January 26, 2016

Under direct questioning, Immigration Minister McCallum dismisses refugee problems

Brian LilleyArchive

Refugees saying they want to go back and cities telling the feds to slow down on bringing people here so quickly are not signs of a program out of control says immigration minister John McCallum.

“There are always going to be small issues,” McCallum told TheRebel outside of the House of Commons.

Last week Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax and even Toronto asked the federal government to give them a pause saying they had more government assisted refugees than they could house or handle. This week CBC is reporting some refugees staying in Toronto hotels would rather go back to the refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

Speaking through a translator Zaneb Adri Abu-Rukti told CBC that she and her family were told that they would spend three to four days maximum in a hotel and then be moved out. It has been 11 days and there is no sign she will be leaving.

"We feel like our kids are just stuck here. We go into one room, we eat, and then we return to other room and just go to bed. Our kids don't have anywhere to play, nowhere to go out. We feel like we're just trapped in a prison,” Abu-Rukti said.

McCallum dismissed the concerns of the mother and the settlement agencies as small problems to overcome.

“I think the whole thing is going well,” McCallum said.

“But when you have large numbers of people coming together to Canada at the same time there are bound to be a few little difficulties along the way. But by and large, I think the vast majority of refugees are happy to be here.”

As of January 25, a total of 13,764 refugees had arrived in Canada since November 4 when the Trudeau Liberals took power. Of that number, 7,926 have been government assisted refugees, 4,985 have been privately sponsored and 853 have been a hybrid of the two.

Studies have shown privately sponsored refugees have an easier time adapting to Canada and do well economically, are more likely to be employed and less likely to use social assistance. Despite that the Liberals have reversed the previous Conservative preference for privately sponsored refugees.


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commented 2016-01-27 23:52:10 -0500
Mumbo Jumbo.
commented 2016-01-27 13:04:56 -0500
Jack Palance: As I mentioned in my earlier post. How bad was it for the people who say they want to return? And yet they have been given the Cadillac treatment with the rushing to the front of the line in front of other immigrants with almost all expenses paid. I also wondered about some of these same issues jack. With such a large wide open border and the fact in France they don’t have enough agents to keep a watch on all the potential threats. What assurance do we and the Americans have that our government isn’t going to fall into the same trap? More importantly what evidence can they offer because right now their assurances are empty words in light of their actions and ideologies.
commented 2016-01-27 12:36:24 -0500
Back on the bottle John? How can we take this goof seriously when he clearly has not even figured out to comb his hair.
commented 2016-01-27 12:12:10 -0500
Edward, the Americans are showing some sanity on this issue. I still can’t quite grasp how a ethnic majority (Sunnis) can be refugees? What about or suffering veterans, or soldiers and their families?
commented 2016-01-27 11:59:02 -0500
Oh those wasclie wabbitts keep asking me tough questions
commented 2016-01-27 09:24:06 -0500
Under direct questioning? Well just don’t expect a direct and truthful answer from the party of lies.
commented 2016-01-27 02:08:23 -0500
REBELATION… And add Finland and Belgium to the list… It’s so bad now that even feckless Greece is talking about sealing its borders since Turkey obviously isn’t… Europe is in for:- “A Long, Hot Summer”… Probably the hottest since the late 1930’s… Merkel blew it – badly…
commented 2016-01-27 01:18:48 -0500
McCallum looks like he is going through alcohol withdrawal denial. He could be building up for a real bender and show everybody how to gidder done. This could be his last one though as even dumb dumb knows this is bad for their image. It is just not politically correct to be shit faced and/or hung over all of the time. I think it is entertaining and wish him to continue and make a bigger ass of himself by falling down or maybe puking inside parliament.
commented 2016-01-27 00:31:22 -0500
NB,we don’t want them…let them live with you. you moron.
commented 2016-01-27 00:25:12 -0500
Lots of people cant find jobs, what jobs? The CBC Liberals want and need the refugees for votes, plain and simple.
commented 2016-01-27 00:18:30 -0500
Johnny McCallum Walker is an idiot, I guess that is one of the requirements, if you want to be a Liberal.
commented 2016-01-27 00:11:02 -0500
Do not disagree with the Minister to often or you will feel the wrath of his violence. Plus there is no way the Liberal plan for thousands upon thousands of refugees can be considered wrong by middle class ignorant canadian s.
commented 2016-01-27 00:02:05 -0500
It sounded like he was desperately pulling reasons why this policy is a good thing out of his ass on the fly. Not like it was thought out at all. We know it wasn’t thought out. It was hastily decided on because they are trying to outdo the Conservatives by trying to look more humanitarian. These people think with their assholes because they have nothing but shit between their ears and when they talk the shit comes out that upper sphincter.
commented 2016-01-26 23:19:22 -0500
So there, I know we should definitely pause or put a complete stop to this madness, but I John. McCallum the liberal will not budge because I have no common sense & besides I’m building up the liberal voter base in time for the next election.
commented 2016-01-26 22:40:39 -0500
Sounds like the old drunk has been over medicating again.
commented 2016-01-26 21:21:43 -0500
I would think spending a few weeks in a hotel would be a small price to pay for keeping your family safe from a war zone. Why would anyone fleeing danger want to go back if they were real refugees? I wouldn’t mind a hotel vacation expenses paid.
commented 2016-01-26 20:55:24 -0500
Suuuuuuuper happy!!!!!! I thought tobogganing was illegal??? well in Hamilton its is! but hey at least some of these refugees are Super happy so everything is good nothing to see here
commented 2016-01-26 20:23:40 -0500
Oh well, now the public is picking up the LPC bar tab , press scrums will be more like happy hour.
commented 2016-01-26 20:00:36 -0500
now it seems we have entitled refugees, wonder whats next. Idiot liberals
commented 2016-01-26 19:53:34 -0500
When did Syrian refugees become anywhere refugees?
commented 2016-01-26 19:39:23 -0500
They’ll all become hardworking contributors huh? Well they’re not in Sweden, or France, or Britain, or elsewhere, so why would they here??
commented 2016-01-26 19:34:44 -0500
The rapefugees will be happy once they get their welfare check and set up their sleeper cells. :-O

awwwww, McCallum went on a junket to Lebanon, and talked to a handful of hand-picked refugees; and pretends that represents the full body of knowledge. He’s obviously biased and weaseling to covering his ass.

Btw, if an Islam-believer is in Lebanon, they’re probably not in danger from persecution.
If they’re against the terror of Islam, sure vet them and consider allowing them entry; but they have to publicly denounce Islam and all other death cults, or we don’t want you.

Keep the Islam lovers there until the Republicans get elected, who will get business done, mop up the area, then resettle the Islam lovers into their homelands.

In the mean time, focus resources on safe zones.
That is the answer. Not the Merkel-ization of Canada

commented 2016-01-26 18:54:25 -0500
MacCallum is a raging alcoholic. That purple nose of MacCallum’s is covered up nicely in makeup.

An alcoholic in denial. Nothing new here. An alcoholic running immigration – must be a liberal – oh wait, it is.

MacCallum – Minister of Rape-fugees
commented 2016-01-26 18:10:28 -0500
Again-if Harper did it the regressive libs have to change it. Why are they so obsessed with bringing them in so fast? Not a lick of common sense.