low carbon lifestyle "sucks"

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

June 5 is World Environment Day and Canada was the host country!  Did you know that? Do you even care or are you like me and you're just wondering what this is all costing us

And so of course, the global government at the UN had to do their part to virtue signal. They put out this video and it’s supposed to make you feel good about the environment and Canada. But even they admit something accidentally in this video about our old pal fossil fuels. Watch my video to see what I mean. They show an RV wheeling around what in supposed to be Jasper National Park

The United Nations is coming around to my way of thinking. I love camping with all the fossil fueled luxuries of home

These UN busybodies don't even have the awareness to pretend to follow their own rules and advise us to appreciate nature like a caveman, probably in a horrible damp canvas tent - because as good environmentalists know nylon is made by the Devil and Dupont from oil.  The UN is on the forefront of the battle against C02, the inert gas that plants need to eat, but even they acknowledge that living the low carbon way they want us to sucks and is absolutely no fun.

Also, enough of these special environment days already. I'm running out of garbage to burn.

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commented 2017-06-06 20:29:18 -0400
The people driving the globalist environmental movement all love nature and take every chance available to view it through the panorama window of a 2 million dollar “wilderness” luxury condo – it’s this type of 1%er commitment to the environment which is shrinking and overdeveloping our wild areas.

If you read their manifestos and planning docs (and I have) Globalists really believe the wild areas are their exclusive playgrounds and all us proletariat trash must be evacuated from rural/wild areas and herded into micro managed lives in mega metro complexes.

Google “the wildlands project” and “buffalo commons” – both are globalist initiatives to do 2 things – A) depopulate most of America and relocate it to metroplexes and B) convert privately owned land to state trust and globalist control. This is creepy enough to give you shivers as you see Agenda 21 used t accomplish it at local levels even here in Alberta.

commented 2017-06-06 03:37:51 -0400
Hello fellow Canadians… Have you stopped to consider the amount of merriment and snickering our Boy Blunder provides on the international stage every time he opens his mouth or shows off his latest pair of socks!?!… It is to weep, and we deserve it for allowing it to happen in the first place… …
commented 2017-06-05 22:32:46 -0400
Terry Black

That’s it? All you got is promoting violence? No arguments? Well that’s pretty pathetic isn’t it?
Tell us, what does it feel like to be part of the violent stupid half of society? Angry I guess. Do you think you’d be less angry if you stopped denying reality and joined the other side? Why don’t you try it and see?
commented 2017-06-05 22:26:18 -0400
‘Progressive Word Salad’

Great phrase Sheila!! I’ll borrow that if you don’t mind!!
commented 2017-06-05 19:47:14 -0400
Today was World Environmental Day and I missed it? Damn! I would have baked a cake using methane in celebration, and BBQed a steak using charcoal, and washed it down with wine or beer which is produced by fermentation before eating the cake. The steak would have had bread on the side which was leavened with yeast, and pea pods, the digestion of which would free the carbon bound up in the pods.

Actually, I did that anyway. So I contributed by freeing much needed plant food back to the atmosphere.
commented 2017-06-05 19:21:47 -0400
I would love to see someone stick your shoe in your mouth!
commented 2017-06-05 18:59:40 -0400
Sheila, I think the wrong video was linked to your written report.