June 17, 2019

United We Roll rolls into Vancouver — and Vivian Krause explodes!

Keean BexteRebel Contributor

The United We Roll Convoy arrived in Vancouver this weekend, the very same one that traveled to Ottawa earlier this year. It arrived with a similar message, although Alberta's Carbon Tax has been scrapped since the first journey, bills C-48 and C-69 still pose an existential threat to many of these convoyers way of life.

Two speakers were slated to speak at the rally, Aaron Gunn of BC Proud and journalist Vivian Krause. Upon arrival, the former greeted everyone in the crowd with smiles and a handshake, the latter, not so much.

When Vivian Krause arrived on the scene, people started approaching her. Naturally, as The Rebel was the only media outlet covering the public event, I was in the vicinity.

Krause shook hands with the convoy organizers Glen Carritt and Haley Wile, introduced her father and brother, and I went about my job, live tweeting the event, and taking pictures to tweet out to everyone who was keenly interested what was happening on the other side of the Rockies.

What happened next left me flabbergasted. I'm used to verbal and emotional explosions from communists like Anne McGrath, who want to shut down effective, right-wing news media. I didn't expect it from Vivian Krause, someone who is usually desperate for cameras.

Krause lost it, accusing me of filming her without her permission (I wasn't videotaping her prior to what you'll see in the video, even though it would have been totally legal and even expected for me to do so). Normally I introduce myself to folks I expect to be non-hostile, and ask if I could "ask them a few questions". Before I could say as much as "Hello," Krause went on a tirade about how awful I was, and how she is too good to do "media with The Rebel".

I was speechless, and the convoy organizers were too.

"If you're covering this rally, I'm leaving right now," Krause said. She was true to her word, she stormed off after I remained on the harbourfront, doing my job. It seemed to me like Krause was looking for an excuse to leave, had she forgotten to prepare a speech? Did she want to go for brunch with Dad? If so, just say so, don't use me or my employer as a scapegoat.

I stood my ground, I couldn't leave even if I wanted to; after all, this convoy was my first big story back in February. It's a story our viewers were very interested in, and this convoy of Albertans was not the "Vivian Krause Show". It was a story of Albertan struggle and determination.

Now, why was Krause acting so indignant? She loves attention, we know that. She is also asking Albertans to cough up $160,000 so she can film a documentary for which the bulk of the work has already been done. Who needs that much dough for a niche documentary? Heck, The Rebel researched, filmed, produced, and published a comprehensive documentary on another continent all on a shoestring budget. Krause has had multiple GoFundMe fundraisers to underwrite her speaking circuit, flying around the country like a celebrity talking about foreign funded environmentalists. (For the record, who hasn't exposed at least a dozen foreign-funded eco-radicals?)

Watch Krause's outburst for yourself. It does not bring me joy to out a fellow conservative as an egomaniac, but truth be told, there are bad eggs that need to be exposed on both the left and the right. It was only a matter of time that we found the right-wing version of Anne McGrath.

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commented 2019-06-20 20:32:01 -0400
God bless the work. Why did Jesus make the people fill the jars with water? To put in the effort! I’m glad there’s better people than me and I’m right behind them
commented 2019-06-20 02:22:13 -0400
LIBERALS SUCK commented 17 hours ago
Al Peterson. Krause is the bully? Krause is the child?
Yup and yup. I gave you the scenario: do what i say or I will run away. She has a righty not to talk to The Rebel but she has no right to dictate who can cover a public event. Got it?

Simple enough for you. Do you need it made clearers. ?

People who think they can push people around and dictate who can cover public events are bullies no matter how passive they seem.
commented 2019-06-19 18:35:02 -0400
“You just realized this now? LOL.”

