November 16, 2017

University Official Fired for Investigating Student Who Demanded to Be Treated Like an Infant

Rebel Staff

Over the past few years, universities have been converted into "safe spaces" for snowflakes who do not want to be "triggered" by anyone who holds views that differ from their own. Now, any college official who dares to remotely "trigger" a snowflake student risks losing his or her job. 

In his latest video, Ezra Levant talks about the disturbing case of a human rights director at a university in Nanaimo, British Columbia, who was fired for investigating a student who insisted that he be treated like an infant.

The student in question wore a pacifier around his neck, spoke using a baby voice, and even submitted an assignment that included a photo of himself in a diaper.

When the official was brought in to investigate, the student claimed that he was disabled, yet he offered no evidence to back this up.

When the official persisted in investigating, she was fired for "triggering" the student.

While lots of snowflake students are big babies these days, this one takes the cake!

Many snowflakes demand that they be treated with "kid gloves" (no pun intended) rather than be forced to deal with the realities of living in the world. If anyone dares to question their behaviour, they throw temper tantrums until the "bad adult" is forced to leave them alone, or suffer the consequences. 

Find out more about this in Ezra Levant's latest video!

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commented 2017-11-18 04:41:56 -0500
A lot may be answered by the fact that Nanaimo has been a “troubled town” for decades now because of the the very harsh split in the social dynamic there… Evidently in this case, the “pakalolo” fumes from Saltspring and the other Gulf Islands have been drifting north…
commented 2017-11-17 18:42:14 -0500
Adult babies are a real phenomenon and one of the most disgusting things in the world. These people actually live out their sad existence as fully grown infants. Look up the story of “Stanley the adult baby”, it’s ridiculous.
commented 2017-11-16 16:08:48 -0500
The Administration is recognizing and excusing his perversion. This student should be expelled from the University without delay.
commented 2017-11-16 11:08:22 -0500
This man-baby would have trouble fulfilling a job in the companies that I have worked for, however he may be an asset in the Government Sector, or perhaps a Politician for the present Conservative Party of Canada.
commented 2017-11-16 09:42:08 -0500
Adult student behaving as a baby, expecting to be treated as a baby, but knows all about the law… Soon to be serial killer?

Thirty years ago he would be out on his butt, but not today. Entitlement, universities and schools bowing to every whim of the students, mothering them, never a harsh word to be heard, ignore reality and the real world, giving passing grades to avoid frivolous complaints, students in charge of disciplinary committees; what would you expect to happen?

You can’t say anything negative to them, such as, “The way you are going you won’t pass” because, well, that is not only a criticism but offensive to them. They actually expect you to come in on your days off (weekends) because, well, they haven’t attended class most of the term and want you to catch them up.

There is a reason why I stopped working at a university about fifteen years ago. The student’s failures are your fault, they lie as easily as they breath, and good grades – no, exceptional grades – are due to them simply by being allowed into the school, which they consider a right to attend.

My two cents, now a nickel.
commented 2017-11-16 09:26:27 -0500
… The Left has no concern with what is true or reality. Their fantasies are what is important.
… A man wants to be a woman. That is reality to the Left. An adult want to be a baby? A Caucasian wants to be a Philipino? They want “green energy” instead of coal? Justin Trudeau instead of a mature PM?
… The Left is basically a fantasy, juvenile perspective on life.
commented 2017-11-16 08:19:33 -0500
The university administration has a lot to answer for.
Does this mean that any student who fails can whine and complain until some ivory tower dweller says that the student deserves to pass?
Once the failed student gets his degree, will he then be entitled to get a job at the top of the pyramid instead of starting from the bottom and working his way up.
Having failed, will the student then be allowed to design structures that will ultimately fail and endanger the public?
Oh, I forgot. He, the failed student, can become a politician and might even become crime minister of the country where he will be allowed to screw each and every one of us.