April 15, 2019

Convoy rolls again to champion Canada’s energy sector and say goodbye to Notley

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The polls are showing Albertans will wake up to a majority United Conservative Party government on Wednesday morning.

But instead of taking the optimistic predictions for granted, the folks with the United We Roll convoy have been working right down to the wire.

A last-minute cross provincial convoy was organized on Friday to show support for Alberta’s beleaguered oil and gas sector that over the last four years, has been sabotaged by Rachel Notley and the NDP.

I caught up with the convoy west of Edmonton at the Acheson Industrial Park as they moved North to Valleyview and asked for election predictions and how they felt about the way they are characterized by the mainstream media.

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commented 2019-04-16 18:35:12 -0400
Kenney has Alberta over a barrel. There is literally no true Canadian Patriot to vote for. Keney will inflict his own brand of destruction on Alberta. He may very well open up the oil and gas industry to a degree, but it will come with a price to Albertans. He does plan on flooding Alberta with illiterate, migrant savages. So the oil and gas industry will have lots of dependents coming to roost in Alberta. You will be able to find them at the large Mac Mosque. The more you have, the more you have conflict. I can’t wait to see how long it takes for Kenney’s first betrayal to be exposed.
commented 2019-04-16 13:21:54 -0400
Jan G, kenney isn’t much better than trudeau. The only thing he is telling you which we all want to hear is he will open the oil taps HOWEVER what he plans to recolonize Alberta with and give these oil jobs to , doesn’t sound to me like it will be WHITE CANADIANS!
commented 2019-04-16 10:15:12 -0400
Time to turn notley into a bye Rachel minority
commented 2019-04-15 21:25:56 -0400
The witch of east gone the witch of the south never got in , the witch of the west is next for the trifecta . The final straw is get rid of these corrupt Liberals and the fool on the hill . He just couldn’t wait to dress up again . What a tool .
commented 2019-04-15 19:24:52 -0400
I’m disgusted with Calgarians who support Notley. How could they be so clueless as to support an obvious liar and wealth destroyer.
commented 2019-04-15 19:24:00 -0400
Keep them wagons rolling and loaded with manure. Enough of Notley BS, give her some back….In her front yard.
commented 2019-04-15 19:08:00 -0400
I certainly hope Kenney is realizing what these wonderful people are doing to get him in and the role TheRebel played in this.
Albertans are united and proving you don’t roll over a Conservative.
Rock on!
commented 2019-04-15 17:54:41 -0400
Can’t wait for Rachel Nazi to be gone.