With you Stephenson no for you at least can be called an honest Leftie as you do declare it time to time. Reference was to your trolling buddies that continually claim they are conservatives but are anything but.
commented 2019-06-19 18:29:03 -0400
Just couldn’t resist eh Jimmy? Your style shines through every moniker you use.
commented 2019-06-19 12:22:10 -0400
Hyacinth. You are a dreamer and floater looking around for a scrap of anything you can find lying around. You are a bottom feeder looking for a little sustenance from the commenters and have absolutely nothing viable to add other than parrot the same lines over and over again. For your information I have voted conservative my entire life so try again and put some effort into it or don’t bother.
commented 2019-06-19 12:04:55 -0400
HYACINTH commented 2 hours ago
Simply too funny, these trolls continually give away the fact that they are NOT conservatives,”

You just realized this now? LOL.

I mean, I’d be pretty upset to be misidentified as a conservative. I believe Denise Balkissoon’s response to one of Bernier’s campaign announcement sums it up rather succinctly: “gross”.
commented 2019-06-19 09:36:40 -0400
Wick and Stephenson pair up to sound off each other, now the site has the new duo Liberals Suck and Dick Clancy. Simply too funny, these trolls continually give away the fact that they are NOT conservatives, definitely makes for entertaining reading.
commented 2019-06-19 09:32:00 -0400
Al Peterson. Krause is the bully? Krause is the child? Here is the solution. The Rebel and specifically Keean Bexte should stay away from Krause. She does not want to talk to the Rebel. How much more clear can she be?
Krause is being pressured or bought off by someone? Of course you have some evidence of this. Please inform everyone and if you can’t then stop grasping at straws. It makes you look desperate.
commented 2019-06-19 02:12:20 -0400
Liberals Suck,
Krause did not just say that she didn’t want to talk to him. She also said, “If you are covering this rally, I’m leaving right now”. 12 seconds into the video. So it wasn’t just that she didn’t want to talk to him, which is her choice, but she is trying to bully him off the property which is NOT her right. “If you don’t do what I demand I am going to take my bat and ball and go home.” Shows her to be the child. Bexte did what any good journalist should do and asked follow up questions to a vague accusation.

She’s being pressured or bought off by someone.
commented 2019-06-19 02:10:53 -0400
Is it possible that the fear of 4 more Trudeau years has divided and conquered us?

The other day Nigel Farage had a debate with his worst Political enemy, (a remainer). When they finished arguing, they shook hands and seemed like best friends. They were on opposite sides of something big, however we are basically on the same side with different ways to get to the finish line.

I didn’t know who Krause was; the way she thought so highly of herself, I guessed she was possibly from Hollywood. I certainly agree with her job, keep foreigners opinions out of our resource decisions.
commented 2019-06-19 01:46:11 -0400
Good analysis Dick Clancy. I am glad you took the time to break this down and parse it out for what it is. Krause was standing with her father and brother minding her own business and was approached by Bexte. The first thing she said on the video was she didn’t want to talk to the Rebel Media. That should have been the end of it but Bexte doesn’t listen nor respect what other people say. He has a lot to learn.
commented 2019-06-18 19:33:06 -0400
This is just about the worst excuse for journalism that I have ever seen. She objects to being filmed and states that she doesn’t wish to do media with the Rebel. At 3:38 the reporter denies filming her and states says “I can start filming you” when he obviously had already. He then opens by stating that she was rude when she had been respectful. He then demands an apology from her. He then goes on with a not so subtle threat to work to have her funding for the documentary that she is working on curtailed (4:50) and demands that she apologize to him. He films her casually walking away and describes it as her storming off. That is clearly an exaggeration. At 5:40 he starts talking about her having raised over $100,000 to make her documentary and states that he could do that for much less in fact stating he could do it on half the budget.. Then why hasn’t he I ask? He accuses her of being childish and goes on to ask people to redirect monies they have given her to the Rebel (6:22). This woman has done more to expose foreign influence in our elections and government policies than anyone and this is a miserable attempt to try to discredit her because she refused to give the reporter and interview.
commented 2019-06-18 18:37:52 -0400
What a spoiled brat she is.
commented 2019-06-18 17:24:27 -0400
Dan, even a bad pms day reveals true feelings, just less ability to control them. She hates the Rebel that is clear and its unfortunate and confusing.
commented 2019-06-18 16:42:37 -0400
While reading the comments an idea began to form – and at risk of insulting some of the fairer sex – maybe Miss Krause was just having a bad PMS day…
commented 2019-06-18 15:58:54 -0400
So according to Vivian Krause she left the rally because of you Keean!
Given her unacceptable behavior and attitude, I’d say you should be given a reward or a medal for chasing that two-faced weirdo away…
Hasn’t THEREBEL been singing her praises?
An explanation needs to be given for her nasty BS!
commented 2019-06-18 14:17:40 -0400
Vivian was petty and over dramatic. If you want to be a big star then act like an adult. Keean should check into her gofundme activities. I think she’s making pretty good money and doesn’t want her golden goose exposed.
commented 2019-06-18 13:18:45 -0400
Manny’s twitter.
commented 2019-06-18 13:17:25 -0400
Holding Scheer to account does not make the Rebel PRO Bernier. Ezra has said repeatedly that he hasn’t a chance. Manny, (Harper’s lawyer when he was PM) is Ezra’s guest on a regular basis and could not be more is pro Scheer . He is vehemently anti Bernier and anti Bernier supporters (read his twitter). .

