July 22, 2015

Unions oppose new transparency laws, but Canadians aren't on their side

Brian LilleyArchive

The battle for union transparency continues as those who oppose Bill C-525 (Employee's Voting Rights Act) and Bill C-377 (Union Public Disclosure) have shown they'll fight to stop these bills by any means possible.

Despite saying they would wait until after the election to take it to court with the hope that one of their favoured parties would win, at least one union in Alberta has already filed an application to challenge Bill C-377. Maybe after seeing the results of a Forum poll showing that most Canadians favour more disclosure and transparency from unions they're not comfortable leaving this to the democratic process. I explain why some of the pre-election behaviour of the unions should concern us. 


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commented 2015-11-11 11:31:47 -0500
Alberta is getting it good and hard and they deserve it for electing the NDP. What did they expect would happen. Communism is what is happening and the green lobby and the various public unions has Alberta by the short curlies. Enjoy suckers .. and if you survive to the next election cycle … consider voting for a conservative capitalist party. I know, I know .. the Wild Rose Party could have saved you, but they turned out to be in it for themselves at least eight who crossed the floor at the last moment hoping to save their political careers. How did that work out for them. Uber self interest is ugly.
commented 2015-07-23 03:13:49 -0400
Joan, I have a small criticism in relation to one of your comments: “Alberta’s former Conservative Minister of Justice bragged he owned every judge in the province, so no doubt Alberta is a good place to judge shop, given judges are well used to being bought there”. The first part isn’t fact, it’s based on a claim alleged by Jonathan Denis’ estranged wife. There is no evidence he said such a thing, and in fact he outright denied it. The rest of your comment is apparently predicated on your belief (not proof) that he actually said what she alleged he said, and as such, it isn’t fact but pure opinion. Moreover, it’s an opinion that’s not even based in fact. See the difference?
commented 2015-07-23 00:03:35 -0400
I hear you, Marty. My younger brother has an infant grandson, even if I have no kids at all. And yes, the insidious creep of social warriors, and the courts, and the Human “Rights” Commissions, has trashed our country. Now everyone is included, except caucasian anglo-saxons, and particularly the males. I weep right beside you.

How can we fight, Marty? The mainstream media will back the NDP. We already have the unions with their political attack ads (even though the existence of those ads goes beyond the unions’ madate). We’ve got cowards in the most populous provinces in the country that are afraid to vote Conservative. Hell, even my own province went insane and voted NDP. Do you really think Mulcair won’t capitalize on that?

And what are the Conservatives doing to combat this? They’re still focused on the Liberals, who, in reality, don’t even matter any more. The only news I hear/read that’s positive at all about Harper and company is from this site.

The race is neck-and-neck between the NDP and the Conservatives. There is a decent chance Mulcair will make the next PM, and then you can watch any advantage Canada has — globally, socially, economically, politically, militarily — evaporate.

How can we, the people, fight? We can make noise to our elected officials, but THEY do the campaigning and make the public appearances and try to convince the voters. Our courts don’t even listen to Parliament, and void the laws that are passed.. So how can we fight?

Or is it time for Canada to have a revolution?
commented 2015-07-23 00:02:23 -0400
Marty Ashfield: Do not despair my friend . You and I and others here at the rebel.media are the revolution, one word,one sentence at a time.We speak out and we stand up. It is a beginning.
commented 2015-07-22 23:13:51 -0400
Yeah, those damn conservatives. Get a grip.
commented 2015-07-22 20:50:12 -0400
Prince Knight, we have to fight man to save this once beautiful Canada. I don’t know how, and I am probably too old to lead a revolution, but I will follow and fight. Just show me the way.
It almost makes me cry to see the rot taking hold in this country, there must be some way to stop it and save Canada if not for ourselves then for our children and grandchildren. I have three children and four grandchildren and fear so much for them.
commented 2015-07-22 20:16:03 -0400
Well, looks like I can kiss my country goodbye…
commented 2015-07-22 19:48:24 -0400
JOAN ABERNETHY, thank you for making my point so poignantly.
commented 2015-07-22 19:36:10 -0400
Volodya, if only Harper were the only Conservative in power. But he’s not. The election is won riding by ridding and at least in my riding, our Conservative candidate is acting like he thinks he’s entitled to rule without giving a damn about voters.

That’s deadly.
commented 2015-07-22 19:33:01 -0400
John, traditional Liberals are supporting NDP right now. Trudeau continues to slip in the polls. But Conservatives have slipped even more in the polls, likely due, in part, to their long-time tenure, but also due to corruption and the bad press that goes with it, a slip in the economy, and the fact that the writ has not yet dropped.

In my riding, I’m rather vexed at the candidate who is replacing our long-serving Conservative MP who is retiring. While the NDP has a super star who has been out for months campaigning and the Liberal guy, more recently appointed, is also out at lots of functions, our Conservative candidate only attends Conservative Party functions. It’s like he doesn’t care or maybe thinks he can just coast into office without giving a damn about constituents. I don’t think he’ll win because of that.

So, another part is that Conservatives have become lazy and elitist. Conservatives have got a reputation for condemning ordinary Canadians for their beliefs (if they aren’t Catholic or Jewish, they can’t be Conservatives), their gender (if you are a woman, you shouldn’t even think for yourself), their lifestyle (gay people go to hell), and their support for human rights.

This reputation is not a good fit with the principles and core values of the Conservative Party of Canada that hates not women (including feminists), gays or anyone for their faith or lack thereof. But those Conservatives who do exclude on the basis of elitist ideals does and they have become more and more vocal and feel more and more entitled to rule as a minority.
commented 2015-07-22 19:29:42 -0400
Once again, the most important question is whether the majority of Canadians are stupid enough to vote for communist dictator A or communist dictator B (aka the man-child). Two disgusting nazi pigs.

Even the MSM is on board spewing that change to communism is needed. A change like this would be a road to absolute fkg h*ll. Alberta is figuring it out the hard way. Ontario’s debt is $0.3T and PIG WYNNE is not cutting a thing – road toll anyone?

Harper is safe, stable and lowers taxes.
commented 2015-07-22 19:03:07 -0400
I fully agree with the number, 18, 62 and 20. This perfectly reflects Canadian society WRT unions. NDP is essentially a union party, by and for trade unionists… everything else is mere window dressing. So why are they currently polling at 31%?… Anything over 16~18% support is made up of the naive, those who are susceptible to lefty inspired dis-information, or as V. Lenin put it, “useful idiots”.
commented 2015-07-22 18:05:23 -0400
Judge shopping. Wouldn’t it be nice if nothing and no one – not unions, Crown lawyers, intimidation, influence or lotsa cash – could manipulate the courts for bias.

But judge shopping is how corruption and injustice are maintained and grown in Canada.

Detective Duchesneau told Justice Charbonneau corruption is worse in Ontario than in Quebec and I’m sure that’s true. Mind you, Alberta’s former Conservative Minister of Justice bragged he owned every judge in the province, so no doubt Alberta is a good place to judge shop, given judges are well used to being bought there, albeit unions seek to corrupt a federal judge. Makes no difference. Judges at all levels can be bought. Not all but far, far too many. It’s sickening.