Watch all The Rebel's reports from the UN "Nanny State" Convention in India

Rebel Staff

The Rebel sent reporters Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy to a UN's Nanny State conference in New Delhi, India.

It's the World Health Organization’s big conference — called the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

It’s the nanny state equivalent to the big UN global warming conference in Marrakesh. But it’s not just about smoking — it’s a template for global taxes and regulations on soft drinks, snack foods, salt, anything the UN wants to regulate.

Click below to watch all of Faith and Lauren's reports from India: 

Reporting from Delhi: The Rebel goes “behind the globalist curtain” at the UN’s Tobacco Control Conference

November 6, 2016 -  Faith Goldy is in Delhi, India, reporting on the World Health Organization's meeting ostensibly about "tobacco control" but really about giving more power to unelected "busybodies," and raising your taxes.

Delhi: UN targets vaping at Tobacco Control Conference — a move “that could actually kill people”

November 6, 2016 -  Lauren Southern reports on her initial thoughts on what's really happening at the UN WHO Tobacco Control conference.

UN bans all journalists from nanny state conference: Trudeau’s delegation votes for the blacklist

November 7, 2016 - Faith Goldy reports from Delhi: All journalists have been banned from further reporting. She demanded answers.

U.S. journalist physically removed from UN conference in Delhi

November 8, 2016 -  Faith Goldy is in Delhi covering the UN 'nanny state' conference on tobacco. WATCH as a U.S. journalist who defied the ban on reporters is physically removed from the meeting! 

NEW attack on free speech in Delhi: Protesting tobacco farmers rounded up outside UN conference, then “dropped off in the middle of nowhere”

November 8, 2016 - Lauren Southern reports on local tobacco farmers who protested outside the event and were arrested.

Globalists react to Trump victory

November 9, 2016 - Faith Goldy is in Delhi covering the UN "nanny state" conference: The perfect place to ask globalists face to face what they think of the election of President Trump! 

Greek Doctor: UN ignores evidence on e-cigarettes

November 10, 2016 - Lauren speaks with an expert about vaping and the misconceptions surrounding e-cigarettes. 

UN bullies confirm conspiracy

November 10, 2016 - Faith Goldy is trying to report on the UN "nanny state" conference in Delhi but she is being thwarted at every turn.

UN e-cig agenda exposed

November 11, 2016 - Lauren Southern asks delegates why they want to regulate quitting mechanisms like e-cigarettes. 

Globalism and culture shock in India

November 14, 2016 - Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern file a final report on the UN "nanny state" conference. 

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commented 2016-11-13 09:55:28 -0500
The U.N. just another layer of boring bureaucrats, that , when they finished redtaping the country where they lived , now comes to rest for the rest of their lives being a useless gathering of leftists that sit and discuss subject they don’t care try to understand , and then the U.N. comes up with a communiqué stating what the world should do on a problem they are not qualified to instruct .
commented 2016-11-12 19:42:50 -0500
Nice work. Must have been stressful traveling that far to be denied access. Way to pull that one out of the fire and still come up with some interesting material.
commented 2016-11-09 22:03:24 -0500
It seems the Delhi police force is at the service of the UN. Have they been trained by the OPP.
commented 2016-11-09 01:15:29 -0500
Great Job Ladies!!
commented 2016-11-08 18:50:44 -0500
These UN secret planning sessions where governments sculpt domestic public policy(seen as unlawful collusion in western nations) and the bullying of reporters, protesters and ideological opponents is an indication unpalatable legislating questionable legitimacy is being fomented. Knowing the of type of venal parasites who permeate UN ranks, I’m guessing this little soiree is about the UN skimming a portion of the tobacco tax revenues in signatory nations.

It’s about consolidating power and wealth folks, nothing more lofty than that – same thing every slimebag megalomaniac world ruler has wanted since we crawled out of the primordial ooze.
commented 2016-11-08 17:18:50 -0500
This is rich…..the busybodies are concocting a treaty against smoking tobacco and we are about to legalize smoking another plant (marijuana). Anyone find this a bit hypocritical??
commented 2016-11-08 15:27:45 -0500
There seems to be a complete media ban on this event, barring one (The Hindu) none of the national or regional english or hindi news papers are reporting anything about this conference.
It’s true as some fellow rebel commentator said; “that’s the reason they have such conferences in third world countries with the help of crooked govt. their vile & corrupt ways could easily be covered up.”