When I ‘bash’ Scheer, I am also ‘bashing’ Trudeau, because although Trudeau is off the charts crazy, Scheer is always playing both sides. Same schlock different socks.To say Justin isn’t ‘bashed’ by the Rebel is a good laugh. Scheer rolls out his climate plan tomorrow. I look forward to seeing how he will definitely meet the Paris climate Accord prerequisites by reducing non consequential emissions AND get anything done for the resource industry.
commented 2019-06-18 12:32:37 -0400
Al, no question, definitely “aid”.
commented 2019-06-18 12:06:54 -0400
The Rebel should do a survey on facebook. Ask if they support Krause or Bexte. Ask who was being professional or unprofessional and why. The facebook members would probably support Bexte but it also might open their eyes to the underlying issue of the Rebel being pro Bernier while bashing Scheer and the consequences of vote splitting.

Let’s see a little more Trudeau bashing out of you PPC bots.
commented 2019-06-18 11:27:19 -0400
Al Peterson commented -
…supporting the traitor Bernier.
Bernier a traitor? I must have missed something in the news cycle. Fill me in please "

Sorry Al but the new moniker’s postings don’t ring sound/true. Looks like Wick and Stephenson has some new competition or is that aid?
commented 2019-06-18 11:19:44 -0400
Don’t give me that crap Liberals Suck. You are not the only one who lives in Alberta and I am not the only one who supports Bernier. Its a free country for a little while yet. You sound like NDP Sucks reaming me out for comments. You don’t have to read them.
Regarding my support for Bernier. The count down is on, October is coming fast and I won’t be stopping talking about Bernier and Scheer until then.
I am sick of people bashing the biggest conservative news site. Krause did herself no favours.
commented 2019-06-18 11:10:09 -0400
Bexte was unprofessional for a reporter, kind of Acosta-like. But he’s young and still learning. Krause, I think, was paid off or threatened by MSM or Kenney or ? if she didn’t treat Rebel like the plague. She had no reason to attack the Rebel just for reporting – favorably – on the event.
commented 2019-06-18 09:54:30 -0400
Pretty childish outburst….why is is that everyone is afraid to state their views? If she had a problem with the Rebel she should have stated why. As to why the outburst…. who can say? She surely recognizes the fact we are all fighting the same thing.
commented 2019-06-18 09:41:51 -0400
All this exchange does is make The Rebel Media and Vivian Krause look bad.

It’s petty bickering by the both of you and you should both be embarrassed by it.
commented 2019-06-18 09:35:50 -0400
And who’s the bi-polar chick freaking out on Keean ? She’s definitely a Lib/Con lover .
commented 2019-06-18 09:32:26 -0400
The Lib/Con party sucks big time and it’s time for positive change in what’s left of this once great country . But if you love high taxes and erosion of freedom then the Lib/Cons are definitely the party you should vote for !
commented 2019-06-18 09:32:01 -0400
…supporting the traitor Bernier.
Bernier a traitor? I must have missed something in the news cycle. Fill me in please