March 04, 2015

University of Minnesota committee: making fun of terrorists 'compromises the cultural harmony of the campus'

Rebel Staff

It's yet another case of the loony left dominating discourse and holding all the cards.

According to Campus Reform, the University of Minnesota’s Students for a Conservative Voice (SCV) is a publication that “allows students on campus to share their viewpoints no matter what—even if they are considered offensive.”

The University of Minnesota's Student Service Fees Committee, which allocates funds to student groups, is attacking the publication and their right to free speech.

Campus Reform reports that the Student Service Fees Committee cherrypicked a 2011 issue that pictured a man with a gun burning an issue of the Minnesota Republic with the words, “Terrorists hate the Minnesota Republic.”  

The SSFC targeted SVC over this back issue saying, “While reviewing one of the sample publications, committee members came across material that demonstrated an overt lack of sensitivity to the portrayal of members of the Arab world.”

They continued, “After assessing this information, the Student Service Fee Committee would like to emphasize for the group the significance of culturally sensitive discourse on a campus like the University of Minnesota, which prides itself on being home to a wide range of values and beliefs held by members that originate from countless cultures across the globe. In the future, close attention may be paid to the content published by Students for a Conservative Voice to ensure that any material that is produced with student fee funds does not compromise the cultural harmony of the campus and to ensure that the material that is produced is not at odds with the criteria in place for receiving this funding.”

In other words, The Student Service Fee Committee doesn't want to upset students who may be offended if terrorists are satirized.  

Given the context, exactly how do they pride themselves on having a 'wide range of values and beliefs'?  And what beliefs in question are the Student Service Fee Committee taking pride in?

If you make fun of terrorists, you'll lose your funding.

You can't make this stuff up.

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commented 2015-03-05 11:07:51 -0500
It is the electorate that is the problem. These students are the up coming electorate, when they get off the arse and vote …. it’s scary. They will not like the world they are creating for themselves. I am old, so I don’t actually give a shit anymore. Can I say ‘shit’ on this blog?
commented 2015-03-04 14:52:27 -0500
I wonder if the University of Minnesota finds islamic terrorist beheadings offensive and lacking in sensitivity. My guess is, these backwards institutions will soon defend beheadings as “cultural expression”. Nothing the left does surprises me anymore. If students took their money elsewhere, these kinds of things would stop happening.
commented 2015-03-04 11:28:03 -0500
Unfortunately, the students are not responsible. They are indoctrinated as children in the public school system controlled by a leftist agenda and at university, they continue to take direction from authorities they have been taught never to criticize, including Muslim Brotherhood operatives that direct on-campus Muslim Student Associations.
commented 2015-03-04 10:30:53 -0500
It is one of the greatest threats that we face today, that university students ( with their vast life experience) who are anti-Israel, pro-Palistinian, pro-islam, anti-free speech, pro-terrorism and uber-environmentalist terrorists are allowed to use the left’s favourite weapon, political correctness against the wishes of the vast majority. The real battle to save our civilization is being fought on the university campuses of the western world.