ACT NOW: Tell Trudeau to stay united with America against ISIS

Rebel Staff

Justin Trudeau is already setting foreign policy.

In Trudeau's very first phone call with U.S. President Barack Obama, Trudeau said he’s going to bail out from the anti-terrorist mission in Syria and Iraq. Trudeau wants us to stop attacking terrorists.

If Canada peels away from the coalition, not only does it undermine America’s position, but it gives an excuse, a precedent, to every other country to do less.

The United States are supposed to be our strongest ally -- our best friend. But abandoning them in the fight against the Islamic State is a terrible idea.

If Trudeau won’t fight against these murderers of children, then it is obvious he will never fight.

The fact that we’re abusing our friendship and alliance with the United States is minor to how Trudeau is abusing our own moral compass.

Please SIGN OUR PETITION demanding that Justin Trudeau continues our very modest role in the anti-ISIS coalition.

Please also HELP US COMMISSION A PROFESSIONAL OPINION POLL so we can show that it’s real Canadians, even Liberal party voters, who want us to continue to fight ISIS. 

Justin Trudeau may have won the election, but that doesn’t mean we stop believing in what’s right and wrong. And fighting against ISIS is right.

Canadians don’t retreat from terrorism. We fight back.


Sign the petition!

We demand that Justin Trudeau continue the mission against ISIS terrorists and not abandon our coalition allies. 

Will you sign?