February 22, 2019

United We Roll vs. Antifa: David Menzies in Ottawa

David MenziesMission Specialist

After driving thousands of kilometres across Canada through frigid February weather, at long last, the United We Roll Convoy touched-down in Ottawa. 


And they brought with them a blunt message for the Justin Trudeau Liberals:

Oil industry workers don't want a handout or a bailout. They just want government to get out of the way by approving pipeline projects so that Canada’s multi-billion-dollar oil sector can thrive again.

Of course, the usual suspects of Antifa showed up to scream at the convoy participants. As always, I tried to get them to explain exactly what they were protesting against, but got either silence or abuse.

(Speaking of which, we also happened to capture the thug who assaulted my colleague Keean Bexte in this video too; if you recognize him, visit FindTheThug.com and you may get a $500 reward, as part of our effort to bring this guy to justice.)

All in all, the United We Roll convoy accomplished their mission: They brought their pro-pipeline message to Justin Trudeau’s doorstep, loud and clear. Yet the question remains: Was anybody in the Liberal government listening?

PS: See ALL our coverage of the United We Roll convoy from Alberta to the nation’s capital, at RebelConvoy.com

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commented 2019-02-23 13:49:44 -0500
Earl…next time we will retrofit the trucks and peddle to Ottawa-NOT!!!! Let the black smoke roll and maybe choke out a few lefties!!!!
commented 2019-02-23 12:27:52 -0500
EARL RICHARDS commented 5 hours ago
The United We Roll convoy is a waste of diesel fuel.
I see we have another leftist drive by.
commented 2019-02-23 12:27:14 -0500
This is a movement by real people with real concerns.
AKA “deplorables” and the leftist elite are afraid of them so they have to denounce it at every turn.
commented 2019-02-23 07:01:39 -0500
The United We Roll convoy is a waste of diesel fuel.
commented 2019-02-23 02:54:22 -0500
You think ’anti’fa thugs of today are bad. Wait until this elementary school batch come of age.
commented 2019-02-23 02:52:29 -0500
Its well past that they aren’t teaching our kids math. They are weaponizing an entire generation to reject objective truth and push all the false narratives that will bring down society and our western countries as we know them. Think Hitlers youth.
Children of the lie.
I hope that vid is going viral.
commented 2019-02-22 23:54:04 -0500
Liza….good post,it’s truly sickening that kids are failing math and whatever else while being pumped with the climate change agenda that young by these sick communist teachers!!! Parents be vigilant over your children and what they are being tot by these demons!!!
commented 2019-02-22 21:45:02 -0500
If kids are this brainwashed at school there isn’t much chance of survival for anyone,and it won’t be because of climate changing or any man made connection. It will because we are allowing the minds of our youth to be poisoned. One of the best things people can do is to not let their kids go to public schools. I am dead serious.

If you watch this clip, brace yourselves. I knew it was bad, but I was shocked by this.
commented 2019-02-22 21:41:10 -0500
The leftist morons are terrified of the will of the people
They and the treasonous fake news complex call it “populism” as if that’s a bad thing.
Trump in 2020 !!!
And maybe he can help us drain the fknn maggot swamp in Ottawa for us too
commented 2019-02-22 20:03:33 -0500
Roll on
The leftist media has been having a field day attacking the “United we Roll” convoy from western Canada to Ottawa.
There have been multiple efforts to link it to extreme right sentiments and organizations without any credible evidence that I can see. I wonder why such a concerted effort has never been made to identify extreme left sentiments in anti-pipeline or anti-oil sands protest. It is pretty obvious that our press is largely left biased and in some cases actually extreme left.
It is never mentioned that this is as much a support convoy as a protest convoy. They are rolling in support of pipelines and our petroleum industry They are rolling in support of jobs for all Canadians and fair taxation for all.
They are rolling in protest of legislation designed to stifle the oil industry and taxation that puts an unfair burden on all Canadians but particularly on The western Canadian resource industry and the people directly dependent on it.
Many are trying to label it as a fearful populist movement. What is fearful about the will of the people? Only those wishing for a communist style socialist society controlled by a ruling elite should fear a movement by the common people of our country.
Few seem to notice that these so called protesters are working people and families from western Canada that are increasingly finding support and additions from the rest of our country. I think you will find few paid protesters, special interest groups, foreign funded environmentalists, or jobless university students with time on their hands and doubtful agendas. I doubt you will find a single know-it-all academic in the group.
This is a movement by real people with real concerns. This is not some ideological idea that they are trying to foist on the rest of the population.This is not some leftist wet dream of a Utopian society that only needs everyone to sacrifice their way of life for. This is only a shout out asking for fair treatment and an end to the demonization of an industry and way of life that is part of the very backbone of this country.
commented 2019-02-22 19:57:30 -0500
The support along the way for the convoy and what it means, by average Joe citizens…touched my heart…and gave me hope! Yea Canada!

The communists, and other retards…not so much.

The Gothic Revival, reproduced architecture of our Parliament buildings as a backdrop, is a little off putting, in your camera angles Menzoid…King, Pearson, Trudeaus, et al, Oh Canada, we are NOT as we are wont to perceive…
God save us…
commented 2019-02-22 19:39:20 -0500
I saw one of these Antifa morons flying a flag that said “Don’t Step on Me”. This, I believe, is the motto of the United States Marine Core. Perhaps we should tell the US Marines that a bunch of low life Marxist Deadbeats are using the Marine motto in the name of Socialist Communism. In addition, assuming that all Canadians are of English decent comes under the category of racism, dose it not?
commented 2019-02-22 19:16:33 -0500
The closing comments about regime change in Ottawa is necessary before any thing positive can happen in the oil industry misses one alternative. That being Alberta and Saskatchewan and N/E British Columbia are no longer a part of Canada, but separate. Probably as a part of Montana, which would have happened if Macdonald had not been the nation builder he was. But Mcdonald is persona non grata now, even off the $10 dollar bill, so let’s correct the course of history since anything Mcdonald did is now bad, which must include creating Canada.
commented 2019-02-22 19:05:20 -0500
Note that the police are on the truckers’ side and not antifa’s, because the police wore yellow vests. Yellow vests being visibility vests for people who do real work. The reason antifa can never wear one.
commented 2019-02-22 18:25:36 -0500
“I hope these people watch these clips of themselves. You would think they would be mortified.”

Highly doubtful, based on past events they are more than proud of their ignorance and their violent behavior.

commented 2019-02-22 17:06:00 -0500
I hope these people watch these clips of themselves. You would think they would be mortified.
commented 2019-02-22 17:04:46 -0500
The sorry guy who was yelling go back to England, also yelled “you are all crack heads”. I think he was projecting by the looks of him.
commented 2019-02-22 17:02:36 -0500
Good, well spoken Canadians on our side. It makes me proud.
commented 2019-02-22 16:38:51 -0500
Once again David good job on show casing the intellectually void left wing buffoons,who let that oversized Indian out to play,you know the one yelling go back to England-my god what a sad state!!! If this is the kind of garbage our universities are producing,it’s time to shut them down!!
commented 2019-02-22 16:20:02 -0500
At least the newbie liberal MPs were not listening as they are too worried that they won’t get re-elected so no MP pension for them. Some are no doubt making calculations in their heads that if they cross the floor now they might get the CPC nomination in their riding for the next election after they profess that Trudeau was a mistake… that way, if elected, they get a pension. It is all about them and not about the country. Still I would like to see it happen.