March 28, 2016

University cancels 'Vagina Monologues' for only offering 'white woman's experience', replaces it with social justice production

StaffRebel Columnist

Don't you love it when the left eats itself?

Southwestern University has canceled its production of the 'Vagina Monologues' after left-wing students complained it didn't capture 'the reality of womanhood' by only offering a 'white women's experience'.

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Campus Reform reports that in its place, the university will host a performance of “We are Women”. The production will consist predominantly of works performed by “women of color” - something the organizers claim “will be more representative of the experience of women.”

Student Rachel Arco organized the event and told the school's paper that, “In creating a performance that speaks to the woman’s experience, I felt that limiting women to only [author] Eve Ensler’s work was doing a disservice to both the women performing and to the audience at large. In doing so, it will be more representative of the experience of women, rather than only offering the white woman’s experience.”

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The 'We Are Women' production is said to be similar to the Vagina Monologues and will have similar themes.

“The monologues will include themes of race, sexual identity, menstruation, the connection women have to their vaginas, and the ways in which society has attempted to make women feel shameful of their bodies,” Arco said.

At this point, why not just call it 'Social Justice Warriors: The Musical'?

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“This event addresses issues of social justice on campus, for it brings to light the importance of acknowledging the dangers of gender construction, the importance of normalizing women’s bodies, the importance of intersectionality, and the cyclical violence women experience throughout their lives,” Arco added.

When asked by Campus Reform if white women will be allowed to preform, Arco did not address the question.

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“I believe that 'We are Women' more accurately portrays the experience of womanhood because it is not Eurocentric,” she sad. “The experience of womanhood is not exclusive to to white women, and unfortunately, the media tends to portray 'white feminism' as the entire essence of feminism. This is simply incorrect. Feminism must be intersectional for it to have meaning.”

So, white women need not apply?

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commented 2016-03-29 19:33:20 -0400
Never the less, you will see Feminists in the media like the Sun’s Sue Sherring, Christina Blizzard and the Metro’s Rosemary Westwood constantly claiming who Feminists are for equality

“Narcissists and psychopaths are the original boogeymen. They are the ones doing harm to others while denying their actions all the while. They are the ones to watch out for. "

Instead, if they have just a bit of fiscal conservatism in them, the conservative parties are trying to get their approval in order to show they are “inclusive”

Give me a party that does not want to have anything to do with them for reasons constantly mention on the rebel
commented 2016-03-29 11:35:31 -0400
“Don’t you love it when the left eats itself?”
I also appreciate the healthful belly laughs I experience every time I do hear of it…
But please, someone chain that stupid cow Rachel Arco to the nearest stove and set an example, and start a trend!
commented 2016-03-28 16:46:12 -0400
I wonder if these women think that God hands out gifts based on colour? Those who are stirring the pot on this lunacy, don’t even know God.
commented 2016-03-28 16:36:21 -0400
“Women of Colour” vs so-called Eurocentric privilege. Only Women of Colour can be real women?

Perhaps Rachel Arco should do a little research and wake up to the fact that 88% of the US population is White “Eurocentric”. Having an only non-White performance is, well, racist.

What next? Separate White entrances, non-White only public toilets, Whites to the back of the bus?

Its time people stood up and said “enough”. Its also time that when one student complains about something, it may simply be a silly childish rant to be ignored.
commented 2016-03-28 16:07:39 -0400
Feminist will only be happy after the Muslims have performed FGM on them and they are forced to sleep in the basement with three other Clueless Clitless semi Feminist slaves. Just think, no sex when constipated.
commented 2016-03-28 15:56:20 -0400
I have often thought that the Vagina Monologues was a disgusting organization … or whatever you call it … but I would never even think of trying to stop it from happening simply because I disagree with it in any way. But then true freedom of speech is something I fully support. I would find it just as disgusting as well to have a “Penis Monologues” organization.
commented 2016-03-28 15:39:05 -0400
I just want to say that I’m a woman, and I’ve never belonged to a special interest group, to push for women’s rights that I wouldn’t normally possess, under our charter. I find satisfaction in being a woman, and I don’t need to take rights from others, or put others down, in order to feel satisfied as a human being. It would be nice if those women who are so easily stirred up, would grow the hell up and act their ages, and stop whining. You have so much more than women from previous generations. So stop giving us real women a bad name!
commented 2016-03-28 15:19:58 -0400
The good news is that most of these angry females don’t breed or can’t breed because they are emotionally unfit.

They eat, shit, sleep, hate and scream for 50 years and usually off themselves around age 50-55.