November 10, 2015

Under Notley, AgTech Centre gets mandate makeover putting "climate change" ahead of farming

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The Alberta NDP quietly announced that they were changing AgTech Centre into the Farm Stewardship Centre.

Now that might not seem like much to anyone. Just a name change, right? So wrong.

AgTech Centre has been around since the '80s. It was a farm equipment and technology innovation center at the University of Lethbridge funded by the Alberta government. The focus for decades has been efficiency and soil preservation.

Well not anymore.

Since May, when the NDP took power in Alberta, changes have been happening at AgTech Centre. It got a name change to the Farm Stewardship Centre. It got some new staff with some strange roles. And now the Farm Stewardship Centre got a total mandate makeover.

The new mandate states that the "centre is undertaking projects that range from the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions to developing systems that improve water and energy use on farms".

The Agriculture Minister, Oneil Carlier, thinks that farmers in Alberta need an "environmental license" to sell their produce. Think about how crazy that is; the Minister thinks farmers need to be more ethical to sell their lentils but NDP are fine with Canada importing Venezuelan oil.

Farmers are just latest business under attack by the NDP.


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commented 2015-11-11 16:13:55 -0500
Well, the NDP just hates everybody.

That next election will not only be a NDP wipe-out, it will be hilarious. Notley resigns before the election, as does most of her caucus, because they can’t be bothered defending themselves to the voters. Nice. Wild Rose wins by acclamation.

I was never a fan of democracy anyway – too many idiots voting.
commented 2015-11-11 15:48:07 -0500
Nutley is just pissed that all the sensible farmers voted Wildrose.
commented 2015-11-11 14:01:25 -0500
“Venezuelan Murder Oil”, Damn Shiela – you know how to turn a kick-ass phrase! Love it.
commented 2015-11-11 11:25:11 -0500
I am sorry to mention this … okay maybe not, and I am not directing this to anyone in particular, but than is used for a comparison to introduce the second element in the comparison; then is used to define the next in order of place.

This sentence is more clear than my last one, so once I have typed up this example, then I will stop my lecture. :o)
commented 2015-11-11 11:17:03 -0500
Perry asked, “Peter, I’ve been looking for someone who voted NDP, can’t find anyone. Could it be they’re in hiding?”

They bloody well better be hiding! (excuse the forcefulness of the comment)
commented 2015-11-11 11:14:07 -0500
Bruce Kirk. This will end in civil rebellion reason why is back in the past farmers and society were peaceful talkers. Now the new generations will not stand up for being pushed around. Especially when younger generations get taxed for using their phones like Facebook when they can’t look up what they want on Internet how that new law is banning copyright on Internet All that has to happen in alberta is young people not having jobs or people that voted ndp and they can’t pay for their internet on phones because bills r too much with no jobs then things will hit the fan and alberta is headed that way. With job losses and families hurting financially. Ndp can’t govern like they did back in 80s. People take it more seriously when their livihood is affected. You watch it will happen. Notley and her party have cemented their fate for after their reign. And like the Romans did back in the day we wash our hands clean when we are done.
commented 2015-11-11 11:07:58 -0500
Ron voss. Does it surprise you Ceci said that. he is a social worker that is what he recommended for his patients. That’s the healthcare way. Just drug them to solve the problem. So they don’t have to actually help them and still get
Paid. Every ndp politician when they r done off or will be ran out of this province. I think McDonald’s will even stop serving the health minister cheeseburgers Looks like she has had a few too many over her life. But hey I guess obesity is a fad. hey it’s the in cool thing to be fatter then cows.
commented 2015-11-11 11:01:58 -0500
this is nothing more than a bureaucratic re-implementation of the CWB, government control of western farms. This can only end in one of two ways. Outright civil rebellion or capitulation to massive central government control. Choose wisely Albertans, this will literally define our future
commented 2015-11-11 10:59:25 -0500
The World Bank released a stunning prediction that by the year 2030, global warming, uh, sorry, climate change will drive 100 million people into poverty if we don’t act NOW. They used all the fancy green words such as “could”, and “might”, and “possibly” to drive home their case. They then went on to describe how to reverse this dangerous “possibility”. Can anyone guess the solution they proposed on their own web site. Yah, that’s right, show me the money. I have to agree with them though, the fantasy of “climate change” is definitely going to drive people into poverty, though it will not be rising waters and hurricanes (man made or influenced), it will be by instituting a tax on every conceivable part of society that is necessary for survival, and farming is not going away. Peter, I’ve been looking for someone who voted NDP, can’t find anyone. Could it be they’re in hiding?
commented 2015-11-11 10:46:02 -0500
What a nightmare! The Calgary Herald carried an an article, “Did you drug them? Ceci apologizes for comment about children”. Speaking at an event providing details on the NDP government’s new Alberta Child Benefit, Finance Minister Joe Ceci, noticing the good behaviour of the group of preschoolers in attendance, quipped “Did you drug them? That’s what I do with my pets when I take them on holidays.”
When will the sheeple wake up? Or are they drugged as well?
commented 2015-11-11 10:44:21 -0500
This is what the ndp did in Saskatchewan when they were in power. Yet majority of stupid albertans didn’t do their research on the ndp. The damage they caused in Saskatchewan BC. Ontario and Manitoba. Now alberta. Way to go alberta. I’m in alberta and albertans make me sick their stupidness They think they know what’s best for the province. Hey alberta you gonna get your fair share of the royalties like notley promised. Let’s do math. What’s 50% of 0? I’m sick of this and albertans are going to shine for 3/12 more years. Albertans you put them in power. So figure out how to take them out. The farmers are going to lose their minds on this. There is not one organic farm out there. Here’s proof. Your neighbor isn’t an organic farmer and when he sprays his field guess what that chemical does it floats in the atmosphere which in turns falls
On your so called organic crop. I know this because used to farm So it has always been a scam. As I’ve stated before alberta you made your bed now sleep in it.
commented 2015-11-11 10:15:45 -0500
Well Deborah, Bravo, we can only hope that those who voted NDP will lose their jobs as well. Unfortunately we all have to pay for their stupidity. Even the rest of Canada will suffer.
commented 2015-11-11 09:48:55 -0500
Rachel has been dancing around for sometime while she plots the destruction of AB. I was thinking about the type of character, or lack thereof, that it would take, to work at destroying the income of literally thousands of people, who pay you to govern, not kill their very livelihoods, and future opportunities. This is a very sick ideology, that Rachel and her party have bought into, and she means harm to everything that we, as a free society, have worked for. I am just glad that I can say that I never voted for this radical government! I only hope that the electorate is smarter, the next time around.
commented 2015-11-11 08:28:41 -0500
Carrots! Carrots! Carrots!

Notley is doomed to not even be able to reside in the province once she loses her security force – and that day will come.

commented 2015-11-11 08:06:40 -0500
Kelvin Grabowsky OMG no not carrots the liberals dont like carrots Justin will shut them down for growing carrots
commented 2015-11-11 07:32:13 -0500
Lock-step with the UN mandate, enthusiastically supported by the Trudeau/Butts regime, to reduce Alberta’s economy to only organic soybeans for TOFU to feed a hungry world. Imagine there’s no heaven – because in the leftist’s vision there ain’t one.
commented 2015-11-11 07:26:52 -0500
@ Kenneth Lawrence: the NDP has been hijacked by big government. Definitely not a workers/labour movement. But it is a good front to let them fleece the workers. My old man was unionized. Every month a newsletter comes telling him how evil Harper is and to vote NDP. I know a couple union organizers. Drive cadillacs but have a beat-up minivan in the driveway to take when they see their members.
commented 2015-11-11 04:40:17 -0500
RON VOSS commented 3 hours ago
The insanity just keeps ramping up!

Correct. And it’s only a matter of time before someone in Alberta assassinates one or more of these politicians.

When you destroy larger cash flows, larger interests get very upset.
commented 2015-11-11 01:38:33 -0500
The insanity just keeps ramping up!
commented 2015-11-10 23:46:26 -0500
Kelvin those torches and pitchforks might be all they are allowed to use for farming, until the NDP or the libs set up a registry for those things.
commented 2015-11-10 22:29:06 -0500
Kelvin Grabowsky asked “Any body got any torches and pitchforks?” – Best bet would be the farmers you spoke of. I know we had pitchforks on our farm and Tiger Torches which are also useful in boiling pitch. ;-)
commented 2015-11-10 22:17:54 -0500
Your right Dan, the last piece of the puzzle is installing Hillary, and the globalists have the green light.
commented 2015-11-10 21:31:57 -0500
My first impression of the Newspeak name was communist sounding, Agenda 21 even more apt.
Implemented, past tense. In all the council chambers, regional districts, municipal offices, etc. all across Canada, the language of ‘sustainability’ in embedded. The precedents set. Abbott and Harper taken out. It’s crunch time – the jack boots are a commin’…
commented 2015-11-10 21:12:39 -0500
This is pure U.N. Agenda 21 being implemented without the people having had a say in any of it. The word Stewardship in the new name just reeks of it. It sends the message that famers are now no longer in charge of their own land, and they will be told what to do and monitored by an officious, clueless, implacable Farming Practices Police or some such. Welcome to Orwellia.
commented 2015-11-10 21:10:09 -0500
She had to strike back at rural Alberta cause none of us voted her. Next she will be dictating what to seed. My guess it will be carrots cause she will have to dangle a lot of carrots before she’s done. Any body got any torches and pitchforks?
commented 2015-11-10 21:02:58 -0500
The NDP is not the party of working people any more. It is now the party of university professors who have been taken in by the AGW hoax. The sooner working people realize this, the sooner their suffering under the NDP will end.
commented 2015-11-10 20:32:22 -0500
With Notley in Edmonton and Trudeau in Ottawa, we are in for some seriously dark days in Canada. We’re about to get exactly what we asked for.
commented 2015-11-10 20:13:02 -0500
omg now its farming what idiotic crap is next with these idiots is there no end to the stupidity the NDP can show albertans my guess is no there isnt, they will be gone in 3.5 years forever, cannot come to soon
commented 2015-11-10 20:05:22 -0500
Hey we have to stop Farmers from growing awful toxic and environmentally damaging vegetables like carrots, the libs took care of that huge threat to the environment in N.S. , thank GOD.
commented 2015-11-10 20:02:02 -0500
I was raised rural too. I never saw a farmer waste anything. Farmers feed cities. (Along with the oil sands) Doomed to be socialist beaurocracies